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"Minecraft Dungeons": How to Make a Tank Build for Beginners

Copyright Mojang Studios

Copyright Mojang Studios

How to Make a Tank Build for Beginners

I heard a lot of complaints that it’s difficult to play as a tank or any melee-based character in Minecraft Dungeons. While those complaints are true, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Proper character building is needed to survive multiple hits from a group of enemies. In this article, I’m about to provide a list of items and enchantments for those who are planning to play the more difficult role of tanking.

Armor Stat Choices

  • Health – This is the first factor to consider when it comes to tanking. For very obvious reasons, your character will die when its health drops to zero.
  • Damage reduction – You’ll start noticing a big boost in your defense whenever you have the 35% damage reductions. Damage reduction is a must-have for any kind of tank.
  • Chance to negate hits This stat lets you cancel out some incoming damage.
  • Mobs target you more – Although I personally don’t like this stat when playing solo, its function will be appreciated when playing with squishy allies.
  • Potion cooldown – One of the challenges in this game is the long cooldown of potions. That’s why this kind of stat is a big welcome, especially for tank builds.

Weapon Enchantment Choices

  • Radiance – A great survival skill for any kind of build. This stat provides a chance to heal your character whenever it attacks. I recommend that you equip a weapon with fast attack speed to fully maximize its capability.
  • Weakening – Greatly weakens your attacked enemies, which allows you to tank better.
  • Freezing – It’s not actually freezing but slowing your enemies when you attack them.
  • Stunning – Provides a chance to stun enemies when you attack them.
  • Anima Conduit – This enchantment heals your character for each absorbed enchantment.
  • Soul Siphon – I only recommend this enchantment if you have Anima Conduit since it works really well with the mentioned enchantment. Soul Siphon gives chance to gain souls whenever you attack with the enchanted weapon. So Anima Conduit and Soul Siphon is like having a different form of Radiance.

Armor Enchantment Choices

  • Protection – Combine this with damage reduction to make your character tougher.
  • Deflect – A group of archers can easily kill you. This enchantment is the best counter in those situations.
  • Chilling – This skill will passively slow enemies around your character, reducing their damage per second.
  • Snowball – Maxing this enchantment lets you passive stun a single enemy every second.
  • Potion Barrier – This is a great defensive enchantment that will massively reduce the damage your character will received for few seconds each time you use a potion.
  • Thorns – It’s also a good choice to reflect the damage that you’re receiving, for the sake of finishing mobs faster.
  • Final Shout – This skill is good when combined with defensive and healing artifacts that has long cooldown.
  • Health Synergy – Heals your character every time you use an artifact. So having an artifact that has quick cooldown, like the Light Feather, is recommended with this enchantment.
  • Champion’s Armor – The best non-unique armor for tanking that makes potion cooldown faster. Works best with Potion Barrier enchantment.
  • Reinforced Mail – This is the toughest non-unique armor you can get.
  • Dark Armor – Recommended tanking armor for those who want to collect souls.
  • Mercenary Armor – The best all-around armor that enhances your defensive and offensive capability.
  • Scale Mail – Just like Mercenary Armor, but this one is more melee oriented.
  • Plate Armor – It’s good if you need to tank for starter but there are better choices in a long run.
  • Hero’s Armor – The best unique armor for tanking and protecting allies.
  • Full Metal Armor – A great all-around tanking armor that also increases melee damage.
  • Titan’s Shroud – A unique version of Dark Armor for soul-collecting build. This armor also offers weapon damage boost.
  • Stalwart Armor – Just like Reinforced Mail, its unique counterpart gives you default potion barrier effect.
  • Wither Armor – For soul-collecting build that prefers having life steal capability.
  • Fighter's Bindings Considered as the best weapon for tank combine with Radiance enchantment, since it can proc the healing more often compared to other weapons.
  • Nameless Blade – This unique sword can weaken your enemy attacks.
  • Sun’s Grace – A unique mace with default radiance capability for healing.
  • Totem of Regeneration – This will not only heal you but your allies as well.
  • Totem of Shielding – This will not only reduce the damage received but your allies as well.
  • Gong of Weakening – Weakens the enemies around you, especially their damage.
  • Iron Hide Amulet – Provides an instant defensive boost.
  • Light Feather – Stuns and pushes back enemies. Good artifact choice for protecting your allies.
  • Soul Healer – Choose this if you need more healing in your arsenal.

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