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How to Beat an Erdtree Avatar in "Elden Ring"

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As the guardians of the Minor Erdtrees of Elden Ring, the Erdtree Avatars are vicious, unknowable brutes that take their jobs very seriously. Always found at the base of a Minor Erdtree, the Erdtree Avatars are much faster than they look, and they can quickly eviscerate intruders. They're optional, true, but if you want to make a proper trip to a Minor Erdtree, you'll need to face these things.

This guide will teach you how to defeat an Erdtree Avatar in Elden Ring. Their health is far from astronomical, but Erdtree Avatars are so aggressive - and their reach so long - that even experienced players can be caught flat-footed fighting one.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding the Erdtree Avatars

There are five Erdtree Avatars in all in Elden Ring, and all you need to do to find most of them is look for Minor Erdtrees on the map and pay them a visit. There are four Erdtree Avatars you can fight in all, in the following locations:

  • Weeping Peninsula. Head south from Limgrave to find the Peninsula, then carry on south along the main road until you reach the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. Activate it, then backtrack to the first intersection and take a left. Follow the path (such as it is) through the woods until you start hitting rocky terrain. Hop up and out of the woods and look around. The Minor Erdtree will be nearby. You'll earn 3,600 Runes, the Opaline Bubbletear, and the Crimsonburst Crystal Tear for winning this battle.
  • Liurnia on the Lakes. You'll find this one on the western shores of the titular lakes. Follow the southern cliffs of the area from the Scenic Isle Site of Grace far to the west until you can get out of the water and back onto land. A tower here contains the Converted Tower Site of Grace, and just north of here is the Minor Erdtree. You'll earn 5,800 Runes, the Cerulean Crystal Tear, and the Ruptured Crystal Tear for winning this battle.
  • Liurnia on the Lakes. This Minor Erdtree is a little out of the way, in the wilds of the upper northeast of Liurnia on the Lakes. Make your way to the Great Lift of Dectus, then head south and into the hills on horseback. You'll need to pass the Frenzied Flame Village and a big tower that inflicts Madness, so you'll want to move straight through here on horseback. Southwest of the Village is the Mausoleum Compound, and nearby, past some stomping locals, is the Minor Erdtree. You'll earn 5,800 Runes, the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, the Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear, and the Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear for winning this battle.
  • Caelid. You can reach the Minor Erdtree by traveling northeast through Limgrave, to Summonwater Village. Continue northeast from here to cross the border into Caelid, where you'll find the Smoldering Church Site of Grace. (Watch out for a nasty NPC battle here, however.) The Minor Erdtree is just down the road from here, past a crowd of surly, spear-wielding guardians. You'll earn 9,600 Runes, the Greenburst Crystal Tear, and the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear for winning this battle.
  • Deeproot Depths. This last Erdtree Avatar is not by a Minor Erdtree, but instead under the primary Erdtree. To gain access to Deeproot Depths you'll need to get through Nokron, Eternal City and defeat the Valiant Gargoyles boss at the end. A coffin in the battle arena, under the waterfall, will take you to Deeproot Depths. The Avatar is prowling near the first Site of Grace. You'll earn 11,000 Runes and the Staff of the Avatar for winning this battle.

Erdtree Avatar Moveset

Though their moves are a little more varied than you might think, Erdtree Avatars are still limited in their attacks compared to a lot of other bosses. Each attack can be devastating, however, so you need to be ready for all of them. You can expect the following from an Erdtree Avatar:

  • A normal swing. Each Erdtree Avatar carries a huge bludgeoning weapon, and after a short windup it will attack you and inflict a ton of damage if the hit lands. Fortunately, you'll have lots of time to see the hit coming and roll under it. Getting in a few hits of your own after the Erdtree Avatar misses you is mandatory.
  • A long-range, overhead chop. If you're at sort of a medium distance the Erdtree Avatar may try to lash out at you with its substantial reach. This is also fairly easy to spot coming, so roll to avoid it.
  • A foot stomp. Get too close and the Erdtree Avatar will try to crush you with its foot. Not too difficult to avoid, though you'll go flying if this move connects.
  • A barrage of magic. The Erdtree Avatar uses its staff to summon a horde of blinding gold projectiles, and after a few moments they'll start firing at you. These can rip you to shreds, so find cover - probably behind the Minor Erdtree itself - until the storm of magic passes. If you don't take cover the second you see golden light appearing from the Erdtree Avatar, you're probably in trouble. Roll like the wind if you're caught in the open, and be ready for the Erdtree Avatar to try and get a hit in while the magic is flying.
  • A body slam. The Erdtree Avatar clenches up, then leaps into the air and slams the ground. The result is a sizable shockwave that can knock you flying. The aftereffects of this move can vary. In most places the move simply ends, but in Caelid the attack will send goo spewing in all directions. If you linger in the resulting pools for too long you'll be inflicted with Scarlet Rot, a terrible status ailment that will quickly sap your health.

Beating the Erdtree Avatars

Since the Erdtree Avatars are found in the field, there are a variety of ways to take one out, though you will by far have an easier time if you try to keep your distance as much as you can. Even melee fighters should only get up close and personal for a moment or two before backing away, as the Erdtree Avatar's area of effect attacks can be brutal. Here are some options:

  • If you decide to go straight melee, only get close to the Erdtree Avatar when it's taking a swing at you. The pullback is slow so you'll have time for your own hit. Get away from the Erdtree Avatar after that and wait to see what its next attack will be. Most likely it will chase you down for more melee attacks, but not always.
  • Ranged weapons and magic work wonders against Erdtree Avatars so long as you're nimble enough to stay out of their grasp. Use the Minor Erdtree as a protective buffer between yourself and the Avatar, and attack whenever it stops moving.
  • If you have enough space - not always an option against these things - riding on horseback is a viable strategy. Ride past the Erdtree Avatar, take a swipe at it, ride right past, double back, and do it again. Keep your distance if the Erdtree Avatar is moving towards you or its melee attacks will probably knock you off your horse. If you're using ranged attacks you can just keep your distance and pummel the Erdtree Avatar from afar, circling constantly.

Any of these strategies works well with Ashen Spirits at your command. One or multiple is fine, though you may find a larger number of weaker spirits getting wiped out by the Erdtree Avatar's melee attacks.

You'll earn a variable amount of Runes and some crafting items for defeating an Erdtree Avatar. How much you get depends on which Erdtree Avatar you've defeated. The rewards are noted above, under their respective locations throughout the world.