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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: They All Scream for Ice Cream

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

After a largely-unsuccessful raid on Blackwell's Mansion, the Pappalardo gang is on the run. Chase needs to find Vinnie before Blackwell's men get to him. To Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor!

  • Hop on one of the three-wheelers left by the Sentinels and follow the green studs to Pappalardo's. (Watch the right side of the road for a new Super Build on the way.) Climb the upright tank to the left of the entrance to the back parking lot and hop from light pole to light pole until you reach the roof. If you use the red pot up here you can find a pig you can deliver to a Pig Cannon down by the docks, and if you blast through the shiny door you can find a Super Brick. Otherwise, beak through the window up here to get into Pappalardo's, beginning the special assignment They All Scream for Ice Cream.
  • Vinnie will get locked into a freezer at the beginning of the assignment, and Chase will have to get him out. Start by busting up the ice cream sculpture behind you to count for one of three, and check the plant for a purple stud. Use your Grapple Gun to get the door into the main Ice Cream Parlour open.
  • Beat up the three thugs in this area, trash the tables and chairs for studs, and grapple onto the ice cream sign in the back. Pull it down to open the freezer and free Vinnie. Reassemble him to get the Vinnie Pappalardo collectible. He'll tell you to stop the leader of this gang in the Ice Cream Factory. Trash the ice cream sculpture behind the bar before you get to work.
  • Grab the box in the freezer and take it to the set of cogs on the right wall. Bust up the furniture by the left wall to find pieces for a switch that will bring out another box. Assemble the contents to make a crank that will open up the stairs to your left.
  • Beat up the thugs at the top and destroy the ice cream cabinet just north of the stairs. Behind it is another ice cream sculpture; trash it for a Police Shield Piece. That destroyed, assemble the pieces of the shelf into a ball. You can use this to trash everything up here. In the process, you'll find pieces for four stools along the left wall which you can assemble to get a Police Shield Piece. Roll the ball onto the flat red switch in the top-left corner to activate the nearby teleporter, which will take you to the ceiling. Use the ceiling bricks to get to the Aceso collectible on the opposite light fixture.
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Bash through the rocks blocking the left door and rip through the boards. Take out the thugs in this meeting room. There are now a few things to do here:

  1. Mash the chairs around the table to get a Police Shield Piece.
  2. Water the red pot on the right side of the room for the Ironback collectible.
  3. Destroy the furniture on the right side of the room to find another Scan Point, this one leading you to a key. Use the key on the bookcase in the top-left wall to find a safe. Inside the safe are pieces for an ice cream statue that you can push onto a green plate in the north.
  4. Destroy the furniture in the bottom-left corner to find a Scan Point that will lead you to a Red Color Swapper. Use the gun on the red light in the top-right corner to find another safe with pieces for another ice cream statue. You know what to do.
  • Pushing both ice cream statues into place will open a door behind Vinnie's desk. Run through to find the Ice Cream Factory.
  • The thugs in here will mock you, but not for long. First destroy the machine by the entrance to get one of three. Run north on the bottom floor to find a switch beside a conveyor belt. Use it to get a box. You can hide under this box to go through the steam vents to the left. Do this, beat up the thugs, and grab some dynamite from the vending machine in the corner. Use it on the shiny bricks here to reveal a button that will stop the steam vents.
  • Just ahead of the switch is a tube you can push into place to create a step up to the left-most platform. Destroy the machine up here, turn the valve on the machine with the red liquid in it to activate something on the central platform, and push the large crate south of you onto the conveyor belt on the first floor. Assemble the pieces into a wind machine to get up onto the right platform.
  • Bash the last machine here for a Police Shield Piece, put out the fire ahead, and turn the valve to activate a control panel on the central platform. Get up there, beat up the thug, and activate the control panel to end the assignment. The guy's who's been mocking you will get his just desserts… more or less… and you'll get a Gold Brick, along with a tip: a job at a construction site. You'll be taking the goon's place. Sounds like fun, no?


Thought you were done in Pappalardo's? Not quite. There are some items here you can only find once you have all of the game's abilities. Check 'em out below.

  • Above the entrance is a space crate you can jet up to. It will beam in the parts for a Green Color Swapper. Use it on your Color Gun and blast three red lights in the main parlour: one against the left wall, one behind the bar, the last on the second floor. This will make a Red Brick appear.
  • Behind the piano player on the stage is a fuse box. Tinker with it to destroy the poor guy's piano. Reassemble it into a catapult to get to the Jimmy Grossman collectible.

Snagging all of the Police Shield Pieces and enough studs will get you two more Gold Bricks.

© 2013 Matt Bird

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