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How to Find Colorless Demon Souls in "Demon's Souls"

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There are many paths for upgrading weapons in Demon's Souls, but for weapons gleaned from boss souls, there's only one material you can use: Colorless Demon Souls. Rare items that are found in very specific locations, Colorless Demon Souls are limited by playthrough and can be completely missed if you don't know where you're looking.

This guide will help you track down all of the Colorless Demon Souls you can find during a playthrough of Demon's Souls. You only get ten during the course of a New Game, so make those Souls count when you get your weapons upgraded.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

All images copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Primeval Demons

Your primary path to getting Colorless Demon Souls is via Primeval Demons. Primeval Demons are large, snail-like enemies that will only appear in worlds with Pure Black World Tendency, typically achieved by killing yourself in human form over and over. Primeval Demons are harmless so long as you don't stand in front of them, and are easy to maul with any weapon.

Primeval Demons will appear in the following locations once you've achieved Pure Black World Tendency with each particular Archstone:

  • Boletarian Palace, Inner Ward (World 1-3). Proceed through the level until you've opened the gate shortcut back to the beginning. There's a thin staircase beside the main stairs that you can climb up and onto a building on your right. Walk along the path and you'll soon see the Primeval Demon in a nearby courtyard.
  • Stonefang Tunnel, Smithing Grounds (World 2-1). Early in this area you'll be bombarded by rocks from above, and need to take shelter in the mines. As soon as you enter the mines there is an elevator on your right that you can activate via a switch. Hop on the elevator and ride the lift down to the bottom. The Primeval Demon will be in plain sight.
  • Tower of Latria, Upper Latria (World 3-2). Partway through Upper Latria you'll need to hop into a cage and descend into a bloody bog. Get up onto the boardwalks and head towards the central tower, which you'll need to use to return to the upper area. Keep an eye on your right as you proceed along the boardwalks, as there's a well-hidden, unlit set of stairs leading to the Primeval Demon.
  • Shrine of Storms, The Ritual Path (World 4-2). Proceed through here until you reach the first Reaper chamber. Drop down and look for stairs through a door on your left. Partway up this staircase is an illusory door leading outside. You'll find a Red-Eyed Skeleton out here, and if you follow the cliffs you'll find the Primeval Demon.
  • Valley of Defilement, Swamp of Sorrow (World 5-2). Next to the 'settlement' that comprises the second half of the Swamp of Sorrow is a large, open, conspicuous patch of bog with nothing in it. You'll see it just before you reach the little tent city, past two Giant Depraved Ones that are guarding the front door. The Primeval Demon is in the middle of this bog.

Primeval Demons only respawn when moving on to a New Game Plus.


Trading with Sparkly the Crow

Your second option for getting Colorless Demon Souls is by trading with Sparkly. Sparkly is a crow who lives on Island's Edge in the Shrine of Storms (World 4-1), and the feisty bird will trade items for items - specifically, things that are sparkly. You can find Sparkly by entering the underground passages and chopping through an illusory door (the second illusory door to the left, if you're entering the passages from behind the Vanguard Demon). Sparkly is in a tree, up the hill behind a tower.

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To trade with Sparkly you need to approach the base of his tree. You'll know you're in the right spot when he starts talking to you. Enter the item menu, choose the item you want to trade, and select 'Drop' from the menu. This will place the item on the ground. If Sparkly likes what you've dropped he'll act quite excited. To receive your exchange quickly, save and quit the game, then reload the area. The Colorless Demon Soul (or whatever you traded for) will be at the base of the tree.

Sparkly will trade a Colorless Demon Soul for two items:

  • A Talisman of God. You'll start with this if you choose the Priest or Temple Knight as your class. Otherwise, you can purchase one from the Filthy Woman in the Valley of Defilement.
  • A Gold Mask. Mephistopheles will drop one when killed. You can also find one in Upper Latria, in the pit where the giant demon heart used to hang. You'll need to knock it down, then use stairs at the front of its tower enclosure to descend into the pit and find the Mask.

Sparkly will only trade a Colorless Demon Soul for each of these items once per playthrough.



Two Colorless Demon Souls will be rewarded to you if you complete assassinations for Mephistopheles. To get her to appear in the Nexus you'll need to kill Yurt the Silent Chief, found in a cage in Upper Latria, and reach Pure Black Character Tendency by murdering NPCs. Mephistopheles will give you assignments to kill these two NPCs in exchange for Colorless Demon Souls:

  • Patches the Hyena. Patches is found in both The Tunnel City (World 2-2), in a lava- and -walkway-filled area to the left of the main entrance, and on The Ritual Path (4-2), in a small room behind the first Reaper encounter. You can kill him there or, if you go through with his unsubtle traps, back in the Nexus.
  • Biorr of the Twin Fangs. Biorr is locked in a dungeon in The Lord's Path (World 1-2), just before the Tower Knight's Archstone. The Iron Key Ring needed to free him is held by a Fat Official, on the main path through the Upper Wards (World 1-3). Kill the Fat Official inside the dungeon, then check the cells for Biorr. He'll appear in the Nexus if you don't kill him here.

Biorr can die if you let him wander around Boletarian Palace's final two levels, so you may want to kill him once you release him from his cell.

Boletarian Palace

The final Colorless Demon Soul is in the Gates of Boletaria (World 1-1), right at the beginning of the game. To reach it, however, you'll need to achieve either Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency in Boletarian Palace. Once you do, check the left side of the stairs leading up to the gates, near the first Archstone, for a door that's normally locked. Beyond you'll find an area staffed by Dreglings and a certain Executioner. Proceed through it until you find a pit with a ladder. Near the ladder is a wooden beam with an item perched precariously upon it. Drop to the beam to retrieve the Colorless Demon Soul.

Using the Colorless Demon Soul

So you've got ten Colorless Demon Souls. Now what? First you'll need Blacksmith Ed. He's near the Archstone in the Smithing Grounds (World 2-1), though you need to activate an elevator to get to him. Go through the Grounds until you reach a staircase guarded by three miners, with a fog door on your left. Straight ahead is a tunnel leading back outside. This tunnel will take you to a switch to activate the elevator. Climb aboard and ride it down to Ed.

Ed provides normal smithing services, though he can also force special weapons from boss souls. First, however, he needs the Searing Demon Soul, retrieved from defeating Flamelurker in The Tunnel City (World 2-2). Bring it to him - make sure you speak to him a few times to get him to ask for the Soul - and hand it over to unlock his expanded forging services. You can then use Ed to upgrade boss weapons via Colorless Demon Souls.

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