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6 Must-Have Skills in “Ghost of Tsushima”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Millions of players worldwide are continuing to enjoy the beautiful and exciting open-world adventure game set in feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima, where the brave samurai Jin Sakai completes side quests, builds his legend, and fights the invaders who have come to take over Tsushima Island.

A large part of the leveling system in this game is skill points, which Jin gets by completing quests and performing other tasks. These can be used to get new skills and weapons, and are crucial for success.

Here are six recommended must-have skills in Ghost of Tsushima.

1. Deflect Arrows

Location in Skill Tree: Samurai -> Deflection

After participating in several battles, you'll get used to hearing the warning cries of enemy archers and rolling out of the way of incoming arrows. However, with the Deflect Arrows skill, Jin can simply block (by pressing L1) instead, deflecting incoming arrows with his sword without rolling out of the battle.

It makes avoiding incoming projectiles a lot easier and he can continue fighting closer enemies without rolling all over the battlefield.

2. Serrated Blades

Location in Skill Tree: Ghost -> Kunai

Kunai is a Ghost skill that is incredibly useful for damaging multiple enemies simultaneously and getting out of sticky spots. When cornered or when being charged, Jin can throw deadly Kunai blades to inflict damage to several enemies at once, whether human or animal.

The skill Serrated Blades doubles the damage dealt by the Kunai, sometimes killing enemies outright. You need to unlock the Ghost skill Hidden Blade (giving Jin the ability to throw one additional Kunai) before you can unlock Serrated Blades.

3. Full Puncture

Location in Skill Tree: Stances -> Stone Stances

Mastering the different Stances is key when fighting enemies. They serve as follows:

  • The Stone Stance is for swordsmen
  • The Water Stance is for shieldmen
  • The Wind Stance is for spearmen
  • The Moon Stance is for brutes
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The Stone Stance is the first Jin masters and by spending skill points, you can unlock new combos, dealing massive damage to the respective types of enemies. Full Puncture is excellent because it allows Jin to stab his opponent several times, dealing huge damage.

You also need to have unlocked Stone: Strength of Mountains to get Full Puncture. It can also be upgraded further later to Stone: Momentum.

4. Guarded Throw

Location in Skill Tree: Ghost -> Sticky Bomb

Another excellent Ghost skill is the Sticky Bomb, where Jin throws an explosive that sticks to an enemy's armor before blowing him up and staggering him. it also affects nearby enemies and can be a lifesaver when cornered.

Getting Guarded Throw ensures that Jin isn't affected by the blast even when he's standing nearby. This enbles you to use it in tight corners without being affected. It's a must-get for lovers of this essential Ghost skill.

5. Chain Assassin Master

Location in Skill Tree: Ghost -> Assassination

Though Jin is ashamed of using stealth to defeat his enemies, it's an essential part of this game. Assassinating enemies silently without alerting nearby foes is often crucial to save the lives of prisoners and successfully infiltrate camps.

You can grade Jin's silent kills by unlocking Chain Assassin Master, where Jin can assassinate up to three nearby enemies in quick succession. It's perfect for when there are a lot of enemies Jin needs to get rid of. You need to have unlocked Safe Landing and Chain Assassination to unlock this skill.

Standoffs are essential to success in Ghost of Tsushima

Standoffs are essential to success in Ghost of Tsushima

6. Improved Standoff Streak

Location in Skill Tree: Ghost -> Standoff

Arguably one of the coolest and most useful skills in Ghost of Tsushima is the ability to cut down approaching enemies with a single hit, known as a Standoff. Upgrading this ability means Jin can slice up more and more enemies in a single round, and if there are only a couple of enemies, this makes it much easier to take them down quickly.

Improved Standoff Streak allows Jin to cut down up to three enemies in a row. You also need to have Standoff Streak unlocked to get this skill.

Be sure to spend all your skill points and work at making Jin Sakai stronger! These six amazing skills will make your gameplay easier and ensure Jin can get some seriously awesome kills.

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