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12 Ideas for Costume “Cozzie Change” Themes on “Habbo Hotel”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Habbo Hotel is an online virtual reality game that has withstood the test of time and only gotten more popular since its release. The game was released in 2000 by Finnish corporation Sulake, and continues to entertain thousands of players from over 150 countries worldwide. Habbo Hotel involves designing and dressing your avatar, building rooms, playing games, and buying and selling furniture, often nicknamed "furni," with credits, the in-game currency.

The game is highly addictive and those who have played will sometimes find themselves going back for a game of falling furni or costume change, sometimes called "cozzie change."

"Habbo Hotel"

"Habbo Hotel"

Hosting a game of cozzie change is quite easy. You just need your own room, some furniture such as a gate (so that you can control who comes into the gaming space), and some chairs to sit on. The more impressive your room is, the more likely people are going to want to come and play.

If you decide to host a game of cozzie change, the number of rounds there are depends on the number of people who are playing, as one habbo is "kicked," or is out, after each round. Coming up with topics on the spot can be difficult, so here are some great ideas for themes so that the players can explore their creativity and impress you with their avatar costumes.

1. Food

A popular theme for cozzie change is food. Since Habbo Club skins include purples, pinks, blues, and greens, people can really flaunt their creativity while designing an avatar that looks like ice cream, bananas, fruit baskets, or even chicken wings.

Celebrity Costumes

Celebrity Costumes

2. Celebrities

It is really amusing to see some habbos transform into Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Marilyn Monroe, or Donald Trump. Since the possibilities for celebrities is virtually endless, this theme gives people the opportunity to mimic their favourite famous person.

3. Fictional Characters

Another great one is fictional characters. This theme is quite broad, but if the players are willing, you can also make it more specific if you'd like. Split this theme into:

  • Movie characters
  • Book characters
  • Video game characters
  • TV show characters
Animal Costumes

Animal Costumes

4. Animals

Animals is a hilarious theme because some people can be geniuses with it, using apparently normal hair accessories or glasses to create ingenius features of animals. The standard ones you might see are bears, pandas, and cats, but some more exotic ones I've seen include anteaters, moles, and lobsters.

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5. Jobs

This theme allows people to dress as anything from firemen to air hostesses, and often has some rather entertaining results. See what your players can come up with when challenged with the "jobs" theme.

6. Time Period

The 1990s, the 1980s, or even Victorian times is a great theme with which to challenge your players. See what nostalgic cartoon characters come up with the '90s theme, or admire the old-style costumes of the Victorian era.

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes

7. Pirates

With eye patches, exotic hats, and some creativity, the pirates theme is also great fun to try. Some players really get into the role as well, making for some entertaining conversations.

8. Halloween

The Halloween theme means scary stuff: witches, zombies, ghosts, skeletons, or whatever strikes their fancy. This theme often has some very creative results.

Disney Costumes

Disney Costumes

9. Disney

Disney is another cute theme that is easy for almost all players. Nearly everyone has heard of at least one Disney character, and with the vast array of characters out there, it is likely you will end up with an impressive selection of costumes.

10. Wedding

Challenge your players to the wedding theme; they can dress as the bride, the groom, a bridesmaid, a wedding cake, or whatever they fancy! There are many costumes and accessories that makes this theme flexible and entertaining.

Emo/Goth Costumes

Emo/Goth Costumes

11. Emo/Goth

This theme always goes down well because people have slightly different ideas of what the goth or emo style should look like. Many hardcore players of Habbo Hotel are now in their late teens or twenties and have fond (and perhaps a little cringe-worthy) memories of their own goth phase.

12. Babies

The "babies" theme has gained some hatred after the strange cult of habbo babies that plagued the website a couple of years ago. However, it's a great chance to challenge (and perhaps annoy) some of your players!

Cozzie change is just one of the many insanely fun games that you can waste time on with Habbo Hotel. If you decide to host your own game, be sure to make use of some of these theme ideas to keep the game rolling and come up with new challenges for those who want to come to your room to play.

Don't forget to promise (and follow through with) a prize for the winner! 5 or 10 credits is a good start, or you could offer a piece of rare furniture. Play nice, judge fairly, and have fun!

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