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“Monster Hunter: World” Essential Tips and Tricks

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest in the highly popular RPG series Monster Hunter by Capcom. It was released in 2018 and has garnered thousands of players from all over the world who enjoy hunting and capturing monsters, exploring new areas, and completing quests and investigations.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

There is so much to this game that at first all of the information can be overwhelming, especially if this is the first Monster Hunter game that you have played. Here are some essential spoiler-free tips and tricks to help you get started with your game, finish quests more easily, and quickly become a high-ranking Hunter.

1. Try Out as Many Weapons as Possible

There are many weapons available for you to choose from when you start your Monster Hunter: World game. It can be taxing, but be sure to try as many weapons as possible. You don't have to try them all at once (though feel free to test some in the training area in your room). Go on an expedition or easy quest and try them there.

I struggled along at first with the Twin Blades before switching and realising I was much better with the Bow and the Heavy Bowgun. Test out as many of the weapons as you can and find the one (or several) that work best for you. Your weapon can completely change your game experience.

Upgrade Your Armor!

Upgrade Your Armor!

2. Constantly Upgrade Your Armour

As you navigate through the world and complete quests, the monsters you face will be more difficult. All monsters drop items when you break parts on them, slay them, or capture them. These items can include fangs, horns, scales, plume, claws, and more.

Gathering these items is essential to surviving in Monster Hunter: World. Among other things, bits of monster can be used to forge armour.

As soon as you have killed your first monster, head to the Armoury in Astera and make some armour by selecting "Forge Equipment." You can make various kinds of armour using materials you have gathered and this list will get bigger the more monsters you face.

After your first quest, it is likely that you will be able to make a piece or two of new armour. Check that the defense rating is better than your current armour (green for higher and red for lower on the right side of the screen). Don't forget to "Equip Now."

Upgrade this armour with Armor Spheres to boost their ratings. Do this as you progress through the game so that you have a strong defence rating against monsters.

Eat a Meal Before Quests

Eat a Meal Before Quests

3. Always Eat a Meal Before Quests

Eating a meal boosts your stats, including Attack, Defence, Elemental Resistance, and Stamina. Always head to the kitchen before heading out to give yourself the boost and increase your chance of success.

4. Always Have Bounties Active

Always have Bounties running in the background. These can include tasks such as "Hunt 1 Large Monster" or even something simple like gathering mushrooms or fauna.

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These register automatically as you go, so it is easy to complete them without any extra effort. Rewards for completing Bounties include research points and Armour Spheres, so make sure you've always got something on.

To register Bounties, head to the Resource Center in Astera.

Your Palico Deserves the Best

Your Palico Deserves the Best

5. Pay Attention to Your Palico

Your Palico is always with you and can be either just a distraction for monsters or a valuable companion depending on how much attention you pay to it. Your Palico can't faint, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't utilise it as much as you can.

Make your Palico better by:

  • Forging armour for it at the Armoury.
  • Equipping it with gadgets that will help you. Its default item is the Vigorwasp, which heals your character.
  • Taking notice of Palico weapons. These can be forged at the smithy like armour. Some Palico weapons can have special effects such as Sleep and Paralysis which can help defeat certain monsters.

Make your Palico as strong as you and you'll be a great team!

6. Take More Than You Need

Capturing a monster? Take two traps instead of one. Low on ammo? Don't risk it. Always take more of a certain type of item than you actually need. You never know what might happen!

I was trying to catch a monster and only took one trap with me. I set the trap, and was paralysed by some smaller beasts. I was paralysed for long enough for the monster to escape the trap. Needless to say, I wasn't happy, and this catastophe could have been avoided if I'd taken an extra trap. Always take more than you need so that you are not caught mid-quest without the equipment you need.

Are there monsters around?

Are there monsters around?

7. Always Examine Signs of Monsters

No matter the goal of the Investigation or Quest, you will come across footprints, mucus, feathers, broken eggs, gashes, and other signs of monsters that roam the land in which you are in. Always examine these! Even if you are not hunting that particular monster, you will get research points for picking them up.

8. Enable Auto-Crafting

Many items in Monster Hunter: World require you to combine materials. Speed things up by enabling Auto-Crafting for items you use a lot, such as Shock Traps, Tranq Bombs, and various kinds of ammo.

This means that items will automatically craft themselves. The most basic example is Potions; two will be crafted when you pick up a Herb. This speeds up the process of getting essential items together instead of having ingredients cluttering up your pouch.

Collect Materials

Collect Materials

9. Always Pick Up Materials

When exploring the world, constantly pick things up. This can include flowers and fauna, honey, and mushrooms. More importantly, always make a point to gather items from Bonepiles, Mining Outcrops, and places marked with a question mark on your map. Items gathered from here are often useful and important, and hoarding them means you will have them ready when you want to forge equipment or fulfill Deliveries.

Always make a point to interact with these things and you will find that you often have the items ready when you need them, which speeds up sidequests and gets you stronger more quickly.

10. Get Good at Evading

Some weapons, such as the Heavy Bowgun and the Sword and Shield, offer some kind of protection against incoming attacks. Armour rating is also very important. However, you are never immune to hits and some attacks can be devestating, leaving your character stunned, burned, or poisoned. Too many attacks, of course, can make your character faint.

This is where evading comes in! Though it eats up your stamina, evading is essential for surviving in battle, especially if you are using low-mobility weapons. Practice and get good at rolling out of the way, and survive longer when you're out there.

11. Capture, Don't Hunt

Capturing monsters gets you more rewards and also makes new beasts available to fight in the Arena. Whenever possible, capture monsters instead of slaying them. Even if your Quest or Investigation objective is to slay the beast, it still counts as a success if you capture them.

To capture a monster:

  • Craft a trap. The easiest to get hold of is a Shock Trap, which can be crafted from a Thunderbug and a Trap Tool.
  • Get hold of some Tranq Bombs (crafted from a Sleep Herb and a Parashroom).
  • If you're using a Heavy Bowgun, Tranq Ammo can serve as an alternative to Tranq Bombs.
  • Get the monster down to close to dying (limping and with a skull near its icon on the map).
  • Place a trap beneath it and when it's caught in the trap, shoot it with Tranq Bombs (two should be enough).

The extra rewards and materials you gain from capturing monsters makes it a worthwhile endeavour, so do it when you can! If you're still not sure about how to capture monsters, check out the guide below.

12. Consider Playing With Other People

Monster Hunter: World is a great game to play if you can play online. Get your headset on (optional) and hunt with other players! You can join other people's quests, combine your skills to take down a particularly difficult monster, and fire SOS flares if you are in trouble.

One player I didn't know once helped me capture a Legiana three times so I could get the armour I wanted. Enrich your MHW experience by playing online with others.

Learn how to sell your trade-in items.

Learn how to sell your trade-in items.

13. Sell Your Trade-In Items

When you claim your Login Bonus, you may sometimes see types of eggs enter your inventory. These can also be gained by completing quests. Wyvern Eggs, Golden Eggs, and so on can't be used for any purpose except for selling for zenny, so head to the shop at Headquarters and trade them in for a nice chunk of money that you can use for more practical items, meals, and upgrading your armour.

Monster Hunter: World is an extremely entertaining game that is another successful installment of this popular series. There is so much to do and discover that you will quickly be giving hours of your time to making your character a powerful Hunter! With these tips, you'll be able to increase your Hunter Rank and get the most out of this great game.

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