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Best Mass Effect 3 Classes

Updated on December 5, 2016

Mass Effect 3 was just released and I had a chance to play the game and experiment with the 6 different classes in the game. They are Soldier, Adept, Engineer, Vanguard, Sentinel, and Infiltrator.

There is no single best class. It really all depends on your style of play and what you want to get out of the game. If you want a straight, no frills, shooter style game then the Soldier class will suit you fine. If you love Star Wars and often fantasize about being a Jedi warrior then playing as an Adept class may suit you better.

Picking the right class is important as it will shape your entire game strategy. Please read below to discover the best class you could choose to suit your gameplay.

Soldier Class
Soldier Class

Soldier Class

The Soldier class is by far the most popular one. They are weapon experts which means they can use all types of special ammunition and frag grenades. They also have some very cool upgrades.

While this class can be a lot of fun, gamers have already started complaining that it gets boring. This class almost makes the game another standard shooter game. As a Soldier, the tactic you will probably find yourself using most is cover and shoot, so it tends to get boring relatively quickly.

What Can a Soldier Class Do?

  • They can exclusively use frag grenades which rip enemies apart and cause massive damage. They can also use cryo ammo, which is now even better than it was in Mass Effect 2. In Mass Effect 2 cryo ammo froze enemies but in Mass Effect 3 it does that and it weakens enemy armor, slowing your enemies down.
  • Incendiary Ammo lights enemies on fire, dealing extra damage and stopping health regeneration.
  • Concussive Shot allows you to fire a high powered shot stunning enemies for a few seconds.
  • Disruptor Ammo causes extra damage to shields and to synthetic enemies.
  • You can use the Adrenaline Rush power which slows down time, temporarily allowing you to line up good shots and zero in on enemies quickly. Damage to your target is also increased when using Adrenaline Rush.
  • The class has another major benefit as it is the class with the highest carry weight capacity. This allows you to offset more of the negative effects of carrying many weapons.
  • A Soldiers default weapon is the assault rifle.

Should You Play as a Soldier?

If your goal is to confront and kill everything that moves, with a vast variety of weapons, ammo, and grenades, then the Soldier class is your best choice. It can get a little boring but if you’re the kind of person who likes nothing more than playing a good shooter than this is your class.

Adept Class
Adept Class

Adept Class

The Adept class is able to biologically generate and control Mass Effect fields in order to kinetically manipulate nearby objects. Basically, Adepts have biotic powers so they are like Jedi’s with the Force. Adepts can use their powers to throw enemies around and make them hover in the air, unable to fire or defend themselves.

They are the polar opposite of Soldiers. They can dominate a battle without firing a single shot. That being said, they are not easy to play as and you will need to level up a bit before your biotic powers become really useful. The class is definitely more of a challenge, especially at the start of the game. Whereas a Soldier is much more suited at taking the battle to the enemy, an Adept is suited to sticking back and using strategy to combat his enemies. If you decide to be an Adept then you will probably find yourself allowing your team mates to strip away enemy shields before moving in to attack.

What Can an Adept Class Do?

  • As an Adept you will be able to use biotic powers such as Pull to make enemies levitate and fly towards you. Pull is useful as levitated enemies are defenceless so your teammates can deal a lot of damage with firearms as enemies are floating towards you.
  • You can also use Throw to send enemies hurling toward walls or objects, causing them a lot of damage. This also makes enemies easy targets as they will not be able to shoot back for a short while.
  • Adepts can also use Singularity, allowing you to throw a mini black hole at enemies. The Singularity can pull multiple enemies into a floating orbit around the black hole, leaving them defenceless and open to fire from your teammates.
  • Another useful power is Warp which creates a Mass Effect field near enemies. Warp severely weakens an enemies armor and deals damage to the enemy. Warp is useful against heavily armored opponents, allowing your team mates to inflict more damage by weakening their armor.
  • Adepts can use all firearms but they are not as good with them as Soldiers are. Adept classes can also use cluster grenades to send enemies flying into nearby objects causing a lot of damage.
  • Finally, you should note that Adepts have one of the lowest carrying capacity in the game and they can only use light armor.

Should You be an Adept?

If you want to stick back and play smart whilst wielding some very cool magic-like powers then the Adept class is for you. Being an Adept can be a bit of a challenge and when choosing your squad you should make sure you choose a teammate that has access to assault rifles. This will allow you to use your biotic abilities to levitate enemies whilst your team mate peppers them with bullets. This is a highly effective strategy.

Engineer class
Engineer class

Engineer Class

Engineers are one of the least used classes in Mass Effect 3. However, they are incredibly useful and a lot of fun. Like Adepts, Engineers start off slow but become very useful when they level up a bit.

Engineers are not frontline fighters; they are much more useful sticking back and causing absolute havoc to enemies, whilst aiding team mates. The Engineer class
does have offensive abilities. However, you will probably find yourself sticking back and using your large variety of skills.

What Can an Engineer Do?

  • As an Engineer, one of the most useful powers is Overload. It allows you to disable enemy shields, leaving them open to attack from either you or your teammates. Once ranked up, Overload will also cause enemy weapons to overheat, rendering them temporarily unusable. How cool is that? Unshielded enemies with no weapons equals easy targets. Better yet, it causes any unprotected enemies equipped with flamethrowers to explode, which is always fun to see.
  • Engineers have exclusive access to the Combat Drone power which distracts enemies, draws their fire, can stun targets, and damages their shields. Similar to Combat Drone, Engineers can exclusively use the Sentry Turret power to deploy a turret, which fires on enemies.
  • Engineers can use the Incinerate power which fires an explosive plasma round from their omni-tool (a wrist worn device Engineers use.) The plasma round causes damage to all nearby enemies. The Incinerate power deals extra damage against armor and it will stop enemies from regenerating health. Engineers can also use the Cryo Blast power to freeze nearby enemies leaving them more susceptible to damage.
  • One of the most entertaining Engineer powers is Sabotage. Sabotage allows you to hack unshielded enemy robots and turn them against the enemy. This is very useful and can cause absolute havoc, especially when your enemies start attacking each other. When upgraded, this power can be used to hack all robots in the vicinity. This allows you to effectively turn robots into stationary targets who simply wait for you and your teammates to destroy them.
  • An Engineers carry capacity is one of the lowest along with the Adept class.

Should You be an Engineer?

Engineers are the most underrated class in Mass Effect games. On the surface, they do not sound terribly exciting but playing as an Engineer can be very challenging and rewarding. If you like the idea of throwing enemy ranks off, or stripping your enemies of armor and shields so you can take them out easily with your pistol, then try the Engineer class.

Vanguard class
Vanguard class

Vanguard Class

A Vanguard is a cross between a Soldier and an Adept. Vanguards are close-range fighters. As a Vanguard, you will generally find yourself moving in close and using a mix of biotics and firearms (particularly shotguns) to decimate enemies.

What Can a Vanguard Do?

  • Vanguards can gain specializations in both pistols and shotguns. Obviously, using shotguns means that a Vanguard needs to get up close to do maximum damage.
  • Vanguards can exclusively use the Charge power. Charge allows a Vanguard to rush towards an enemy, at great speed, causing massive damage and sending an enemy sprawling to the ground when hit. The cool thing about Charge is that you will be able to phase right through physical objects, such as crates, so almost nothing can get in your way.
  • Another exclusive ability is the Nova power which causes a massive shock wave, sending any nearby enemies flying. Combining the Biotic Charge power with the Nova power is highly effective. You can use your Biotic Charge to knock down one enemy and then use your Nova power to knock down all other enemies in the area. This leaves several enemies severely damage and makes them easy targets for your teammates to finish up.
  • Vanguards also have access to the previously mentioned Adept power of Pull and the Soldiers Cryo and Incendiary Ammo.
  • Vanguards have a decent carry capacity, higher than that of Adepts but lower than Soldiers.

Should You be a Vanguard?

Amongst experienced Mass Effect players, the Vanguard is one of the most popular classes. they have a great mix of abilities and are deadly in battle. If you like the idea of knocking enemies on their asses and then pumping them full on incendiary rounds then Vanguard is the class for you.

Sentinel class
Sentinel class

Sentinel Class

A Sentinel is a cross between an Engineer and an Adept. They focus on supporting the squad, using a mix of biotic and technical powers to strip enemy shields and deal damage. A Sentinel is also useful with firearms and have advanced shield abilities, making them more useful in offensive combat.

What Can a Sentinel Do?

  • Sentinels can use the Adept powers of Throw and Warp.
  • The Sentinel class has exclusive access to Lift Grenades which lifts enemies into the air making them defenceless and easy targets.
  • As a Sentinel you will be able to use the Engineer power Overload. You will also be able to use Cryo Blast to freeze enemies in place.
  • An exclusive Sentinel power is Tech Armor. This power temporary boosts your shields. This will allow you to rush and kill enemies whilst taking very little damage. When the Tech Armor is destroyed it releases a shock wave that will knock down or stagger enemies in the vicinity. This allows you to get in close to shoot multiple enemies. When the armor is destroyed the shock wave gives you time to get back behind cover.

Should You be a Sentinel?

Sentinels are a great mix between Engineers and Adepts. Being a Sentinel allows you to offset some of the negatives of being an Engineer by giving you a better shield and more offensive powers. If you want to be able to strip enemies of their shields from afar and then run in with your almost impenetrable shields to blast unprotected enemies away, then the Sentinel is the class for you.

Infiltrator class
Infiltrator class

Infiltrator Class

Infiltrator is a mix between a Soldier and an Engineer. Infiltrators are hidden killers, like assassins. They are versatile and are good at lurking in the shadows and surprising enemies but they can also kill enemies from afar. They are quick and efficient. They are also particularly handy with sniper rifles as time temporarily slows down when they zoom in. This allows them to pull off near perfect shots every time.

What Can an Infiltrator Do?

  • Infiltrators can use the Soldiers Cryo Ammo to freeze enemies and damage their armor, or the Disruptor Ammo to cause extra damage to shields and synthetic enemies (robots.) Infiltrators can also use the Engineer powers of Incinerate and the Sabotage power.
  • Infiltrators can exclusively use sticky grenades which stick to targets causing the most damage of any grenade, but in a smaller radius.
  • Infiltrators also have the exclusive Tactical Cloak power which makes him invisible to all enemies. When the Tactical Cloak is active the Infiltrator does extra damage to enemies. Using a weapon whilst Tactical Cloak is active does deactivate the power. However, you can use Sticky Grenades whilst Tactical Cloak is active without being revealed.

Should You Be an Infiltrator?

If you like to play games with assassin type powers then being an Infiltrator will be most enjoyable. The class offers fun gameplay and is one of the more popular classes of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 Classes

Hopefully, by now you can see there is no overall best class. However, I can't tell you which one is best for you but hopefully after reading about the different types of classes you will have a better understanding of which one you would be best suited to.

Overall if you prefer shoot em up games then be a Soldier. If you love Star Wars and the Jedi powers then be an Adept. If you prefer to leave your enemies defenseless and like to play pranks then be an Engineer. If you want to be an elite fighter and have a mix of Soldier and Adept powers then Vanguard might be best for you. On the other hand, if you like playing as an Engineer but want to be more involved in offensive maneuvers then the Sentinel class would be a better fit. Last, but certainly not least, if you are sneaky and like to play assassin or spy games then you will love to play as an Infiltrator.

Try playing the game as different classes and you might be surprised at which class is your favorite.

What's Your Favorite Mass Effect 3 Class?

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    • profile image

      Terry Jones 6 months ago

      If i could choose 3 I would choose 1 soldier 2 vanguard and 3 adept

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      I'm definitely a Soldier/Vanguard style player.

    • profile image

      Sirrunalot 3 years ago

      Vanguard: Upgrade Biotic Charge to restore barriers plus 50% (So every time you use it, it restores barriers to full)

      Upgrade Nova to recharge skills faster by 25%

      Infinite nova.

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 3 years ago from Australia

      I always tell myself that I won't play as a Soldier this time when I load up Mass Effect 3 and I always do, lol.

    • profile image

      Matthew 4 years ago

      Have to say, I am at a cross between Vanguard and Infiltrator. I've beaten ME2 Seven times, but 6 have been Vanguard, 1 Infiltrator, but ME3 Twice, One Vanguard and one Infiltrator. Vanguard got a huge buff this game with the addition of Nova but Infiltrators are still on par with a mix of Sabotage and Tactical Cloak.

      In ME3, paired on my newest play through with Kaidan and Liara (Reave Bonus Power) you can set up countless Biotic explosions its not funny but still mow down the rest with a selected Shotgun/Rifle. However with the new Firefight pack that just came out, the Infiltrator got two new toys with the Reegar Carbine (Overpowered) and the Krysae Sniper (Even more Overpowered), plus the overall feeling of that Assassin aspect is awesome.

      I would have to say though, on insanity Vanguard makes it seem like Casual.

      Seriously majority of my missions go like this:

      See a lot of enemies? I reave, Liara warps, causing an explosion, tell Kaidan to Reave something else (With the Duration spec) Charge in and Nova and they're all dead. Even on insanity.

      Reave+Warp+another Reave+Charge All day. Not to mention if I take Javik with me it is more like:

      Dark Channel+Charge (Dead) Channel moves to something else, Liara Warp, Dead. Moves to something else, Charge, Dead. And so on and so forth. Insanity was much harder in ME2.

      Either way, both are my favourite classes.

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