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"Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds" - Familiar Adventure Guide

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Familiar Adventure is one of the various challenges you can take on in the Ni No Kuni mobile game. It allows you to send out familiars to fight monsters and earn rewards.


How It Works: The Basics

Here is a quick rundown of how it works.

Picking Out a Target

In the map, you will see various monsters and gathering nodes. Fighting these can give out rewards. Thankfully, you can see all the details you need: the monsters you will be fighting, their CP, and the rewards you will earn!Based on the information presented, pick a team of familiars to go fight. Keep in mind that you can have lower CP than the enemy and still win if you are taking advantage of elemental weaknesses!

  • If you pick a mining node, there will be time spent gathering. You can see the timer in the bottom left.
  • If you pick a monster, the rewards are given as soon as the battle is done.

You can click on the "Map" button to see an overview of available targets.


Map Reset

If you do not like the list of available nodes, you can reset it. You get one free reset every day. Subsequent resets will cost diamonds.

You can click on the arrow to force a reset.

You can click on the arrow to force a reset.

You get a free reset every day!

You get a free reset every day!

The game will also perform a few resets throughout the day, which is shown via the reset timer. If you don't like the targets you've received, you could wait until a map reset happens. These happen every six hours. If you consider the daily reset to be the first map reset, that means there are three more map resets until the next daily reset.

Automatic resets are every 6 hours. That means there are 3 resets after the daily reset.

Automatic resets are every 6 hours. That means there are 3 resets after the daily reset.


Every target has a ticket cost. Most will cost one ticket, while the ones that say "x2" will cost two tickets. There are two types of tickets: daily tickets and additional tickets.

Daily tickets - as the name would suggest - are granted to you every day. Keep in mind that these tickets are a full reset; if you didn't use the previous day's tickets, those will be gone. Always make sure to use up all of your daily tickets!

Additional tickets are given to you when you reach a new Adventure Level. These can stack up and are not affected by the daily reset at all. You can also buy them for 100 Diamonds each, limited at five purchases a day.

Daily tickets on the left. Additional tickets on the right.

Daily tickets on the left. Additional tickets on the right.

What Is the Adventure Level?

Familiar Adventure has its own separate leveling system, which determines how many nodes are available, how many tickets you receive daily, and how many dispatches at the same time you could theoretically make.

  • At Adventure Level 2, you will receive two daily tickets.
  • At Adventure Level 4, you will receive three daily tickets.
  • At Adventure Level 5, you will receive four daily tickets.
  • At Adventure Level 8, you will receive six daily tickets.
  • etc....

Whenever you finish off a target, you will receive experience. Keep in mind that for the gathering nodes, the experience is granted once it has fully finished gathering. The actual experience received is not listed as a reward nor in the history. However, your current experience and level are visible in your Adventure Info.

Each level requires more and more experience. Whenever you level, you receive an entire day's worth of tickets added as Additional Tickets.

More About Gathering Nodes

There are four types of gathering nodes available in the Familiar Adventure.

  1. Prisms: This is a resource used to donate to your Kingdom. This is currently the only way to earn that resource.
  2. Obsidian: This is also a resource used to donate to your Kingdom. It does have a few others way of being earned, such as the weekly Citadel Achievement rewards, but the Familiar Adventure is definitely the best way to earn this.
  3. Gold: This resource is used to fund a variety of tasks in the game. While you can gather this for some quick gold, the fact is that there are other ways to earn gold in the game. It is therefore much better to allocate your use of Familiar Adventure tickets towards the other resources available.
  4. Territe: Ah, Territe! This controversial resource can be farmed via other means, but because of the difficulty in earning it at lower levels, Familiar Adventure is a viable method if you are having a hard time with the drop rate in the Chaos Field. Remember, your ability to farm Territe 'normally' depends on the Chaos Field's floor and therefore how quickly you can kill targets in the better floors, as mentioned in this guide. So Territe gathering nodes in Familiar Adventure are certainly valuable for players who are still working on improving their Territe farming rates.

Gathering Node Levels

Every gathering node will have a level. Higher levels will give more rewards (including more experience).

Examples of Experience by Target Level

This is only listed for a few levels to show that higher level nodes provide more experience. The experience is the same for both gathering and monster targets.

Target LevelExperience Earned

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Examples of Rewards Earned by Gathering Node Level

All the above are for a gathering node without a multiplier.


Level 1





Level 2





Level 3




Node Multipliers

Some gathering nodes will say "x2". This means:

  • You get double the amount of resources.
  • You get double the amount of experience.
  • It will cost double the amount of tickets.
  • The enemy strength is not doubled; it's the same as if it didn't have a multiplier.

At first glance, there isn't really much of a benefit. After all, double the rewards for double the cost means it's no different than farming two of the same type and level of node! However, the main advantage is that gathering nodes are random, which means you're not guaranteed to get multiples of the nodes you want, so a x2 node can be a great choice if it's for a resource you really need.

What About Monster Targets?

Level 3 and lower monster targets will reward beans for leveling up your familiars. Typically the gatherable resources are more valuable, but if you feel you are doing fine on those, you do have the option to fight these monsters.

Keep in mind that you can buy beans using the Gilder you've earned from your Kingdom donations too. So even if you go after Obsidian or Prisms, you can still earn some beans!

Once you reach level 4 monster targets, they start including other rewards such as toy boxes and upgrade materials for Heart Stars. These can be worth considering if you need such upgrades.

Level 4 Crowhawk target

Level 4 Crowhawk target

Familiar Adventure Optimization Tips

  • Always use up all of your daily tickets before daily reset.
  • However, that doesn't mean you have to spend all your tickets as soon as you log in! If you have plenty of time left before the daily reset, and you don't like the targets on your map, you can choose to wait for a map reset! There is nothing wrong with spend one ticket 'now' and another ticket 'later' - just as long as you spend all your daily tickets before the daily reset.
  • Since Adventure Level determines the amount of daily tickets, you may want to do the highest level targets (even if you don't specifically need those resources) to try to get to the higher daily ticket thresholds. This is subjective, but I would personally say you want to reach four daily tickets as fast as possible. This is also around the same time as when Territe nodes can appear.
  • Because of this, I would also recommend using up your additional tickets any time you are close to leveling to a new Daily Ticket increase! Once you are satisfied with the amount of daily tickets you are getting, you can focus more on using those additional tickets on getting resources you want.
  • You can do Familiar Adventure without having to go into any particular area, so it's one of those tasks that are best done while your character is busy auto-battling. It may not seem like it would take much time, but I know I sometimes have to spend a few minutes trying to figure out which gathering node I want to aim for, or whether I should gamble and wait for the next map reset. If I were in a city, all these precious minutes would be wasted while my character did nothing!

Hopefully you can apply the above tips to your personal goals and make the best use of the Familiar Adventure mode.