Metal Slime Hunting in Dragon Quest IV

Updated on June 28, 2016


If you've reached this hub, then you're most likely looking for the best way to get experience in Dragon Quest IV! :)

Well, it's pretty simple actually: Just kill Metal Slimes.

You've probably seen these cute little critters at least once, since, at the least, the weakest variety (called Metal Slime) seems to be all over the world map. However, you've probably only been able to kill them with luck. Well, I can't completely remove the luck factor, but I can minimize it. ;)

I find that in this game you won't need to Metal Slime hunt until you're about to face Psaro, as it's quite possible to reach Heaven's Haven at around level 30 (and subsequently beat the barrier bosses around that same level as well).

Anyway, Metal Slimes have several properties that make them incredibly annoying, but at the same time extremely coveted:

  • They have a 50% flee chance. King Metal Slimes can attack twice, so according to math, those have a 75% flee chance (50% * 50% chance of NOT fleeing, which is 25%).
  • They have insane agility (possibly as much as the maximum possible of 255). This allows them to go first and flee right in your face before you can so much as raise a finger.
  • They are immune to spells and take one point of damage from physical attacks, when said attacks don't miss.
  • However, they give an incredible amount of experience as well.
  • Metal Slimes give about 1000 experience.
  • Liquid Metal Slimes give 10050 experience.
  • King Metal Slimes give around 30000 experience.
  • In addition, King Metal Slimes have an extremely rare item that can be stolen by Torneko if you use him in your party.

With all that being said: Let me stop blabbering and let me start giving advice! ;)

Metal Slime Plushies

Plushies of the Metal Slimes found in many of the games of the Dragon Quest series. Don't you just want one now? :P
Plushies of the Metal Slimes found in many of the games of the Dragon Quest series. Don't you just want one now? :P

General Party Setup

In this part of my article, I'll give my preferred party setup for Metal Slime Hunting.

  • The Hero, equipped with the Liquid Metal Sword. The Liquid Metal Sword may not have the most impressive damage in the game, but it does 2 damage a hit against Metal Slimes.
  • Alena, equipped with whatever weapon she desires (Iron Claws usually) and holding the Sands of Time. The Sands of Time are what reduce the luck factor of Metal Slime hunting. Also, equip her with the Meteorite Bracer so her agility is doubled. If she has a base agility of 255 already, then give the Bracer to the Hero.
  • Alena is important because she has the highest critical hit rate in the game (Luck = chance of critical hits; Alena has the most Luck of any character in the game)
  • Borya and Maya, both equipped with Poison Needles. Bad news, they only do 1 point of damage. Good news, the attack never misses and has a small chance of being deadly (instant kill!).

Now, we need to find a location to actually kill these critters, don't we?

First, a primer on each variety of Metal Slime.

Types of Metal Slime

This is a brief primer on varieties of Metal Slimes:

Metal Slime

The garden variety of Metal Slime, for which the whole subcategory of monsters is named. It has 3 HP, but all the nasty immunities and resistances of its stronger cousins. It only has a weak physical attack, but has a 50% chance of fleeing on any given action. They give roughly 1000 experience on defeat.

Liquid Metal Slime

A step up from normal Metal Slimes. It has 4 HP, and can cast Sizz to little effect (about 10 damage to each party member). Like Metal Slimes, it has a 50% chance of fleeing on any given action. They give 10050 experience on defeat.

King Metal Slime

The strongest of all Metal Slimes. In contrast to future versions of this game, it doesn't have any more HP than its lesser cousins (staying at 4 HP). However, it can attack twice, which gives it a 75% chance to flee on any turn. They give a whopping 30150 experience on defeat.

Rumors speak of an even stronger variety of Metal Slime that gives 65535 experience on defeat. However, it can only be found near Pinnacle Chapel on Chapter 6, and I've yet to encounter one, so you won't hear me mention them further in this article.

Location, Location, Location, Battle!

My favored Metal Slime hunting location is the tower you come out of that leads to Heaven's Haven. The very first (or should I say last?) floor of the tower when you enter has a decent rate of Metal Slime encounters. I have seen two different encounters that involve Metal Slimes:

  • You may find a group of 3 Liquid Metal Slimes. This is a risky encounter since they could all flee, ending the battle and preventing you from using the Sands of Time to reset the battle.
  • 1 Metal Slime King, 3 Liquid Metal Slimes and 4 Slimes (yes, the generic type, all the way near Heaven's Haven; don't ask how a 3 HP, 1 experience monster made it all the way there. :P) This is the preferred encounter for Metal Slime hunting. You're gunning for a King kill, but killing at least one Liquid Metal Slime is a decent result, so don't use the Sands of Time if at least one Metal Slime is defeated.

So now, let's assume you encounter setup #2. The strategy is deceptively simple:

  • Hero attacks King Metal Slime with Liquid Metal Sword.
  • Alena attacks King Metal Slime with Iron Claws.
  • Borya and Maya attack King Metal Slime with Poison Needles.

Worst-case scenario is that the four metal slimes flee right then and there, but with Alena's agility you will get at least one attack off. if you're lucky, it'll critical one of them, wiping it out instantly (criticals ignore defense). if you don't manage to kill any of the metal slimes, on your next turn have Alena use the Sands of Time, resetting the battle, so you can try again.

In Conclusion

Well, that's about all for this subject. I hope that this strategy and setup help you defeat Metal Slimes with a greater success rate. The extra experience is a suitable reward for your efforts. ;)

If anyone knows where that elusive 6th Chapter metal slime is found, then feel free to contact me, or write it up in the comments area.

Good luck with your Metal Slime Hunting!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Also, once you beat that level 14 grotto, you shloud get an even higher level one.BTW, I just beat a level 47 grotto -- the one with the Darkonium Slimes! I beat one of the Darkonium Slimes, too. Woo hoo! Oh, and beating the boss netted me a level 58 treasure map. Gulp!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Well, the good news is that you definitely don't have to spend 80+ hours or win 2000+ blattes to beat the final boss. I just spent a lot of time grinding and conquering grottoes before I tackled him.Oh, and by that time, he wasn't all that hard, IMO. In fact, the bosses I've fought (and lost to) at the end of some of the mid-level grottoes (lvl. 40-ish grottoes) were harder...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      And yeah, there you face about 2- 8 slimes when you face them, leaving you grinding hot cakes

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yeah i don't know, the best place for facing metal slimes fast is the dungeon where you get the mod rod (ship south to the edge under endor). i don't know the name but go to the floor furthest down (fast as hell btw) and there the encounter rate is ridicolous, i have faced many a slime and there is no need to worry if they flee, they show up every 2-4 battle, and with the characters at high levels, the normal mobs is nothing but air

    • profile image

      Lord of the Sword 

      8 years ago

      LOOK AT THE TITLE OF THIS HUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • profile image


      8 years ago

      is that in dq9?

    • Winterfate profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Perez 

      9 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Hiya chicka! Well, to be quite honest, it's been a long while since I played the game myself, so I had to look it up:

      As quoted, word for word, from

      I claim no ownership of this FAQ: This was written by snkupo.

      Now, let's do the only real sidequest in Dragon Quest IV. Going through with it will reward you with one heck of a sword, so please read on! Sail over to the westmost

      island on the world map. There's only one town on this island, it's named "Dunplundrin".Enter town during night, and have a look at the ocean at the beach. You'll see a circle in the water. It's flashing, and there's... no water there! Remember the exact location of this spot, then sleep at the inn and wait for daytime.

      During day, walk to the spot you saw last night, and EXAMINE the ground there.

      You'll find the [KARSTAWAY STONE]. It'll come in handy later when we need to enter a certain dungeon. But right now, you should just keep it in your inventory. While still being in Dunplundrin, jump down into the town well to find [MINI MEDAL #27] and [FISHNET STOCKINGS], then enter the house in the northwestern part of the village for a brown, gooey and dusty [LEATHER HAT].


      Take a look at the world map. See that huge, red "X" in the southeastern end?

      Straight north (but quite far away) of that X, on the big, central-eastern continent, there is a small, red dot. That's a cave I haven't talked about in this walkthrough this far. Enter that cave, and head as far north as you can.

      You'll see a set of stairs leading down into the water. You can't walk through the water though, so you'll have to USE your Karstaway Stone -- the one you

      found in Dunplundrin Village. So, head down those stairs now, since the stone will suck up all the water that prevented you from entering earlier.

      In the next room there is a chest and a gate. The chest contains the unique [SANDS OF TIME], so take it, and go through the gate, then head down the stairs on the other side. You'll arrive in an area where you're walking on a

      path elevated above lots and lots of water. Go northwest from the beginning to find a chest with [MINI MEDAL #28] inside. Now walk northwest from this chest,

      and follow the path until you find another stairway leading downwards. Now, from the beginning of this floor, head straight south to find a chest. There's

      a rare [DEATH MASK] inside! Head back to the stairs, and head east this time.

      Go south the next time the path splits to find [780 COINS]. Continue following the path east from the coin chest. When the path splits yet again, take the

      eastmost path, and you'll end up at a new stairway. Go down to the next floor.

      This is the lowest point of the dungeon, and there's no labyrinth or anything here -- just a treasure chest on an altar. Open it to get one of the best

      weapons in the game: the super-hyper-mega-awesome [LIQUID METAL SWORD]! Let your Hero equip it, and wooh, you've got exactly what you came here for.

      ---As written by snkupo at

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      where do i get liquid metal slime sword

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The metal slime in Chapter 6 near Pinnacle Chapel is the Platinum King Jewel. They have around 10HP and do decent damage with spells, but only go once per turn and if they don't run first round, they always seem to stick around.

      My best bet is giving fully Pandemonic gear'd Psaro the Meteorite Bracer and attempting Hatchet Man.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks !!!


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