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Magick Archer Build in "Dragon's Dogma" for Solo Hard Mode


Introduction to Magick Archer

We are a Magick Archer, so we will use a magick ranged build. I know there are other variations for MA. However, this build will be focused on maximizing Magick Attack and Magick Defense. Who needs Stamina if you kill everything fast? And the best Defense is to keep your distance. So, the key points are:

  • High Magick Attack - this will be achieved by leveling specific vocations; see below.
  • High Magick Defense - spellcaster robes are preferred.

Leveling Options

Here is how you should progress as you level up.

Leveling 1-10

  • Mage - for Magick Defense and Magick Attack, obviously.

Leveling 11-100

  • Magick Archer - choose this if you do not care about min-maxing.
  • Sorcerer - this will give you an additional +180 to Magick Attack and +90 to Magick Defense. I find both of these the most useful. Moreover, 180 will be 324 with augments and 712 with Magick Rebalancer. This can be multiplied even further since most of the attacks will hit multiple times per shot. So I strongly recommend playing as a Sorcerer before 100. You will still get plenty of time to enjoy MA on BBI.

Leveling 101-200

  • Magick Archer - this way, you will get +200 Magick Defense and +100 Magick Attack. I would choose this option to enjoy the MA gameplay.
  • Mage - you get +200 Magick Defense and +200 Magick Attack. This would be preferable for min-maxing, however.
  • Sorcerer - you get +100 Magick Defense and +300 Magick Attack. This is to maximize the damage.

Skills and Augments

Here are the skills and augments you should have.


  1. Autonomy - When venturing forth alone, gain 20% Strength and Magick and reduce Physical and Magick damage by 90. Assassin (9)
  2. Bastion - Mitigates incoming physical damage by 225 health points. Warrior (1)
  3. Awareness - Reduces incoming magic damage by 225. Sorcerer (1)
  4. Apotropaism - Magick-based damage is reduced by 135. Mage (4)
  5. Attunement - Magick Attack is increased by 10%. Mage (9)
  6. Acuity - Increases Magick Attack by 20% Sorcerer (9)


  1. Magick Rebalancer - the best ability in the game
  2. Sixfold Bolt - a single target damage dealer
  3. Hunter Bolt - a multitarget damage dealer, useful against large targets as well
  4. Default Magic Arrow - do not underestimate its damage!

Suggested Walkthrough

Here is how you should progress through the game.


Start as Mage, then change the vocation to Sorcerer. Sorcerer gets the best stats for this build, hands down. A complete guide is here.

Bitterblack Isle

Run to the Rotunda of Dread and level up to 100. Basically, you can do that as soon as you get Focused Bolt. There's no need to complete Gransys. When you're level 100, re-spec to Magick Archer and kill Grigori to get Dragon's Breath. You can even repeat this to dragon-forge it. The rest shouldn't be difficult. Magick Rebalncer is OP.

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