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How to Beat the Fell Twins in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Every now and then while playing a Souls game, you'll run into a situation that's just plain odd. Granted, oddities abound in the Souls franchise, but occasionally there's a moment - often a boss fight - that's just so weird that you get taken out of the game for a moment. The Fell Twins, who appear out of nowhere and leave just as quickly, represent just such a moment.

This guide will help you defeat the Fell Twins in Elden Ring. They're not especially difficult, though you'll need to split them up if you want a fighting chance.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Finding the Fell Twins

Though they're off the map from the rest of the Capital, the Fell Twins are officially located on the Capital Outskirts. Unlike most of the Outskirts, you'll need to trek through the majority of the city to reach them. Unless you run into handy messages, you'll blunder into them without realizing it.

The Fell Twins are located along the path to the Forbidden Lands. You likely won't head this way until after you've finished up in Leyndell, Royal Capital, as this road is a dead end until you've defeated Leyndell's two areas bosses. The path for getting here is as follows:

  • Journey through Leyndell until you reach the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. It's pictured above, in roughly the center of the city and down on ground level.
  • Go up the stairs near the Site of Grace to the main thoroughfare. To your right is a giant door protected by guards; to your left is a long, empty street where, earlier, you may have fought an Erdtree Avatar. Run left, all the way down the street, until you find a pair of innocuous double doors. You can open these doors by hand, despite how they look.
  • Follow the path beyond. It's a bit lengthy and filled with enemies, but not that difficult. Your destination is a large, ornate elevator that will take you up onto the walls surrounding the city.
  • Proceed until you find an elevator. This will take you down and into the Forbidden Lands. Ignore the elevator and go out the second door in the elevator's tower. There's more wall ahead, and as you begin to cross everything will get dark. The Fell Twins are waiting.

Fell Twins Moveset

Unsurprisingly there are two Fell Twins, and they're bulbous ogres with giant weapons. They'll come at you from the dark, and you'll need to fight them together. They're slow, but fast enough that they can both close on you simultaneously, which will go badly for you.

The first Fell Twin has a red axe, and seems to have a bit less health. His moves are quite standard for an enemy of his type, consisting of chops, swipes, and punches. Most of them are heavily telegraphed, so you shouldn't have any trouble rolling out of the way. The one move you absolutely want to avoid is the Fell Twin's bear hug, though this, too, you'll probably see coming without too much trouble.

The second Fell Twin has a cleaver and is covered in horns. This one is more trouble than his brother. When the fight begins this Fell Twin is behind the other, but he'll catch up if you give him a chance. Like the first Fell Twin this second one uses a lot of chopping moves, but the second Fell Twin also has two magic moves you want to avoid:

  • The Fell Twin will charge up, release a burst of yellow energy after a few seconds, and then send slow-moving projectiles at you. The projectiles aren't that difficult to avoid, but you'll have to dodge the Fell Twin's attacks at the same time. Back well away before this happens.
  • The Fell Twin will rear its head back, then launch a putrid flame at you. You have about a second of prep time before the Fell Twin unleashes the flame. Roll to the side and use the recovery time to hit the ogre.

Though the Twins have different movesets thanks to their differing weapons, both have a sort of leaping booty slam that can knock you flying if it lands. Neither is terribly difficult to avoid, however.


Beating the Fell Twins

Fighting both Fell Twins simultaneously is suicidal, so you'll want to split them up as much as you can. Here you have some options:

  • If you're a ranged fighter you can simply keep at a distance, fire off projectiles whenever the Twins are far away, and retreat when they approach. Concentrate on one Twin at a time, and make sure both of them are visible. At no time should you not be able to see one. Since the battle arena is so big (limitless?) you can run from them without fear of being cornered.
  • If you're a melee fighter you need to keep backing up so the second Fell Twin never joins the fight with his brother. Let the first Fell Twin attack, hit him once or twice, then retreat for a bit. Keep the brother at a distance until the first one dies. Beating them one at a time is much easier than trying to kill both.
  • Summon in some help. The Fell Twins can dish out damage, but most of it is one-directional, and if you bring in a mob it can distract one twin while you take care of the other. Draw your Fell Twin of choice away from the fracas and deal with them. Your summons will get in plenty of licks before they go down, assuming they aren't strong enough to just flat-out win on their own.

In short, this battle is more intimidating than it is difficult. Keep away from the ogres and avoid being drawn into a three-way smackdown. You'll lose.

You'll gain 29,000 Runes and the Omenkiller Rollo Ashes for defeating the Fell Twins. You'll also find the Divine Tower of East Altus entrance, at the top of which you can restore the power of Morgott's Great Rune, assuming you have it.