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How to Get Shiny Charmander in "Pokémon Let's Go"

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You could end up with this handsome beast!

You could end up with this handsome beast!


So you've got Pokémon: Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch and are curious about how Shiny Hunting works compared to previous Pokémon games, this guide will cover the main differences and best methods of how to get these Shiny Variants, mainly focusing on Charmander.

Catch Combo's/Streaks/Lure's

To begin with, Pokémon: Let's Go handles things a lot differently than previous Pokémon games. Instead of running into specific area's and entering random encounters, all of the Pokémon in that area spawn in the overworld for the game, and you can simply run into them to encounter them, rather than encountering battle after battle in hopes of something you would like to get.

Now, because of this, you can easily chain Pokémon that you want to get, and avoid one's you don't want to get at the same time! Chaining Pokémon is very important, as having larger chains (5+) of the same Pokémon will make it a more common spawn in the overworld, which works better in the instances of finding rarer Pokémon!

Catch Combo's work as follows:


No Lure or Shiny Charm












Lure + Shiny Charm






Obtaining Charmander

You need to be past the point in the game where you receive "Light Up" to encounter Charmander. The best method that I found to encounter Charmander in the wild was as follows:

Build a Catch Combo of 31 with a common spawn Pokémon anywhere in the game world (Geodude, Pidgey, Rattata, Magikarp, etc)

Head to Rock Tunnel, East of Cerulean City & North of Lavender Town, enter from the Cerulean City side for ease and speed, and navigate through the first room until you get to the first Ladder, there should be one Charmander spawning in the room as you were heading to the ladder. Check if it's shiny (Sparkling and a slightly more yellow colour than usual Charmander's) and if not, go down the ladder to the next level, look for the Charmander spawn on this level, and repeat the Shiny Check, go back up the ladder if not and keep on Shiny Checking, going up/down the ladder until you see one

Note: Try to move away from the ladder as soon as you spawn back into the game, to save accidentally seeing a Shiny Pokémon and then running down the ladder in excitement!


If you haven't applied a Lure yet, now I would recommend doing so, these lower the odds of Shiny's by a fair margin and are cheap to buy in the game, so pop a Lure of your choice and happy hunting!

Shiny Charmander

Shiny Charmander

Closing Thoughts and Info

Due to spawning restrictions and Rare Pokémon tables in place, only one Charmander can spawn in the overworld at once. This is why the ladder method is used. Due to this, it may seem to take longer to find a shiny Charmander than other Pokémon, as others can spawn multiple in the world at once, but keep hunting and you will find the Shiny eventually!


Mike on August 24, 2019:

I got a 79 combo on a zubat and literally was hunting for hours still didn't find any yet i have hope

Cameron Sweeney (author) from United Kingdom on March 17, 2019:

Thank you! It definitely does, one of my favourite shiny Pokemon for sure!

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on March 16, 2019:

Nice article! Shiny Charizard looks badass.