Mass Effect Andromeda Build Guide - Engineer Profile

Updated on April 7, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda is a big game with a whole lot going on. It’s complex enough without worrying how you’re going to be build your character. Sometimes you just need a little help with that.

These guides are intended to give new players, or veterans looking to try something different, a helping hand when it comes to kitting out a new profile for their Ryder. They go over the basic strengths and weaknesses of the class, a few sample builds, including what upgrades to take at ranks four, five and six. Along with this are other bits and pieces of information such as recommended party members to take along to compliment the playstyle, as well as some weapons to consider.

As always, these guides are not intended to be the “perfect” most over-powered thing you can do with any of Mass Effect Andromeda’s classes. Instead they’re intended as a helpful guide and stepping stone which you can tweak and customise to your own preferred playstyle, and, hopefully, they make playing the game more fun.Needless to say if you have any improvements or suggestions of your own don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. That way, we can all benefit from any new strategies you have discovered.

Engineer Profile

The Engineer is for powers what the Soldier is for guns. More than the other skill trees, the Engineer has access to a bevy of anti-shield and anti-armor options including Overload, Incinerate, Flamethrower and Energy Drain.

Better yet, it also has access to two different tech constructs in the form of the Assault Turret and the Remnant VI. The Engineer class is the best class to abuse these abilities considering it’s the only tech-oriented class to gain bonuses to tech constructs.

The big catch here is that all of this versatility comes at the cost of damage output and staying power. The Engineer does not like to be shot at. Taking damage will cause the friendly drone that hovers beside you to explode, negating the cooldown bonuses that come with the class for a short while. Likewise, given the focus on spiffy powers with fast cooldowns, you’re going want lighter weapons like pistols and SMGs, which means the raw damage output of the class is behind that of many of the other profiles.

Build 1 - Say Hello To My Little Friends

Ability 1 – Assault Turret (Durability/Omni-Link/Cryo Ammo)
Ability 2 – Remnant VI (Expedited Recovery/Close Combat/Electric Beam)
Ability 3 – Energy Drain (Effectiveness/Auxiliary Drain/Team Drain)

Passive Ability 1 – Team Support (Squad Offense/Team Recovery/Defense Grid)
Passive Ability 2 – Offensive Tech (Anti-Shield/Anti-Synthetic/Technical Rounds)
Passive Ability 3 – Pistols (Spare Ammo/Reload/Augmented Targeting Assistance)
Passive Ability 3 – Sniper Rifles (Weight/Reload/Damage and Force)

Recommended Weapons

- Sidewinder Exile Handgun
- Equalizer Remnant SMG
- Black Widow Sniper Rifle

Recommended Party

- Drax
- Vetra

This build goes all in on the tech constructs in order to get the most out of them. Both the Assault Turret and Remnant VI can act as combo primers when fully upgraded, allowing you to zip around behind them and detonate with Energy Drain. The big focus here is on getting your Assault Turret set up in a good position and staying near it in order to get that Omni-Link bonus.

You can afford to take some heavier equipment with this build, both the Assault Turret and Remnant VI are skills that don’t require fast cooldowns, since they should be up for most of an encounter if they’re deployed properly. Furthermore, with all the cooldown buffs that the Engineer gets, Energy Drain should be ready whenever you need it, even if you’re packing some bigger guns with you.

If there’s one catch with this build it’s that the Remnant VI’s AI doesn’t seem too bright. During my testing I frequently found it would stick to certain spots or wouldn’t always follow me even when it should. The best solution is to try and deploy closer to the thick of the action. Even if it doesn’t always obey you, at least it’ll have something to shoot at.

Build 2 - Fire & Thunder

Ability 1 – Overload (Damage/Charge/Max Charge)
Ability 2 – Incinerate (Radius/Anti-Armor/Double Incinerate)
Ability 3 – Invasion (Outbreak/Epidemic/Sabotage)

Passive Ability 1 – Offensive Tech (Anti-Shield/Detonators/Technical Rounds)
Passive Ability 2 – Auxiliary Systems (Priming/Impact Duration/Omni-Vents)
Passive Ability 3 – Pistols (Weight/Reload/Augmented Targeting Assistance)

Recommended Weapons

- N7 Hurricane SMG
- Sidewinder Exile Pistol

Recommended Party

This build ignores the tech constructs in favour abusing the Engineers great abilities. Overload and Incinerate are a terrific combo; Incinerate primes the enemy and weakens armor, whilst Overload detonates enemies and hits shields. By focusing on the area-of-effect upgrades of both abilities, this build is very good at sweeping through swarms of weaker enemies, along with stronger ones that rely on a layer of protection. Swarm rounds out the loadout by giving you access to another wide ranging debuff that the whole party can take advantage of.

This is a surprisingly balanced build for a solo class. Overload and Incinerate are by far two of the best abilities in the game, and dipping into combat for some pistol upgrades allows the Engineer to pack just enough punch in the middle of combat. As always, don’t get too close to the enemy as an Engineer; you can’t take too much damage, and worst of all, you’ll temporarily lose access to that sweet cooldown bonus that the AI drone provides.

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