"Diablo 3" Event Location Guide: Lair of the Lacuni (Abandoned Mineworks)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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This guide will cover the Lair of the Lacuni event in Diablo 3 which takes place in the Abandoned Mineworks, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

How do you find the Abandoned Mineworks?

The Abandoned Mineworks which contains the Lair of the Lacuni event is one of two possible dungeon spawns in the Howling Plateau region of Act 2. There only seems to ever be one dungeon which spawns in this region at once however, so if you find the Sirroco Caverns (or possibly another dungeon) you should exit the game and try a new run.

You can take the Black Canyon Mine waypoint and head south along the road, across the bridge, to quickly make your way into the area and search around. There seems to be several possible points where the dungeon can spawn in this region, one of which can be seen to the right, however the area itself is small and quickly searched thus making runs for this event relatively easy. More information is coming soon on possible spawn points as region guides are developed, however comments are appreciated.

If you find the Mineworks, step inside and the event kicks off immediately upon entering.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

"Lair of the Lacuni" Achievement
"Lair of the Lacuni" Achievement

Lair of the Lacuni

Rescuing trapped Iron Wolves.
Rescuing trapped Iron Wolves. | Source

"There is no time to talk. My brothers need us!"

Kill the Lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves

As soon as you enter the small cave, you will find a number of Iron Wolves all separated and in combat with Lacuni Huntresses. Try to move quickly and kill off the enemies which are already in combat with each soldier as they will eventually be killed if not saved. It may be necessary to stop for a moment as there will be several ambushes against you as you move between stranded soldiers, so the better you manage large crowds the more success you will have here. Rescuing soldiers will get them to follow you, helping in the fight.


Return to the Iron Wolf Captain

Once you've eliminated all the lacuni and saved as many soldiers as you can, you will have to make your way to the captain in the cave to start the next phase of the event.

"Everyone's accounted for or dead. All right, men, finish patching up these two, and let's get out of this damned pit!"
"Yes, sir! Wait! Did you hear that...?"
"Another ambush!"

The final ambush starts.
The final ambush starts. | Source

Kill Ghas and the Lacuni

Now the final phase of the event starts. You will be quickly attacked by a large group of unborrowing Lacuni Huntresses, followed shortly by the unique Lacuni Warrior Ghas "The Shadowclaw". This is where it helps to have saved as many soldiers as possible, since they will assist with occupying the numerous enemies. Let loose your best aoe to whittle down the crowd and back up from Ghas, who hits pretty hard and can strike several targets at once, unless fit for melee. Once you've defeated the attackers the event is copmplete along with your experience and gold reward granted.

Ghas "The Shadowclaw"
Ghas "The Shadowclaw" | Source

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