"Diablo 3" Event Location Guide: Jar of Souls (Defiled Crypt)

Updated on July 29, 2020
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This guide will cover the Jar of Souls event in Diablo 3, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience, and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

The device the starts the Jar of Souls event, found in the Defiled Crypts.
The device the starts the Jar of Souls event, found in the Defiled Crypts. | Source

Finding the Jar of Souls Event

This event is found in one of the false, dead end Defiled Crypts that are found within the Cemetery of the Forsaken, normally passed through during the quest The Shattered Crown. Out of the three cemeteries that are open, one of them will either contain The Matriarch's Bones or the Jar of Souls event, always the medium sized dungeon without a second level. It will be in a large X shaped room, filled with bones and the Jar of Souls object itself sitting in the middle.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

The Jar of Souls achievement.
The Jar of Souls achievement. | Source
Activating the Jar of Souls device to start the event.
Activating the Jar of Souls device to start the event. | Source

Jar of Souls

"Spirits are bound within this trap. I spring it gladly." - Witch Doctor

1. Survive the Skeletons

Click on the jar to activate the event and start a 60-second countdown timer. During these 60 seconds, skeletons will continuously spawn from the four corners of the room and head to attack you. This is a great time to have high damage area of effect spells, as the spawns start off slow but quickly ramp up to having tons of low health enemies bearing down on you at once. Skeleton Executioners will show up in limited numbers during the last third or so of the time left and are the real danger, with their heavy hitting attacks. Keep an eye out for them and focus damage in their direction.

Try to take out as many of the skeletons before the timer reaches zero, as when it does, the rest will die off instantly without reward from their kills, while the ones you slaughter give a nice chunk of experience and plenty of loot.

Note: The faster you can take out the waves of skeletons, the more of them will spawn. If you have powerful enough high damaging attacks, you can end the event having spawned quiet a few, potentially in the triple digits.

Surviving the waves of the Skeleton onslaught.
Surviving the waves of the Skeleton onslaught. | Source

2. Destroy the Jar of Souls

When the timer finishes the enemies are gone and you can click on the jar once more to break it open. You will be awarded bonus gold and experience for completing the event, with a small pile of extra loot shooting from the jar itself. If you perish during the event, there is no way to restart it without making a new game and finding it again.

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