Metal Slime Hunting in Dragon Quest IX

Updated on June 30, 2016


Welcome to yet another hub I've written up related to Dragon Quest IX. This one is going to talk about metal slime hunting. You may or may not recall my earlier article related to this topic, which talked about the subject in the fourth version of Dragon Quest.

Well, this is one is going to be a bit more extensive, due to the fact that there's more types of Metal Slimes, and more ways to defeat them as well.

If you're ready to learn all about this subject, read on!

Tier 1

The first tier of the Metal Slime family is made up of:

Metal Slimes (3-4 HP) and Metal Medleys (5-6 HP)

To beat Metal Slimes of the first tier, your party should be equipped with the following:

  • One character, preferably two, with Metal Slash.
  • Optionally, a character with Acceleratle.
  • Any other characters should have Poison Needles equipped if they have the ability to do so (requires 100 Knife skill or a vocation that can equip knives).

Metal Slash is an ability of the Sword skill tree that costs no MP and does 1-2 damage against members of the Metal Slime family. If you have two characters with this ability, then Metal Slimes will take from 2-4 guaranteed damage a turn (plus your other characters attacking for an additional point). Poison Needles have a no miss attack that does 1 damage with a small chance of an instant kill. If you connect with the death blow, all the better, but all we need these characters for at the moment is supplementary damage. :)

The character with Acceleratle is cool to speed up your party members so they can attack the Metal Slimes before they attempt to flee.

Tier 2

The second tier of the Metal Slime family has one member:

Liquid Metal Slimes (7-8 HP)

I also could've called this Tier 1.5, since you can use Metal Slash here as well, but it requires more inventory prep:

  • Two characters (one is too slow now) with Falcon Blades and Metal Slash.
  • A character with Acceleratle is useful, but not completely necessary.

Falcon Blades are sold in Stornway after you beat the game. They have terrible attack, but allow the character equipped with one to attack twice in a round. This also counts for Metal Slash, so you can connect twice with it, doing 2-4 damage instead of 1-2. Two characters with Metal Slash will do 4-8, meaning that it should only take two turns to kill a Liquid Metal Slime. But, what if you still find that too slow? Or, what if you haven't beat the game yet? Let's try to make it one turn, shall we?

  • Equip a character with a spear or an axe. He/She must have Thunder Thrust (Spear) or Hatchet Man (Axe).

Thunder Thrust and Hatchet Man are what DQ players call affectionately 50/50 moves. That is, they have a 50% chance of landing a critical hit, and a 50% chance of missing, dealing no damage. You've probably noticed how low the chance of landing a normal critical is, so this is vastly preferable to crossing your fingers every time you attack normally. Remember that criticals ignore defense. Not even Metal Slimes are immune to this, so they'll die instantly if hit with one.

Tier 3

This final tier of the Metal Slime family contains the final two members of the Metal Slime, and the beefiest as well:

Metal King Slimes and Platinum King Jewels (> 8 HP)

For this tier, you WILL need:

  • One character, preferably two or three, with Thunder Thrust or Hatchet Man.
  • A character with Acceleratle.

At this point, the Metal Slimes you encounter give insane experience, but are nearly impossible to kill via the normal tactics you've been using for the lower tiers. You pretty much have to rely on critical hits here, hoping they don't miss or that the Metal Slimes in question don't run away in the meantime.

Metal Slime Hunt Locations

In this section of this hub, I'm going to list locations you can find the different types of Metal Slimes in, so you have a good idea of where to look. Keep in mind that the stronger types that give more experience are also more rare, so you may not see too many of them over a period of time.


  • Metal Slimes can be found in Quarantomb. You will be coming here in your quest to help out Coffinwell.
  • Metal Medleys can be found in the Bad Cave. Your quests in Bloomingdale will lead you here.
  • Liquid Metal Slimes are found, albeit rarely, in the Bowhole. You come here to find an item that will allow you to cross the Wormwood Canyon. They can be found in the second and third floors of the dungeon.
  • Metal King Slimes can be found, albeit even more rarely than Liquid Metal Slimes, in the Tower of Nod. This is post-game content that requires the ability to fly to be accessed.
  • Platinum King Jewels can only be found in high-level grottos, so start exploring!

As a general note, any Metal Slime family member can be found in a grotto, if the map allows for it. If you find a grotto with a member of the Metal Slime family, do make a note of it somewhere, so you have an easy place to hunt them (they tend to be more common in grottos than in the locations I mentioned above).

Also, once you reach the post-game and gain the ability to fly, there's a cave to the northeast of Angel Falls on top of a hill. This hill is called Slime Hill by Dragon Quest players as the members of that family are all that you will face there. You will find Metal Slimes, Metal Medleys and Liquid Metal Slimes there representing the Metal Slime family. Their rate of appearance is usually better than in the places I mention above.


That's about it for this hub! Feel free to comment on your preferred party setup for your Metal Slime hunting endeavors. ;)

Also, feel free to mention anything I may have missed in this article.

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


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      • profile image

        Lord of the Sword 5 years ago

        I don't know, but I belive near the top or at and above the level the gigantes is on.

      • profile image

        The rock 6 years ago

        I have beaten the game and I have been to the tower of nod, but what floor are metal king slimes on?

      • profile image

        Machiko 6 years ago

        your guides highly circumstancial your forgetting many important skills/weapons as well.

        claws have more then a few helpful moves

        as well as fans hign accuracy and high crit rate especially the higher teir ones.

        assasains dagger is good (if i'm getting the right item)

        and high power charas like glads can get past there uber defence .

        your even forgeting about the metal slime sword.

        no offense but it seems like you haven't played much post game.

      • profile image

        Lord of the Sword 6 years ago

        If we're talking about SH, we're in post-game, and most (if not all) of us know about the awesome, unholy power of the epic demon spear (can't BELIVE it's NOT CURSED for its awesome power).

      • profile image

        PerfectTommy 6 years ago


        Spear Multi-thrust with a Demon Spear results in the occasional insta-kill on all metal slimes.

      • profile image

        Emo minstrel 6 years ago

        my martial artist just became an omnivocational clawmaster thanks to slime hill. btw the move metalicker is good for large groups of slimes on slime hill. i got... wait for it... OVER 9000!!! experience points using that move. Remember, boomerangs are a must-have. THEY BRING GOOD EXPERIENCE!

      • profile image

        Aylia 7 years ago

        My favourite way to kill metal slime and other members of the family is the ability Have a Ball of Minstrel.

        Now if I could just get my other characters to have it...

        That makes so many hit in a row.;P

      • profile image

        Ninja Media 7 years ago

        awesome post

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        i have just recently found out that multithrust with spear ability also works on metal slime etc i got 8 damage on a metal king slime just by using multithrust with my priests using a spear and i can honestly say that when i use multithrust on metal slime family it never misses :)

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        just remember to add slime hill in this hubpage lol XD

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        lol ill leave you a few comments lol :) and i might check them links later o and i left you a comment or 2 on baramos :)

      • Winterfate profile image

        Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

        A) They're articles. :P

        DQForums is a forum. actually has a forum at:

        But, I rarely post in it.

        B) I have quite a few DQIX articles; check my profile:


        And with that, I'm logging out of hubpages for a while. I'll see what you commented later(ish). :P

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        hey dude what other dragon quest ix forums you got? want me to check for anymore mistakes etc lol XD

      • profile image

        Deragdoom 7 years ago

        lol and yer it is murdaw map im leveling my baramos to try and get it :)

      • Winterfate profile image

        Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

        Not much. :P

        You've been a great help so far, and you'd be more of one if only I started leveling up my Baramos as maybe I can get that darned Murdaw map from him (at least I think it's Murdaw; aka. Mudou in earlier translations). :P

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        hahaha what would you do without me hey lol XD

      • Winterfate profile image

        Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

        OMG, I didn't mention Slime Hill! *facepalm*

        Thanks! I'll fix that right away! :D

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        o and slime hill is the area north east of angel falls for people that dont know and there is 2 quest that you get from inside the cave up there quest 055 and quest 142

      • profile image

        Deargdoom 7 years ago

        hey winterfate found another of your sites it seems lol but there is one thing i have noticed you have missed and that's that metal slimes and liquid metal slimes can be found at what is known as slime hill by most people post of the game only reachable by starflight express and on the odd fight there you can find metal medleys to :0

      • Winterfate profile image

        Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

        Oh, most definitely! I can't wait for DQ X, which is going to be released on the Wii, according to the rumor mill. :)

        Multi-Thrust is one heck of a boss killer, although my resident spear user is also my tank so she rarely gets to use it in boss fights. :D

        Thank you for the comment! :D

      • GamerAinion profile image

        GamerAinion 7 years ago from Miami, FL

        Nicely organized guide. One thing I have to hand to the DQ series, even though they re-hash weapons, monsters, items and sometimes characters. It still feels like a fresh game each release.

        Metal slimes are great for level grinding(if your lucky enough) but in all games, skill practically designed to help with metal slimes tend to be useless against everything else...With the exception of multi-thrust :3