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"Mass Effect Andromeda" Build Guide: Adept Profile

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This article will provide guidance on building an Adept profile in "Mass Effect Andromeda."

This article will provide guidance on building an Adept profile in "Mass Effect Andromeda."

Mass Effect Andromeda is a big game with a whole lot going on. It’s complex enough without having to worry about how you’re going to build your character. Sometimes you just need a little help with that.

These guides are intended to give new players—or veterans looking to try something different—a helping hand when it comes to knitting out a new profile for their Ryder. They go over the basic strengths and weaknesses of the class and provide a few sample builds, including what upgrades to take at ranks four, five and six. Along with this are other bits and pieces of information, such as recommended party members to take along to complement the playstyle, as well as some weapons to consider.

As always, these guides are not intended to be the “perfect,” most over-powered thing you can do with any of Mass Effect Andromeda’s classes. Instead they’re intended as a helpful guide and stepping stone which you can tweak and customise to your own preferred playstyle and, hopefully, they make playing the game more fun. Needless to say, if you have any improvements or suggestions of your own, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. That way, we can all benefit from any new strategies you have discovered.

Adept Profile

The Adept profile is the “pure” biotic class in the sense that it’s focused solely on using biotic skills in order to combo them. In Mass Effect Andromeda, the biotic skill list is the most linear skill list when compared to combat and tech. By that I mean that what works for a biotic tends to only make those skills better; it’s a linear playstyle that tends to not play as well with the other available skill trees.

Whilst this does force players to get a little creative when it comes to the biotic-related multi-classes such as the Sentinel and Vanguard, it also makes the Adept arguably one of the easiest profiles to build well. Take biotic skills, take skills that improve biotic skills, and make sure there’s plenty of priming/detonator combos. Provided the class can do that, odds are, whatever you decide to take, the class will do its job.

In combat terms, the biotic works a little like the Engineer; sacrificing combat potential for better powers and the ability to abuse them. More than perhaps any other class, the Adept is heavily dependent on fast cooldowns. Provided it has this however, the class has an easy time in a variety of situations, and is well prepared for either singular strong enemies, or a horde of weaker ones. No class has crowd control quite like a well-equipped Adept.

Build 1: Psycho Crusher

Ability 1: Pull – (Radius/Expose/Anti-Shields)
Ability 2: Throw – (Damage and Force/Recharge Speed/Swift Detonation)
Ability 3: Shockwave – (Damage and Force/Recharge Speed/Lifting Shockwave)

Passive Ability 1: Offensive Biotics – (Recharge Speed/Detonation/Biotic Expert)
Passive Ability 2: Containment – (Radius/Shield Detonation/Event Horizon)
Passive Ability 3: Pistols – (Weight/Clip Size/Unassisted Targeting)

  • Equalizer Remnant SMG
  • Sidewinder Exile Handgun
  • Biotic Amp
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  • Drax
  • Liam

This build is a typical Adept build that seeks to score most of its damage from getting biotic combos with Pull and Throw. Shockwave acts as a nice complementary option for also setting up combos as well as getting the heat off of you should you find yourself overwhelmed.

An SMG of some kind, especially the Equalizer SMG, makes for a great main weapon for this class. The biggest problem for the Adept is getting through shields and armor that will otherwise nullify all those cool combos. Free-aiming with the SMG is preferable with this particular build, the goal here isn’t to kill the enemy with your guns, but instead simply rip away their shields as soon as possible. Remember, enemies with either form of protection can’t be effected by the “lifting” effects of many of the biotic skills

This is also why Drax and Liam make good partners for an Adept. Drax provides Incinerate for armor, as well as being a beefy tank, whilst Liam comes packing Overload. Between them, you have the perfect set of skills to complement your Adept.

Build 2: Area Control

Ability 1: Singularity – (Radius/Anti-Shield/Expanding Singularity)
Ability 2: Shockwave – (Radius/Reach/Lifting Shockwave)
Ability 3: Throw – (Radius/Duration/Double Throw)

Passive Ability 1: Offensive Biotics – (Amplitude/Exploitation/Biotic Expert)
Passive Ability 2: Containment – (Duration/Shield Detonation/Manifold Duration)
Passive Ability 3: Pistols – (Weight/Clip Size/Unassisted Targeting)

  • Equalizer Remnant SMG/N7 Hurricane SMG
  • Sidewinder Exile Handgun
  • Biotic Amp
  • Drax
  • Liam

This build is somewhat similar to the previous build but instead focuses on making the most out of Singularity. Singularity has always been a hallmark move for the Adept throughout the Mass Effect series and it’s no different in this game. To complement Singularity are Shockwave and Throw, both of which have been upgraded in a way to maximize their coverage and ensure they hit as many enemies as possible.

Again, shields and armor are your bane, so an SMG is the best remedy for taking out those pesky shields. This set-up can lack the oomph that the previous Adept build has, so packing an N7 Hurricane SMG or similar weapon that carries a bit more firepower is a worthwhile option to consider.

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