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How to Find All the Magicite in "Final Fantasy VI"

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

An integral part of the story in Final Fantasy VI, Magicite also serves the purpose of teaching your party members spells. Though a few of your characters can learn magic naturally, most magic will be outside your grasp until you have Magicite. To learn every spell, you'll need to find every piece of Magicite. They're spread to all corners of the map, in the Worlds of Balance and Ruin, and it can be a bit tricky to find them all.

This guide will help you locate every piece of Magicite in Final Fantasy VI. Some of them are compulsory, but most are off the beaten path and require nosing around dangerous dungeons.

All images copyright by Square Enix.

All images copyright by Square Enix.

Ramuh, Kiren, Siren, Cait Sith

The first four pieces of Magicite you get are located in Zozo, and can be procured during your first visit. Once you've fought your way to the city's tallest building and found Terra you'll speak to Ramuh, who will produce three pieces of Magicite and then turn into one himself. Once the scene is done you can pick up all four pieces. (Technically you could just leave them here and come back for them later, but, why?)

Shiva, Ifrit

You'll find your next two pieces of Magicite in the Magitek Factory. Follow Shiva and Ifrit into the waste dump after Kefka disposes of them and you'll have to fight both in a minor boss battle. Once they come to their senses they will turn into Magicite.

Unicorn, Maduin, Catoblepas, Phantom, Carbuncle, Bismarck

You'll receive this big batch of Magicite shortly after Shiva and Ifrit. Continue through the Magitek Factory until you're speaking with Cid. The capsules containing the Espers will erupt, and they'll turn into Magicite and add themselves to your collection. The mine cart section that comes next has no stops, so if you want to try and learn any of the spells from these six Magicite along the way make sure you equip them before speaking to Cid.


Golem, Zona Seeker

The next two pieces of Magicite are found in Jidoor's Auction House, which opens for business once you have Setzer's airship and can traverse the world. The Magicite shards will pop up at random, so you will have to endure a number of auctions before you come across either of them. Zona Seeker ultimately costs 10,000 gil, while Golem goes for 20,000 gil. You can still purchase the Magicite later if someone else beats you in the auction, and you can find them in both the World of Balance and the World of Ruin.


Seraph is held by a thief who hides in the upper-right corner of Tzen, in the trees near the Relic Shop. You can find him here after completing the Magitek Factory. If you approach him in the World of Balance he'll charge you 3,000 gil for the Magicite; if, however, you wait until the World of Ruin to speak to him, he'll sell you Seraph for a mere 10 gil. (That said, it's probably wiser to grab Seraph as early as you can.)


The Quetzalli Magicite is located on the shores of the Solitary Island where Celes wakes up in the World of Ruin, though you can't get it immediately. Return to the Solitary Island once you have a new airship and check the beach where you were fishing for Cid. The Magicite is waiting.


This next piece of Magicite is held by Humbaba, the demon that lurks around Mobliz. Enter Mobliz and speak to Terra and her orphans until you're forced to leave. This will bring Humbaba out for a boss battle. Drive the demon away and one of the children will give you the Fenrir Magicite on your way out of Mobliz.



The most prominent piece of Magicite in the game, Valigarmanda is the name of the Frozen Esper that spurs the story forward in the first place. It is in the same place you left it in the World of Balance, on the far northern cliffs of Narshe, and if you return there in the World of Ruin you'll get into a battle with the trapped Esper. Fire spells are a great way to thaw it out quickly. Besting Valigarmanda will get you the Valigarmanda Magicite.


Upon defeating Valigarmanda in Narshe you'll create a small gap in the cliff behind the Esper. Check it to drop into a new cave dungeon. Make your way through the dungeon to find a sculpture made of bone, within which sits the Midgardsormr Magicite. Grabbing the Magicite will trigger a boss battle with Umaro, so be ready to fight.


Purchased from the Auction House in Jidoor, the Lakshmi Magicite is in the hands of Owzer, owner of Jidoor's largest mansion. Enter the mansion, turn on the light by the stairs, and check the paintings in the art gallery to find your way into a short dungeon. Defeat the boss at the end to both recruit Relm and acquire the Magicite.

(Note that if you did not save Shadow in the World of Balance you will first need to save Relm from the Cave on the Veldt before you can do anything in Owzer's Mansion.)


Once you've recruited Cyan from Mt. Zozo, head to Doma, which sits alone on a small island near the northeastern continent. Put Cyan in your party and sleep in the beds within the castle. This will force your party into a dream dungeon where they must fight for Cyan's soul. Defeating the boss at the end of the dungeon will reveal the Alexander Magicite sitting on the throne in the throne room. Once you've escaped the dream, head to the throne room to claim the Magicite.

(Please note that the only way to escape the dream is to complete the dungeon. Don't head in here - or at least don't save - until you're confident in your team's strength. Keep in mind, too, that you'll only have three party members for the duration of the dungeon, as Cyan is removed from your party.)


Once you have the airship in the World of Ruin, check the large mountain range north of Tzen. There's a small barren spot in the middle. You can descend here to find the Phoenix Cave, which forces you to create two parties who will search the cave in tandem. Completing this lengthy, puzzle-filled dungeon will bring you to Locke, and you'll gain both him and the Phoenix Magicite.



Once you've repaired Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin you can use it to shuttle back and forth between Kohlingen and South Figaro. Move from Kohlingen to South Figaro and the engine operator will note that the castle has seemingly bumped into something. Stop the castle and head into Figaro Castle's jail, where you'll find a door in one of the cells. This leads into a cave dungeon.

Proceed into the cave until you find the Ancient Castle. Here you'll watch cut scenes from the past that tell the story of an Esper named Odin. Odin's petrified remains are in the main hall, and inspecting them will net you the Odin Magicite.

Done? Not yet. Approach the thrones, then take five steps south from the right throne and inspect the ground. This will reveal a hidden staircase in a room to your right. Below is a statue of the queen. Inspecting the statue will cause the Odin Magicite to transform into the Raiden Magicite. (Yes, technically it is a different piece of Magicite, but the upgrade is worth it. There are other ways to learn the Meteor spell.)


Another Magicite that you can technically get very early in the World of Ruin, Bahamut is tough to grab thanks to its gatekeeper, Deathgaze. Soaring the skies of the world map, Deathgaze will attack your party at random while you fly around in the Falcon. It will run after taking too much damage, and you will have to fight the monster a few times before you can kill it and claim the Magicite. Deathgaze has instant-death moves that can decimate your party, and at a minimum it's recommended that you not use party members whose levels are a multiple of five.

Finding Deathgaze can be tricky, as it spawns on the map in a single, random location every time you enter the airship. The best way to hunt Deathgaze down is to point your airship in a cardinal direction and then aim it slightly to one side. Start flying and you will, gradually, move across every spot on the map, eventually discovering Deathgaze's location.


In order to procure the Ragnarok Magicite you'll first need to recruit Locke from the Phoenix Cave. Once he's in your party you can use him to unlock the houses in Narshe. Check the basement of the Weapon Shop and you'll find an old man with the Magicite. He'll offer to either give you the Magicite or forge it into a sword. Both are good, but just taking the Magicite is probably wiser in the long run.



The most difficult piece of Magicite to get in the original iteration of Final Fantasy VI, Crusader requires you to defeat eight dragon bosses that are spread throughout the World of Ruin. Once you trounce the eighth dragon you'll automatically receive the Crusader Magicite. The dragons are in the following locations:

  • Storm Dragon - Mt. Zozo, in a chest opened by hitting a switch
  • Ice Dragon - Narshe, flying around the snow fields where you fought Kefka's army early in the game
  • Earth Dragon - Opera House, sitting in the middle of the stage; use the switches in the operator's booth to reach it
  • Holy Dragon - Cultists' Tower, in a treasure room partway up the tower
  • Blue Dragon - Ancient Castle, in the hidden room where the queen's statue is located
  • Red Dragon - Phoenix Cave, wandering around near the end of the dungeon
  • Gold Dragon - Kefka's Tower, on a small platform along the main path
  • Skull Dragon - Kefka's Tower, on a small platform along the main path

Leviathan (Not Available in SNES Version)

Leviathan appears when you take the ferry from Nikeah to South Figaro or vice versa in the World of Ruin. During the trip you will run into the beast and have to defeat it in a boss battle. Besting Leviathan will earn you its Magicite. This battle will only take place once you have the Falcon in your possession.

Cactuar (Not Available in SNES Version)

The Cactuar Magicite is held by the Gigantuar, and enormous member of the species that lives in the desert near Maranda. Enter the desert and defeat ten Cactuars, then enter another battle to face the Gigantuar. Cactuars are highly evasive, so you'll need to use attacks that never miss (Tools, Blitzes, etc.) to beat them. Beating the Gigantuar will earn you the Cactuar Magicite.

Gilgamesh (Not Available in SNES Version)

The Gilgamesh Magicite is held by Gilgamesh himself, though you need to draw him out of hiding before you can grab the prize. Head to the Auction House in Jidoor and speak to the man outside who mentions a sword up for auction. Enter the Auction House and there is a good chance the Excalipoor will come up for auction, costing a hefty 500,000 gil. The desert near Maranda with the Cactuars is a good place to earn up gil for buying the Excalipoor.

Head to the Dragon's Neck Coliseum and bet the Excalipoor. This will pit the character against an Onion Dasher for a Merit Award. Win or lose, Gilgamesh will come out to fight your entire party. Defeat him to earn the Gilgamesh Magicite.


Diabolos (Not Available in SNES Version)

The most difficult piece of Magicite to obtain by far, the Diabolos Magicite is won by completing the optional Dragons' Den dungeon. The dungeon is located on a small , Pac-Man-shaped island with a single tree near the Dragons' Neck Coliseum, in the northwest corner of the map. It's a lengthy area that will force you to create three parties to explore the dungeon, face off against advanced versions of the eight dragons that kept Crusader locked away, and fight the mighty Kaiser Dragon at its end. Defeating Kaiser Dragon will earn you the Diabolos Magicite.

Unlocking the Dragons' Den requires defeating the eight dragons only. That said, you should at a minimum be capable of beating the main game before you tackle the Dragons' Den. The enemies within are far more difficult than the average foe elsewhere in Final Fantasy VI, and the sheer length of the dungeon alone will test your party to its breaking point.