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How to Find Poo's Equipment in "EarthBound"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Poo is such a pain in EarthBound. He's the last character to arrive, he only likes food from his home country, he's a bit fragile, he takes off for a while, and, worst of all, he doesn't wear any of the same stuff as the other characters. Poo has a highly-specialized set of equipment, found in four of EarthBound's dungeons, and only these items will grant him any offensive or defensive benefits. Anything else is just a waste. Find out how to get Poo up to speed with his own equipment below.


Bracer of Kings: Pink Cloud

First up on your list is the Bracer of Kings, found in the Pink Cloud dungeon. It's fairly easy to snag: when you enter the dungeon, head straight west and through the door in the far wall. Beyond you'll find a rope. Go down it and further west to find a present containing the Bracer.

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Sword of Kings

By far the hardest of the treasures to find is the Sword of Kings, and it will likely be your second snag. Unlike the other pieces of Poo's equipment, the Sword is only carried by Starmen Supers in the Stonehenge Base, just north of Dr. Andonuts' lab. There's a one in 128 chance that a Starman Super will drop the Sword, so you'll need a lot of patience to snag one. (You'll also earn a TON of experience.) Use the first industrial space you come across, the one with the ladders, as your searching point. The video accompanying this capsule provides a good method of killing Starmen Supers without actually getting into a fight.


Diadem of Kings: Lumine Hall

Third on Poo's equipment list is the Diadem of Kings, found in Lumine Hall. We're back to gift boxes with this one, so it's not that difficult to find. From the entrance, travel roughly northwest through the cave's twisting corridors until you find a ladder. Go down the ladder to find a path to another ladder. This second ladder leads to a dead end—and a gift box containing the Diadem.


Cloak of Kings: Lost Underworld

The final piece of the puzzle is in the Lost Underworld, and the only item found 'outside' (though the Lost Underworld is, admittedly, underground). Travel southwest from the Tenda Village and you'll see a gift box on the other side of the mountain range. Loop around the mountain range to the west and you can snag the Cloak from the box. Be careful—the dinosaurs 'round these parts mean business.

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