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"Saints Row: The Third" Assassination: Pick up Some Asprin on the Way Home


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This guide will cover the Kirsten "Pick up Some Asprin on the Way Home" assassination target, given to the player by the contact Kinzie within the video game Saints Row: The Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: Kirsten

Contact: Kinzie

Subject: Pick Up Some Asprin On The Way Home

Location: Salander

Cash: $3,500

Respect: 500

Message: "Kirsten's a Decker surveillance specialist, and she might be listening to you right now! She's monitoring known Saints' locations. If you go to Planet Saints in Salander and, well, blow some stuff up with a grenade... she'll get a splitting headache, and maybe even come out of hiding."

Kirsten is on the more challenging side of the assassination targets in Saints Row: The Third. It can be a bit expensive, as step one involves purchasing as many grenades as you can carry. Next grab some homies and some other weapons as you will probably end up arousing the police's attention, not to mention having to kill Kirsten herself who is a Decker lieutenant (the fast ones).

Once you have arrived at the Planet Saints in Salander, which will be targeted for you on your GPS map, go inside and throw a few grenades around, leaving some to throw outside as well. Make sure you're taking out different objects, like the clerk, items in the store, or vehicles outside. After you've caused a nice handful of destruction, Kirsten will show up, zipping around fast as hell. You're best off with an automatic weapon, especially incendiary round SMGs.

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