"Might & Magic X: Legacy" Guide

Updated on April 9, 2020
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"Might & Magic X: Legacy"
"Might & Magic X: Legacy"

Might & Magic X: Legacy is a wonderful homage to the classic Might & Magic series that helped define the role-playing genre in PC gaming. Like the previous games in the series, you get to select and build your own ideal party from a choice of four races and twelve races. If you are a fan of the series and love a touch of retro gaming, you are in for a treat. This guide will cover tons of useful information on the game. As this guide is not intended to be a Might & Magic X: Legacy walkthrough, so spoilers will be kept to a minimum.

The Bestiary

The Bestiary is like the Pokédex of Might & Magic X: Legacy. It provides comprehensive information on all of the monsters you have defeated thus far in your adventure. It can prove to be a useful tool as it details information such as the enemies' skills, elemental resistance and weaknesses.


Liquid Barrels

There are two types of liquids contained in destructible barrels that you will come across while adventuring in the world. The "Pulsing" liquid types grants a 1% resistance against a certain school of magic and the normal colored liquid grants a +1 stat bonus. The bonuses are permanent and do not wear off, so do choose wisely which party member will get the boost.

School of Magic
Pulsing Red Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing Blue Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing Purple Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing Yellow Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing Green Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing Black Liquid
+1% Resistance
Pulsing White Liquid
+1% Resistance
"Pulsing" Liquid – Grants Elemental Resistance
Dark Red Liquid
Dark Blue Liquid
Purple Liquid
Destiny (Luck)
White Liquid
"Normal" Liquid – Grants Stat Bonus

Crystal Shrines

Crystal Shrines can be seen by the adventurer from a distance due to their glittering outlook. These shrines grant temporary elemental resistance to a certain school of magic, depending on the color.

Crystal Color
School of Magic
+10% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
+20% Resistance
Crystal Shrines – Grants Temporary Elemental Resistance

Statues of Asha

There are three different statues in the world—the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. The Maiden and Mother statues grants a buff and the Crone statue dispels any status ailments afflicted on party members.

Increase all Stats, Melee and Ranged attack by 10
Increase Destiny by 10
Dispels all status ailments


Fountains are scattered around the Agyn Peninsula and can restore the entire party's HP and MP to full. However, the drawback is that they can only be used once per day.

Dragon Altars

The Dragon Altars in Might & Magic X: Legacy are also known as Obelisks in the previous games. The Heroes of Might & Magic games also had Obelisks which will reveal fragments of a map leading to a treasure. There are a total of seven (rumored to be an eighth) scattered throughout the world and reveals a clue each time you activate an altar. The quest to "The Secret of the Obelisks" starts as soon as you activate an altar (doesn't matter which). These pieces of clues will form directions to a powerful piece of treasure hidden somewhere on the Agyn Peninsula.

Dragon Altar #
Desolate Wilds, South West
22, 19
Desolate Wilds, South
52, 19
Ashen Hills, West of Castle Portmeyron
92, 60
Ashen Hills, South East of Castle Portmeyron
127, 50
Dubra Scrabland, South
92, 22
Minho Marches, Temple of Ylath
32, 56
Wyslin Jungle, Pao Kai Nest
22, 83

Riddle Chests

These chests are scattered around the world of Aryn and require the player to solve a riddle before it can be opened. The solution is simply a single word answer. *Spoilers* ahead, so do not read ahead if you wish to solve the riddles yourself.

"History is told, forgotten, and can be told again.
What is put on parchment never remains unchanged.
Always truth can be washed away and rewritten,
But the spectre of past words seldom completely fades."
Answer: palimpsest

"What runs smoother than any rhyme,
Loves to fall but cannot climb."
Answer: water

"This engulfing thing is strange indeed.
The greater it grows, the less you see."
Answer: darkness

"Completely round is fairly rare.
Bright and shiny when I'm there.
When I'm not, they call me new.
But I'm old.
Older than you."
Answer: moon

"What is not enough for one,
Just right for two,
Too Much for three?"
Answer: secret

"Might & Magic X: Legacy" Walkthrough


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Its not "Magic" (The gathering), that's a card game ^^ It's Might and Magic, a super old school pc game, with MMX Legacy being the latest installment

    • ravenrage07 profile image

      John Fox 

      6 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Great article! Always wanted to learn how to play magic. I hear about it all the time!


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