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New Monarchy: A United Front for the Last City

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"Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."

"Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."

Together We Rise

Of the three Factions within the city, New Monarchy stands as the most politically focused. As mentioned before, Dead Orbit seeks salvation in the stars, and FWC seeks salvation in the secrets known only to themselves. New Monarchy, on the other hand, seeks salvation under a unified government within the city. Their mission is to find the one true king that will govern over what's left of humanity and will usher in a new Golden Age.

In other words, they're seeking the next Messiah.

Besides that, their philosophy pushes a strict adherence to rules and regulations, believing that a sense of order will be the key to the future of humanity, rather than running away, or believing in conspiracy theories. Interesting to note, that this shows many similarities to kingdoms and governments in our own modern-day history, some of which I will reference as we continue to analyze New Monarchy. With that said, let's look into what makes this faction tick.


Playing Politics With the Aristocracy

Like I said before, New Monarchy is the most political of the three, and their Executors are the ones enforcing this particular ideology. Executor Hideo is the current representative of New Monarchy, moving on up from a starving civilian to a prominent, political aristocrat. As an Executor, not only is he considered a leader of the faction, but he also is tasked with finding the one true ruler to take over the responsibility of leading humanity. And in today's world, if we have a basic understanding of politics, we know the blatant bias there is between political parties.

Hideo is no exception to this.

Dead Orbit is a group of spineless cowards because they seek salvation out in the cosmos. FWC is all secrets and no answers. Hideo views them as inferior by comparison and feels as though New Monarchy are the only ones who have humanity's true interest at heart. And by that, I mean they have a "Make Last City Great Again" kind of interest at heart. There's clearly a difference in opinion but I mean, you try telling him and his followers that.

He puts up a front of a self-sacrificing good-willed person, but it goes without saying that with his political power, he has grown corrupt in secret. He so much as tries to use his political authority to ruin the lives of those who wrong him. Case in point:


Suraya Hawthorne. AKA Public Enemy No.1

Playing Robin Hood, as she's known to do, she swiped supplies from a New Monarchy supply cache to aid those on the outskirts of the city's walls. When Hideo caught wind of this and deemed her as a worthless good for nothing, she responded by decking him in the face. Not appreciating the retaliation, he went straight to her Guardians Devrim Kay and Marc, threatening to use his political power to punish her if they didn't. Needless to say, nothing happened, as our favorite Clan Vendor sits perched above him in the Tower, ironically enough. On top of that, some people who support Hawthorne's ideology of more "power to the people" mimic her actions of messing with Hideo and the rest of the New Monarchy.

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Despite all that, there has to be something appealing about the New Monarchy right? Aside from the superiority complex of their leaders and their overzealous desire to bring the city back to the Golden Age, what draws Guardians to their cause? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let's take a quick look at the past...


The Night the Banners Fell

I covered this topic very briefly in my What Would a Faction War-Based DLC in Destiny 2 Look Like article a while back, but this time around, I'll explain more in detail what happens. Basically as the lore has it, there used to be a fourth faction known as the Concordat. They attempted a coup against the consensus and the Speaker, for reasons not known, and it was New Monarchy that took the responsibility to combat the group. The conflict was so bad that Ikora said at one point that the area Bannerfall, which is a crucible map under Shaxx's jurisdiction, was to be named "Lysander's Folly," but she didn't want Lysander's name to be uttered let alone known amongst the Guardians. In Destiny, the banners of both New Monarchy and Concordat are draped on opposite ends of the map, signifying the struggle between the factions. In Destiny 2, however, New Monarchy's banners are replaced by Red Legion banners, due to the takeover by Ghaul and his army. The fact that Concordat's banners remain, despite being tattered, could be a potential foreshadowing of their return in the future, but that's yet to be seen.

Presumably, the fact that New Monarchy were the ones to drive this terrorist group out of the city as well as make it their life's mission to bring back the city to a pinnacle statue, it's understandable that likeminded people would join the cause. Even if certain ideologies are brought into question. Personally speaking, I pledged alliegiance to New Monarchy during the early days back in D1 because I was favorable of the justice that they promoted and felt that my Guardian would strive to uphold it (plus my very first legendary weapon was the Red Hand IX hand cannon which was my beloved weapon of choice for a long time)


Examples From Modern History

While evidence shows that the New Monarchy is most likely based on the New Monarchs, a term used to describe the 15th-century monarchs of Europe whose principles are shown similar to New Monarchy, I personally find it fascinating that their desire to unify the Last City is similar to Japan's Tokugawa Era/Edo Period. Around the same time in the 15th-century, the infamous Sengoku Era was well in full swing, pitting Japan in an all-out civil war for domination. It took three men, Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, to re-unify Japan into what's known as the Edo Period in the 17th-century. This re-unification was somewhat unintentional, in that Nobunaga, for instance, was seeking to dominate as much as he could, so inadvertently, Japan unified under his rule. One assassination later, Hideyoshi picked up the mantle and continued to dominate in his stead. Then power shifted to Tokugawa, and through strict laws and regulations, peace was brought about through the city of Edo and what could be considered a Golden Age, by comparison to the previous era, was in reality Tokugawa's family trying their best to keep political power for themselves, which they managed to do for 250 years.

Similarly, New Monarchy's desire to unify the city, under a monarch of their choosing, enacting their laws and regulations, to keep them in a high political position, may very well bring peace to the city. But like Japan's common folk who grew tired of the government's grip, the city will have people like Hawthorne finding ways to give power back to the people and let them live the way they see fit. Because to people like her, it's not going to be politics that drive humanity to the next golden age, it's going to be Guardians who are doing the real fighting.


Knights Sword to Justice

As we conclude this overview of the three city factions, we learn quite a bit of the separate ideologies and the strides each of them are willing to go for them. Some are progressive, some conservative, others are just mysterious. At the end of the day, each of us as guardians know in ourselves what kind of legends we want to be. Do we want to see how far we can reach for the stars? Do we seek to find the ultimate mysteries plaguing the worlds surrounding us? Or do we hope to be the beacon for those who cry for help? Whatever the case may be, may we all do our upmost to lead humanity towards a future of peace and security.

Until next time Guardians.

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