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"Mass Effect: Andromeda": A Beginner's Guide to Beating Platinum APEX Missions Quickly and Easily

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

Platinum APEX missions can be quite daunting, but you can beat them easily.

Platinum APEX missions can be quite daunting, but you can beat them easily.

Just recently I got back into playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, specifically focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game which is the APEX missions. To my dismay, the player base is still marching into platinum missions like they are going to be easy, and I find myself having to essentially play healer for the entire team every match. With this easy-to-read and follow guide I hope to show everyone how to beat platinum missions the easy way.

In order to make platinum-difficulty missions easy, we must first start out with the proper character choices for our team.

Unarguably, the best class for beginners trying out platinum difficulty missions is the Angaran Avenger class.

Unarguably, the best class for beginners trying out platinum difficulty missions is the Angaran Avenger class.

The Best Class for Platinum: Angaran Avenger

When choosing the best character class for platinum APEX missions, you need to take into account the type of tactics that play out best on this top-tier difficulty. Going into platinum for the first time is going to teach you the tough lesson that platinum difficulty is exponentially harder than the next difficulty down. Hiding in the corner and funneling the enemy to you and your team, depending purely on damage output just won't work out for you on platinum.

Thus we must resort to guerilla tactics, and we have to choose a class that fits the role of a guerilla fighter to a T. Though there are a few different classes that could suit your needs for guerilla warfare, such as the Turian Infiltrator, we want to go with that all-around perfect class. The all-around perfect class for platinum APEX missions is the Angaran Avenger.

When it comes to guerilla warfare, the Angaran Avenger is the man you want pushing your team to victory. His skillset is not only unmatchable in hit-and-run tactics, but also in hammering out damage without putting your team at risk. However, you have to know how to place your skills to get the most out of this class.

The Best Skills for Platinum: How and When to Level Them

It isn't enough to know that the Angaran Avenger is the best class for platinum APEX missions, you must also take every precaution to level your character and place your skill upgrades in the right order. I've already listed the skill upgrades in order, and properly upgraded as pictured above. However, here is a breakdown for you in the order in which you should upgrade them, and the reasons why it is crucial to do so:

  1. Avenger Strike: The avenger strike needs to be leveled first because it will be what keeps you, and your entire team standing. Though not as important as the stealth grid, it is the necessary fuel for your stealth grid's power cell count. Drain your enemy to low health, use avenger strike to kill them, and dash away knowing you've landed yourself another power cell without visiting an ammo box. This power is best used on basic red-health enemies.
  2. Stealth Grid: Though other classes have amazing tactical cloaks to help you evade enemies, this skill allows your entire team to go invisible and ups your damage output. With an entire team of Angara Avengers leveled like this, platinum missions become so easy you may as well call it cheating. Once you master Avenger Strike you'll never have to use this skill sparingly again; a master of this class can keep the entire team cloaked for most of seven rounds.
  3. Bioelectric Defense: The most important facet of this skill is supporting your melee abilities, especially the Avenger Strike. Zipping in and out of enemy lines with your stealth grid, this skill will allow you to build up melee damage buffs. One-hitting every red-health enemy and severely reducing armored/shielded enemies' defenses with one hit comes in handy during those clinch moments.
  4. Weapons Training: Though not as necessary as your other skills, this will buff out every single facet of your class if upgraded as pictured above. Increasing your power cell count is crucial, and this skill offers just that and with a little sugar on top for your pleasure. Hit harder, strike faster, and do it all more consistently because that's what platinum difficulty demands of you.
  5. Sticky Grenade: Arguably the most useless skill on the Angaran Avenger, this skill is best used on shielded targets. The Angaran Avenger doesn't really have any other buff against shields, so make this your go-to in a situation where you're facing Pariahs or Sharpshooters. Of course, a big bang always comes in handy when you want to offset a tank charge, so how you use this skill really depends on you.

The only skill not mentioned here is the veteran skill for the Angaran Avenger, but it is a skill that will be invaluable to your entire team while playing on platinum difficulty. His veteran skill buffs power cooldown times, and at its highest level will see you and your team breezing through platinum missions without a care in the world. Of course, this is assuming you and your team know how to work together, and to utilize the Angaran Avenger class to its fullest potential.

Proper Tactics and Strategy for Making Platinum Difficulty Easy

To close out this guide for making platinum APEX missions easier, I have a few pieces of advice that you should find invaluable. After hours of playing, hundreds of APEX missions completed, I have the formula for a smooth ride through any platinum mission you join or create. This advice is as follows:

  1. Find your cheat spots!: As pictured above, you need to find spots that will allow you to not only funnel the enemies toward you, but to also screw up their pathing and let you shoot them through walls. These areas are always cover with offset heights (one tall, one short) with spaces between the two. Preferably you want a wall behind you, as well, so the enemies can't bum-rush you.
  2. No cheat spots? Take the high-ground!: If you can't find yourself a nice cheat spot to post up in for a hot minute, you need to ensure you take the high ground! As Anakin Skywalker learned, you can't win if your enemy holds the high ground. Don't let those pesky enemies get above you, always remain the one on top.
  3. Move, move, move! Figure-eight!: Thinking of every map like a figure eight will really help you in your endeavor to make platinum missions easy-to-beat. Start at the high-ground and move in a figure-eight pattern. If you get bum-rushed, drop down from your high spot and move across the map through the middle in a figure-eight motion; this throws off the enemy pathing and allows you time to recuperate.
  4. Master the Angaran Avenger!: If you manage to master the skillset of the Angaran Avenger, you'll never need a team again. You'll be able to solo platinum missions all day and all night, if you so choose. It is the only class who can truly handle those hack, device, and data waves on their own without a real sweat.
  5. Join a community of dedicated players!: The multiplayer community for Mass Effect: Andromeda is large and active, and platinum missions get easier the more skilled players you have on your side. A team of four Angaran Avengers, all controlled by skilled players, can beat platinum missions in as little as fifteen minutes. A skilled team is invaluable for saving yourself time, and farming those APEX points as fast as possible.

If you follow this guide to a T, and muster up the patience to do what it takes to master the tactics herein, you'll be farming platinum missions as if they were bronze-tier. When I have the time, I use the information in this guide to farm platinum APEX missions, and I am able to buy about seven ultimate packs per day. If only I had more time to play I would boost those numbers up even higher, because platinum missions really can be easy-to-beat.

Good luck out there, APEX.