Level Up in "Skyrim" - Weapons and Armor

Updated on January 7, 2019

Level Up Weapons and Armor Quickly in Skyrim

RPGs are all about gaining new levels, skills, weapons, and armors; typically as fast as humanly possible. Skyrim is no different. After getting through the main quest and many of the side missions, one begins to stop gaining overall experience due to maxed out weapon and armor skills. Unfortunately, this does not mean that every skill is at level 100. If one wants to continue leveling up in Skyrim, less powerful items must be used from neglected skill trees. However, using leather armor against a Draugr Deathlord which is prepared to fight a level 50 character is only recommended to those who are suicidal. If you don't fall into this category, and I hope that you don't, here are some useful tips for each weapon and armor skill set that will allow you to maximize your combat effectiveness and level up quickly in Skyrim.

Heavy Armor

Honestly, there aren't all that many ways to level this armor skill quickly. One method that can be used is to find a weak enemy that only doles out a small amount of damage. Some candidates include low-level bandits or skeevers. As long as your character can regain health at a high enough rate, you can just leave the game and do something else for a while; preferably something productive. I won't judge though. Otherwise, this skill can only be improved through consistent game-play wearing a full set of heavy armor.

Light Armor

Light armor, while providing weaker protection than its heavier counterpart, can be increased in much the same way. Yet, another option is available through the use of restoration spells and blocking. First, find a giant and provoke it into attacking you. After your new friend inevitably starts beating the piss out of you, start casting a constant healing spell. When your magic runs out, use a shield to help protect yourself against the giant's blows. Eventually your magic will refill and can be used to continue healing. This strategy helps not only to improve the light armor skill, but the restoration and blocking skills as well. In addition, the fact that the giant is able to do greater damage will help you increase your light armor much faster. However, because of this increased damage, this should only be attempted later in the game: giants aren't exactly pushovers when you are at lower levels. Unless you want to post a video on Youtube of your character being thrown up into the air like a cap at graduation (in which case I want a link), you should put off using this technique. However, if you are properly prepared, using this strategy should help you to level up fairly quickly.


If one doesn't choose to use one-handed weapons in the first place, it can be difficult to begin leveling up this skill. One popular method is through the cruel abuse of your horses in Skyrim. The best horse to use for this would be Shadowmere, awarded during the Dark Brotherhood storyline. Shadowmere has a large amount of health and can heal very quickly, making him ideal for this leveling this skill. Simply attack Shadowmere as quickly as possible with a Daedric knife. This weapon works the best because of its high damage and quick speed. Repeating this action may be dull and time-consuming, but it is an effective way to increase the one-handed weapon skill. And when you get to fighting legendary dragons, every level counts.



As with light and heavy armor, two-handed and one-handed weapon skills can be improved in the same ways. In addition to the method mentioned in the previous paragraph, an alternative that can be used is to summon an astronach. This can then be attacked with a Daedric greatsword the same way as was done when attacking Shadowmere. One added bonus to this method is that it increases the conjuration skill as well, effectively hitting two birds with one stone. And, you know, no animal abuse either.


The blocking skill has only one real method of gaining experience: get hit a lot. The main difference between possible strategies is simply deciding what enemy is going to be dishing out the damage. One good method while at lower levels is through the use of mudcrabs. However, when you reach a certain point, a mudcrab just is not going to do it. When this happens, it is time to turn to the giants once more. Just shielding yourself against a giant is a very effective method, provided you have strong enough armor and healing potions at the ready. As with taking abuse in different armor sets, this can be a boring way to level up in Skyrim.


One of the best ways to level up in archery once again relies upon giants, along with their mammoth herds. Find a location above a giant camp that cannot be reached by NPCs. Set the game difficulty to Master and then let the arrows fly. Be sure to use a high damage bow with good arrows. Experience gained is based on the damage dealt, so there is no point in trying to increase your targets' lifespans. Plus, this is a great opportunity to get revenge for being thrown into the air like a ragdoll if you chose to ignore my earlier advice.

Increasing weapon and armor skills can take up large amounts of time, but the benefits to leveling up these skills more than outweigh the costs.With combat being such a major part of Skyrim, gaining experience and leveling up is extremely important for success. Hopefully this article will help you increase your level much faster and allow you to beat those dragons back to whence they came. Because Alduin is kind of a dick.


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      I love leveling in archery and one handed. Once I got archery to 100 then Skyrim Pro 

      2 years ago

      I love leveling in one handed and archery. Once I got my archery to 100 then I legendaryed it. Big mistake. I got my one handed to 100 as well. I hate heavy a two handed because heavy armor slow you down and is much noisyer and two handed takes forever a swing you weapon.


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