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Interesting Names Codsworth Can Say in "Fallout 4"

Medvekoma has been a fan of many movie and video game franchises ever since he first watched the Star Wars trilogy during his early years.

Fallout 4 was released on the 10th of November, 2015. When introducing the game in numerous shows, the developers proudly stated the fascinating amount of names the team voiced for the robot Codsworth. While most of these names seem to be frequently used USA surnames and last names, there are many hidden references and easter eggs for players to explore.

Which reminds me, if you want to find these names yourself, then obviously, stop reading and go play the game. Spoiler alert passed.

A Comprehensive List of Easter Eggs and References


If you'd play with then name of the famous Russian-American science fiction author, then Fallout 4 is more than glad to cater to your needs. A possible reason for paying the author respects could be the influence his works had on the Fallout universe and the technology it displays.


Another voiced name taken directly from real life. Jon Bogdanove is a renowned comic artist, but what's more important is his son, Kal-El Bogdanove who himself contributed to Fallout 4 with his voice acting.


Everybody's favorite British secret agent may appear in Fallout 4 as a voiced name. Who wouldn't want to shoot up the wasteland in style?


A reference to the American producer of numerous famous movies (Top Gun, Con Air, Armageddon, Pirates of the Caribbean), who was present at numerous Fallout 4 exhibitions, as well as the launch event.


Naturally (or not?) you can name your character after the fictional vampire slayer. Who knows when your character will meet the notorious family from Fallout 3 and will have some vampire hunting to do.


If a bow and arrow is what you fancy, then bring in some Hunger Games and name your character Katniss Everdeen (both names voiced). And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Said to be one of the best female characters as of late in action movies, the name of George Miller's character portrayed by Charlize Theron is also voiced and playable in Fallout 4. Looking at other entries on this list, it seems to be Bethesda's way of winking toward other post-apocalyptic franchises.


When it comes to comic books in the Fallout universe, Grognak the Barbarian is a must-have and must-stash. Of course, the character of Grognak himself is a reference to Conan the Barbarian.

Holmes & Watson

Both names are voiced for the player's delight, so whether you want to be the legendary yet bit eccentric detective or one of the world's most famous sidekicks, then go on and enjoy both British names pronounced in all of their glory.


Another reference to the Australian post-apocalyptic world, Lord Humungus was the main antagonist in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Notable is his hockey mask, which was featured in previous Fallout games.


Numerous president names are featured on the list of voiced names, so if you'd like to take the role of the famous family, you have Bethesda's unofficial greenlight. Just watch your head when you are being driven around in your Corvega cabriolet.


Shane Liesegang was a former Bethesda employee who left the studio in order to enlist in the Jesuit order and pursue a more spiritual path.


Abraham Lincoln is almost like a deity to slaves in the Fallout universe, with the poor escaped rascals worshiping any item related to him. So it may be an appropriate choice for a name if you want to befriend the escaped slaves.


A famous king portrayed by no other than Sean Connery in the 1991 movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Yes, apart from that, he was a famous British king as well as a leader taking part in the great crusade. And how cool is having a character with the name of a king?


A lot of us welcomed 2015 with huge anticipation in regards to October, the exact date shown in Back to the Future when Marty McFly traveled to the future. Or well, it seems like the title should be reworked to sound something like "Back to the More Recent Past".

"Back to the Future"

"Back to the Future"


Leonard McCoy was the chief medical officer of USS Enterprise in the famous science fiction series of Star Trek. Fancy a doctor character? The Bethesda got you just the perfect name.


If you fancy inviting strangers to your home without much explanation then quickly offering them different pills while staring at them until they choose one, then Morpheus is the appropriate name for your character. He was captain of the Nebuchadnezzar in the Matrix movies.


Another reference to the Matrix franchise (and possibly due to both Fallout's and Matrix' relation to Plato's cave), Neo is the protagonist who ends up . . . let's not spoil more things here than what should be spoiled. Just don't forget, when you leave the vault, follow the white rabbit.


Melee character? Name them after the famous MMA champion who retired in 2015. It'll give you +1 strength and endurance, for the least. Or not.


Another post-apocalyptic reference, however, this one is toward Pendleton Ward, author and creator of Adventure Time. Yes, the children's cartoon is actually set in a post-apocalyptic world where quarter of the earth is blown off and where remains of our former civilization are shown for seconds.

"Adventure Time"

"Adventure Time"


If you don't want to be just a medical officer, then take up the name of the character portrayed by the internet's favorite, Sir Patrick Stewart. Maybe if you are lucky and if the Bethesda developers are generous, you'll have a mothership (zeta?) to command.


Bernard Quatermass is a fictional scientist created by BBC for the show The Quatermass Experiment in which he confronts evil aliens threatening humanity.


Another presidential name ripe for the taking, especially for those who love free markets. No, sadly Thatcher is not on the list. Maybe some Bethesda employees hail from the north of England? Who knows.


A reference to the Terminator franchise where Kyle Reese is the father of future human-resistance leader John Connor. Yes, the name Connor is also voiced and available to be played. Just not Schwarzenegger. Wonder why . . .


If you are like me and you love the enclave, then you can choose president Dick Richardson's last name for your character. He was featured in Fallout 2 where the enclave still had a prominent presence on the west coast.


Yet another Mad Max reference, Rictus is Immortan Joe's firstborn son, an eerie antagonist to oppose Max wherever possible. Yes, Erectus is also available for those with special desires for character names along with many other more-vulgar sounding nicknames.

"Mad Max"

"Mad Max"


Riddick is a less-known science fiction and action franchise that gave birth to three movies and two video games with the main character having the title as a name. Want Vin Diesel to be your character? Choose this name.


Another critically acclaimed female character, Ellen Ripley was the protagonist of the original Alien series, portrayed Sigourney Weaver. She also appeared in video games and novels based on the franchise, and of course, in fan fiction. And now, it seems her name also appears as a voiced one for Fallout 4.


I wonder how many people watched Mad Max' newest installment without realizing the awesome name of the title character. Yes, Maximilian Rockatansky. Now that does sound like a tea-sipping British noble compared to the iron-masked Mad Max beside the war rig. Never the less, if you plan on using leather armor and have a solitary dog as a companion, there's no better choice than this name.


Bertrand Russell was one of the most influential British philosophers. Fallout: New Vegas already featured a female ghoul bearing this surname, who even quoted the philosopher sometimes.


You know nothing.


With the hype around HBO's Game of Thrones, it's no wonder Bethesda included a couple of names related to the series, with one of the main families included. On another note, it could also be a reference to our favorite Tony Stark, or as more people know him, the Iron Man. For what's better than having a character named after him clad in power armor nuke the evils of the wasteland?


No, this probably isn't a reference to the city in Florida. And sadly, there are also no Twinkies in the Fallout universe for a character bearing Tallahassee's name from Zombieland to gather. Just don't forget to grab a cowboy's hat if you do choose this name. And be as badass as possible. Oh yes, badass is also a possible choice for a name.


Fallout includes numerous weapons and ideas drawn from the works of Nicola Tesla, so it was only due to pay the necessary respect by including his name on the voiced list. Tesla experimented with all kinds of electricity, including the Tesla coils and towers with awesome electricity effects.


The antagonist in the first installment of Mad Max, leader of a motorcycle gang. If you fancy killing the families of people who are in leather armor and have dogs, then this may not be the perfect name because you could get hunted down mercilessly.


A reference to the holy . . . no. Definitely not. A reference to the female main character in the Matrix franchise. An awesome gal clad in black leather running on walls and evading bullets . . . sounds exactly like VATS.


Ever wanted to play a politician with high charisma and . . . uhm . . . interesting traits? And you have already shot down all the other presidents on the list (pun intended)? Then choose everybody's favorite candidate, our good old Donald Trump. Makes for a perfect character to hate on ghouls.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump


Richard Wagner was a famous German composer whose opera soundtrack made it into a memorable scene in Fallout: New Vegas, with the Ride of the Valkyrie playing as the ghouls launch themselves toward outer space. But that's no reason to play a character called Wagner. The real reason is this awesome handbag-style beard he sported. How cool is that?


If you are homesick to the main city featured in Fallout 3, then just name your character Washington and have Codsworth say it out loud. Another famous president, although not revered like Lincoln. And they even say he was bulletproof.


Bruce Wayne. Oh, sorry, you probably don't know who he is because he's merely a fictional billionaire. What about Batman though? Yes. I have probably made your life's biggest revelation now. So if you are planning to dig a Batcave to sit around in and stash your hauled loot, then this is just the perfect name.


Starting out as a mere reporter and slowly turned into an alien by their strange fuel substance. Sounds like a grim fate for someone, never the less, you can choose the name of the protagonist in District 9.


Another in-franchise reference, Zip was a comic relief character featured in Fallout 3's Little Lamplight. Trading supplies for shots of Nuka-Cola, this hyperactive boy kept running around the caves in a miner mole costume. I'm pretty sure that awesome outfit will make a return through mods anyway.

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