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How to Beat the Fire Giant in "Elden Ring"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

An obligatory boss battle on your path to the end of Elden Ring, the Fire Giant is quite the spectacle. Towering over every other enemy in the game by a fair margin, the Fire Giant feels as though it could crush you with a single hit... and depending on the fragility of your character, it probably can. You need to take it down, though, so press on, brave warrior.

This guide will help you defeat the Fire Giant. It's a tough battle, and halfway through it will change radically. And bizarrely. As in... well, you'll see.

Finding the Fire Giant

The Fire Giant sits at the very end of your journey's path, barring the way to the Forge of the Giants of the Mountaintops of the Giants. If you're contemplating this boss then you've probably reached the Mountaintops already, so we'll cover the journey from the beginning of the Mountaintops to the boss fog:

  • Starting from the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace, head east through the Ruins and up to the cliffs to the north. There's a long, thin, stony bridge you can cross to the far side. Watch out for giant arrows as you approach the end.
  • Ahead you'll find the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace. Cross the bridge to the north and head east through the snow. Past some more giants you'll find the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.
  • Head south through Freezing Lake, clinging to the west cliff. This will help you navigate the blizzard, and avoid the draconic boss that tries to murder you. Keep your horse galloping south until you reach a cliff's edge, then check to the east for the First Church of Marika Site of Grace.
  • Turn back west and follow the cliff's edge. You'll see a military fortification up ahead. Run straight through it, looking for a giant, snow-covered chain. Run across the chain to escape any pursuing enemy monks. On the other side is the Giants' Gravepost Site of Grace.
  • Go south, up the slope. You'll come under attack by some enormous birds, though they'll start to squabble with a giant partway up. Soon you'll see a church, and the Church of Repose Site of Grace. You'll also get invaded by a particularly nasty warrior, so make sure you activate the Site of Grace before getting into a scrap. You can easily die here.
  • Head east from the Church of Repose and use the Spirit Spring ahead to get to a series of bluffs. You'll see chains leading to the next area. This is the boss arena, and once you enter the Fire Giant will be waiting.

Fire Giant's Moveset

This big guy has some moves on him, but not too many. Good thing, too, since you won't see a lot of them coming. The Fire Giant's first phase uses the following attacks against you:

  • Upon first approach the Fire Giant will use its bowl to hurl a cone of ice at you. Get on your horse and leap over it, preferably using a rock for some extra height.
  • Once you're under the Fire Giant it will try to step on you. Predictable. Roll out of the way.
  • The Fire Giant will use its bowl to try and sweep you to one side. You can roll through this.
  • The Fire Giant will also use its bowl to try and crush you. Again, you can roll through this, though it's a bit harder to see coming than the sweeping move.
  • Once you've done enough damage the Fire Giant will reach into its... belly... mouth... and pull out a giant flame ball. It'll send this flying lazily towards you. Use the geography to keep it away from you, as it explodes and leaves behind a ton of flames when it touches something.
  • The Fire Giant will set the ground ablaze. Immediately get out from beneath the Fire Giant, as these flames can do a ton of damage. (You can stay where you are so long as the ground under you isn't glowing, but if you do, don't move. You'll be absolutely surrounded in fire.)
  • The Fire Giant will, when you're far enough away, flick fireballs at you. These are deceptively fast, but can again be blocked using the environment.
  • Last, not exactly an attack, the Fire Giant will hop into its bowl and roll away from you. Immediately run back towards it. The longer you're in front of the Fire Giant, the more danger you're in. Note that if you're in the way when the Fire Giant starts to move you will get knocked down.

Halfway through the fight the Fire Giant will undergo a radical change, and its moveset will change somewhat:

  • The Fire Giant will begin spewing molten heaps of rock out in all directions, like a volcano. Get in close to the Fire Giant to avoid the chunks.
  • The Fire Giant will envelop its fists in fire and try to punch you. Roll under and through the punches to easily avoid them.
  • The Fire Giant will, if you're out front, occasionally launch fireballs from its hands. There is less warning this will happen, so be sure to get right up against the Fire Giant as soon as possible.
  • The Fire Giant will launch two exploding giant fireballs instead of one. Get far, far away from these.
  • The Fire Giant will flop down and try to crush you. Once it is on its side, its belly face can - and will - breathe fire at you. Head down to the leg and stay away from the midsection.

Beating the Fire Giant

Whether you're a ranged or melee fighter, this is a two-part fight, and they're going to be the same two parts for everybody, more or less.

In the first half of the fight, you want to get under the Fire Giant and attack its left leg, the one bandaged with pieces of its hair. Do this enough times and the splint will shatter, causing the Fire Giant immense pain. Continue hitting this leg over and over, pursuing the Fire Giant whenever it escapes. The only time you should leave the cover of the Fire Giant's legs is when it causes fiery eruptions and you're in the danger zone.

Do enough damage and the Fire Giant will... change. Yep. It's now on its knees, and will roll from place to place. You need to stick close to its knees and legs, hacking away at it furiously. Every attack but the fire eruptions will miss so long as you remain close to the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant will roll away after a short time, so roll yourself once it starts to move to avoid crushing damage and give chase. The safest spot to attack him is its remaining foot, though it can be difficult to reach depending on how the Fire Giant is oriented.

Because the Fire Giant can hit at close range in the first half of this fight Ashen Summons are not immediately recommended. That said, you can bring in melee-based summons in the second half, and they will help you slowly chip away at the Fire Giant's gigantic health bar. It may not look like there's much health remaining, but this part takes a while, and every little bit helps.

You'll earn 180,000 Runes and the Remembrance of the Fire Giant for defeating the Fire Giant. You'll also open the path to the Forge of the Giants, one of your last stops on your trip through Elden Ring.