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How to Farm Titanite in "Dark Souls III"

The most common method of upgrading your weapons in Dark Souls III, Titanite is a precious substance you'll usually find while scouring areas for items. It's not that difficult to find... but you'll need a lot of it to fully upgrade even one of your weapons. Worse, there are multiple different kinds of Titanite, and you'll need rarer versions of the stuff to move your weapons into higher ranges of quality.

There's plenty of Titanite scattered throughout the game, but farming it is another matter entirely. This guide will teach you some of the best ways to farm each form of Titanite, both early in Dark Souls III and later on, when you've opened up more of the world.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

All images copyright FromSoftware.

Titanite Shards

The earliest, most common form of Titanite is the Titanite Shard. Titanite Shards will allow you to upgrade normal weapons up to a +3, requiring a total of twelve Shards to get you all the way there. It's pretty common for players to have dozens of Titanite Shards just sitting in their inventory late in the game, though early on they can be difficult to come by. Here are some places you can farm Titanite Shards:

  • The majority of Hollows in the High Wall of Lothric, the Undead Settlement, and the Road of Sacrifices will drop Titanite Shards, albeit rarely. Clearing these areas a few times will probably net you a Shard or two, and won't take long to do.
  • Evangelists in the Undead Settlement will occasionally drop Titanite Shards. The Evangelist near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire is easy to kill and respawn.
  • The hulking Hollow Manservants with the giant cleavers in the Undead Settlement will also drop Titanite Shards, and there's one near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire that you can respawn every time you head off to kill the Evangelist.
  • Much later in the game - long after you need them - the Silver Knights just outside the doors of Anor Londo will almost always drop either a Titanite Shard or a Large Titanite Shard.
  • Last, you can purchase Titanite Shards from the Handmaiden if you bring her either the Dreamchaser's Ashes, found in Farron Keep, or the Grave Warden's Ashes, in the Catacombs of Carthus.

Unless you upgrade a weapon early on that you'd rather not use, it's not that advisable to farm Titanite Shards. They're very common later on, and once you get into the Farron Woods and beyond you'll need stronger forms of Titanite anyway.

Large Titanite Shards

Next up are Large Titanite Shards. These rarer pieces of Titanite start showing up when you reach Farron Keep, and will boost your weapons from +4 to +6. You'll need twelve Large Titanite Shards for a full upgrade. These Shards appear sporadically until you reach Smouldering Lake and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, at which point you'll be picking them up constantly. If you need more you can farm Large Titanite Shards as such:

  • Gravewarden Skeletons (red eyes and cloaks) will drop them in the Catacombs of Carthus. Striking weapons do best for knocking them down. Try to catch them unawares, as they're quite fast and can do a lot of damage.
  • The fire-wielding Smouldering Ghrus in the Smouldering Lake's Demon Ruins will occasionally drop Large Titanite Shards, and there are several you can quickly kill and refresh via bonfire.
  • As with Titanite Shards, the Silver Knights of Anor Londo will commonly drop Large Titanite Shards when defeated.
  • Last, you can purchase Large Titanite Shards from the Shrine Maiden once you've given her the Easterner's Ashes, located in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, along the archer-guarded rooftops just before you reach Anor Londo.

Given how many of these you'll find in Smouldering Lake and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, farming Large Titanite Shards is unnecessary unless you're desperate for more materials.

Titanite Chunks

Titanite Chunks are your almost-but-not-quite late game forging materials of choice. Found less often sitting around in the wild, Titanite Chunks will take your normal weapons from +7 to +9, which can see you through the remainder of Dark Souls III in a pinch. As before, you'll need twelve Titanite Chunks to upgrade your weapon. You can farm them in these ways:

  • Somewhat early in the game you can get Titanite Chunks from Corvian Knights in the Ashes of Ariendel DLC, though these enemies are quite tough even at high levels.
  • The Cathedral Knights and Pus of Men in the Consumed King's Garden will drop Titanite Chunks, though these drops are quite rare. Given the overall danger level of this area farming here is not recommended.
  • Most of the melee enemies in Lothric Castle and the Grand Archives can drop Titanite Chunks. Your best chance is probably with the Lothric Knights, and you can face off against a number of them every time you make the trip up the bridge to Lothric Castle's final boss.
  • The Cathedral Grave Wardens of Untended Graves will drop them rarely. You can respawn these enemies fairly easily so this is not a bad spot to look.
  • The larger, more imposing Serpent-Men of Archdragon Peak will drop Titanite Chunks a little more regularly than most enemies on this list.
  • Last, you can purchase Titanite Chunks from the Shrine Maiden if you give her the Dragonchaser's Ashes, found on Archdragon Peak.

Given how long it can take to reach the Ashes on Archdragon Peak, it's not a terrible idea to pick one of these spots and farm Titanite Chunks if you want to level up a different weapon.


Titanite Slabs

The rarest of the Titanite family, Titanite Slabs cannot be farmed normally in Dark Souls III. Capable of taking your normal weapons to +10, Titanite Slabs are a limited commodity in a playthrough and can only be regenerated by starting a New Game+. Fortunately, you only need one Titanite Slab to upgrade your weapons to +10.

You can get a total of fifteen Titanite Slabs in the complete version of Dark Souls III:

  • Two in Firelink Shrine: One by trading the Coiled Sword Fragment with Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum, and one purchased from the Shrine Maiden once you've placed all of the Cinders of a Lord on their respective thrones;
  • One in the Profaned Capitol, by setting Siegward free from his jail cell;
  • Three in the Grand Archives: One from exploration, one from killing the three Winged Knights on the roof, and one from the elevator near the final boss gate that leads back into Lothric Castle;
  • Two in Archdragon Peak, one of which is after you defeat the area's final boss;
  • Three in Ariandel: One from exploration, one from completing the area boss's second form, and one from an NPC in the Corvian Settlement after beating the area boss completely; and
  • Four in the Ringed City, two of which you'll receive by beating area bosses.

Titanite Scales

Tired of 'normal' weapons? Give the unique weapons a try. Similar to Titanite Slabs, Titanite Scales cannot be farmed infinitely from monsters and are either found sitting in select locations or dropped once during specific encounters. You'll need eight Titanite Scales to fully upgrade certain magical weapons, typically those transposed from the Souls of bosses.

Fortunately, Titanite Scales are not nearly so hard to come by as the Slabs, and are most commonly found by defeating the hulking Ravenous Crystal Lizards. Once you reach Lothric Castle and beyond you'll find tons of Titanite Scales sitting around, and getting the Dream Chaser's Ashes from Archdragon Peak will allow you to purchase as many as you like from the Shrine Maiden.

Twinkling Titanite

Another upgrade material for 'unique' items, Twinkling Titanite is another item you're generally going to find sitting around areas. The primary exception is when it's found on wriggly little Crystal Lizards. Unlike Titanite Scales, however, you can farm Twinkling Titanite - you just won't reach the two farming spots until very late in the game:

  • Rock Lizards near the end of Archdragon Peak will drop Twinkling Titanite with fair regulaity.
  • Hollow Clerics in the Ringed City DLC will also drop Twinkling Titanite, though more rarely than the Rock Lizards.
  • Last, you can purchase Twinkling Titanite from the Shrine Maiden once you bring her the Dragon Chaser's Ashes, per usual.

In short, go for the Rock Lizards. (Fortunately, Twinkling Titanite is a common commodity whenever you go off the beaten path in Dark Souls III, so unless you decide to upgrade more than a small handful of weapons you likely won't run short on the stuff.)

Twinkling Titanite will get most of your unique, non-boss weapons up to +4. To reach the final +5 you'll need a Titanite Slab.