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List of Good and Evil Quests in "Fable III"

Christy loves Fable Quest and wants to help you to get the most fun out of the game as possible.

The Fable Series

The Fable games are part of a series of Western roleplaying video games for the Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360, and the PC. The games take place in the fantasy kingdom of Albion, which progresses over time with each new game. The series currently includes 4 games: Fable, Fable II, Fable III, and Fable: The Journey.

In each Fable game, the player controls a single protagonist who follows a main story line of saving the realm from an impending disaster. The player also has the option of engaging in a number of side quests and optional missions.

Common aspects that make the Fable games so engaging to fans include pervasive elements of silly, witty humor, and the choice of good or evil morality.


Fable III

Fable III is the third game in the Fable series and was released in 2011 for the PC and Xbox 360.

In Fable III, Albion has progressed to an Industrial Revolution-type setting. Child labor, starvation, environmental problems and other social ills abound. King Logan has become a tyrant suppressing worker revolts and taxing his people to near death. It's up you, Logan's younger brother (or sister), to gain the support of your people, oust your brother, take over as king, and ultimately save the realm from a great evil.

There are a few irritating details (like the long, unskippable interaction sequences), but in general the game is loads of fun. And your butler is voiced by John Cleese. What's not to love?

The hero's stats, including the morality bar.

The hero's stats, including the morality bar.

An example of a moral dilemma in "Fable III." You can choose to help or abandon your injured and blinded friend.

An example of a moral dilemma in "Fable III." You can choose to help or abandon your injured and blinded friend.

Morality in "Fable"

One common element in the Fable games, including Fable III, is the "Moral Dilemma," or the player's ability to be good or evil. The hero's morality is based on a sliding scale of points earned for good and evil choices in the game. He (or she) will get different options and outcomes (and even a few extra quests) throughout the game based on the morality of the decisions.

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Some quests in the game are purely evil, and completing them will always earn evil points. Some quests are purely good and will always result in good points. Some quests give the player moral choices that may result in a good or evil outcome and cause the hero to become more good or evil based on his choice. Some quests are neither good or evil, and their completion will not cause the character's moral standing to change.

I found some great comprehensive quest lists online while playing, but I was unable to find any that listed the quests by moral outcome. So, here are the lists I compiled of the evil quests, good quests, and quests with a moral choice.

Evil Quests in "Fable III"

Completing these quests will always result in evil points and outcomes:

  • Framed for Murder
  • Lumberjacks Wanted
  • Factory "Volunteers"
  • Back to the Salt Mines
  • Leverage
  • Jobs: Assassin
  • Miners Required
  • Peace, Love, and Homicide
  • The Debt
  • The Man Who Knew Just Enough
  • Whorezone

Good Quests in "Fable III"

Completing these quests will always result in good points and outcomes:

  • Bounty Hunting
  • Jobs: Bounty Hunter, Slave Rescue
  • Escaped Prisoner
  • Escaped Convict
  • Convict on the Run

Quests With Moral Dilemmas

In these quests, the player will have the option to choose good or evil:

  • Kidnapped
  • Life in the Castle
  • Prison Management for Beginners
  • Stolen Statue
  • The Coronation
  • The Desert Star
  • The Weight of the World
  • Traitor's Keep: Like Clockwork
  • Traitor's Keep: The Menagerie
  • The Voice
  • A Marriage of Inconvenience
  • Blindness
  • Chicken Chaser
  • Crime & Punishment
  • In Wolf's Clothing

Your Moral Dilemma

Neutral Quests in "Fable III"

You may have noticed that not all the game's quests are listed here. Not all quests in Fable III have a moral outcome. In fact, many quests do not influence the hero's morality at all. In this article, I have listed only the quests that affect morality, so if you don't see the quest you're looking for in any of the lists, you can assume it is neutral and will not make your hero more or less evil or good.

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