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How to Find All of the Undead Bone Shards in "Dark Souls III"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Second only to Estus Shards in quality, Undead Bone Shards are must-have collectibles in Dark Souls III. When burned at Firelink Shrine's bonfire, Undead Bone Shards will permanently improve the efficacy of your Estus Flask, making each swig count for more HP or FP. Undead Bone Shards aren't just sitting around in plain sight most of the time, though, and you'll need to poke around to find them all.

This guide will lead you to all of the Undead Bone Shards in Dark Souls III. Be careful while you're on the hunt, as most of these items are in dangerous areas.

All images copyright by FromSoftware, Inc.

All images copyright by FromSoftware, Inc.

Undead Settlement

The first Undead Bone Shard is found near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Proceed through the area and you'll find a cemetery full of Hollows and under constant assault by an arrow-slinging giant in a tower. The Undead Bone Shard will be on a small chunk of land on your right as you approach the house at the far end of the cemetery. The first few arrows will target the Hollows only, so wait until they've been scattered by the first arrow and leap onto the patch of land to grab the Bone Shard. Leap back onto sturdier land and find a hiding spot before the giant starts to target you.

(Alternately, you can befriend the giant a bit later in the level, and he'll no longer aim at you. This makes retrieving the Undead Bone Shard much less dangerous.)

Farron Keep

Proceed through the area until you find the Keep Ruins bonfire. Behind this bonfire is the huge door you need to open by lighting three flames. Walk towards the door, then take a right into the swamp. Not far from the bridge down to the door is a tower full of Rotten Slugs. Hurl an explosive or some area spells in to wipe out the Slugs, then claim the Undead Bone Shard they were guarding.

Cathedral of the Deep

Once you leave the dirt graveyard in the first section of the Cathedral of the Deep, you'll emerge onto the outer periphery of the Cathedral. As you climb the stairs towards the Cathedral's front door you'll see a lower landing with more graves on your right, patrolled by Infested Corpses. At the far right of this area is a tombstone protruding out over a chasm. The next Undead Bone Shard is on the tombstone.

(Having trouble getting this one? Befriending the giant in the Undead Settlement will help. Rather than pelting you with arrows he'll attack the Infested Corpses instead, giving you free reign to grab the Shard.)


Catacombs of Carthus

A short way into the Catacombs you'll come across a massive staircase that's 'patrolled' by a large, skeletal ball that rolls up and down the stairs. Once the ball goes up the stairs poke your head into the doorway at the bottom and check the right side of the hallway. Immediately inside is a skeleton wearing a hat. Destroy it and the ball will smash the next time it comes back down the stairs. Inside the ball's remains is the next Undead Bone Shard.

Smouldering Lake

Not long after you enter the Smouldering Lake, assuming you take a left from the entrance, you'll run into a massive Carthus Sandworm that fires electricity from its mouth and speeds around in a dangerous, albeit predictable, pattern. Find a hiding spot out of the Sandworm's range, one where the arrows from above won't hit you, and wait until the Sandworm stands tall and belches lightning. Once it starts, run out and smack it a few times with your weapon. Standing behind it will cause the arrows to also hit the Sandworm, inflicting extra damage. Once the Sandworm starts to move, get out of the way. Repeat the process until it dies. The Sandworm will leave an Undead Bone Shard behind when it disappears.

Smouldering Like (Again)

Head to the Demon Ruins bonfire and descend into the dungeon. There's a set of stairs on your right that will take you down into a corridor full of fire-slinging enemies. Take a right here and at the far end of the corridor, nestled among a heap of demon corpses, is an Undead Bone Shard. This area is a shooting gallery, so be ready to run the second you grab the Shard.


Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Jump to the Church of Yorshka bonfire and leave the Church through its back door. There's a cemetery ahead. Take a right and at the end of the path you'll find a large tombstone, watched over by a red-eyed Corvian. Backstab the creature, then check behind the tombstone to find an Undead Bone Shard.

Profaned Capital

Perhaps the easiest Undead Bone Shard to find, this one is more or less right beside the Profaned Capital Bonfire, across the bridge from the Irithyll Dungeon's exit point. You'll need to fight, or avoid, a Stone Gargoyle guarding a bridge to reach it.

Lothric Castle

Make your way to the Dragon Barracks bonfire in Lothric Castle, just before the bridge guarded by the twin Wyverns. The next Undead Bone Shard is under the bridge, on the Wyverns' side. Run across the bridge and drop off the side of it to land on a small lip beneath.

This is a dangerous feat to attempt when the Wyverns are still alive, so you may want to hold off on trying until you've entered the Castle's main fortress and killed them. You can do this by locating the two Pus of Men in fixed places within the Castle. Each is tied to one spot, and can easily be killed with ranged weapons or magic. Destroying the Pus of Men will eliminate the Wyverns.

Grand Archives

Near the end of the Grand Archives you'll need to leave the building and fight Stone Gargoyles along the rooftops. Exiting this section of the area will require leaping from one roof to another and reentering the Archives via a broken window, bringing you onto a balcony that overlooks the rest of the level. You'll find the final Undead Bone Shard on this balcony, held by a corpse in a chair. Watch out for Lothric Knights and Thralls up here.