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"Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds" - How to Farm Gold

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Gold is a very commonly used resource in the Ni No Kuni mobile game. It is used to craft, level up, enhance and upgrade gear, familiars, and various other aspects of the game. It is also used for donations, teleportation costs, and to buy things from certain shops. Players who are trying to upgrade everything in order to complete their Codex and Collections will easily find themselves running out of gold.

Thankfully, gold is rewarded from many aspects of the game. So let's talk about the main ways that people acquire gold.


Monster Drops in Normal Fields

A "normal field" is the term the game uses for the regular monster areas in the game that are not dungeons or Chaos Fields.

There are two ways in which killing monsters will award gold:

  • An item drop that you can sell for gold.
  • A direct gold drop. All monsters can drop gold rewards.

In order to farm gold effectively, you want to try to maximize both aspects to some extent. Do keep in mind that the first criteria, the sellable item loot, is far more important.

Gold-Equivalent Loot

Thankfully the game makes it easy to identify which monsters can be good for farming gold; you just need to learn how:

  • Tap on the mini map.
  • If you wish to look at a different field than the one you are currently in, tap on the World Map and select the correct area.
  • Tap on the monster tab.
  • Make sure "See Drop Info" is turned on.
  • Locate sub-areas whose monsters have coins and Shiny Higgledy statues. Keep in mind that a field can have multiple sub-areas with monsters that drop these items.

These items are only used to sell for gold.

Locating monster to farm gold on.

Locating monster to farm gold on.

The sale prices for these items are:

  • Silver Coin: 100 gold
  • Gold Coin: 1,000 gold
  • Platinum Coin: 2,000 gold
  • Shiny Higgledy Statue: 10,000 gold

Even though this is the same monster, this is in a sub-area called "Sky Pirates' Training Ground." These do not drop the good items for farming gold!

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Same monster, different area, no good gold drops.

Same monster, different area, no good gold drops.

The results of about 3-4 hours of farming in Allegra Plateau - Dustbowl Field with no Energy Drinks. Including the direct gold drop of 38,866 , this is 99,066 gold. About 25,000 - 33,500 per hour.

The results of about 3-4 hours of farming in Allegra Plateau - Dustbowl Field with no Energy Drinks. Including the direct gold drop of 38,866 , this is 99,066 gold. About 25,000 - 33,500 per hour.

Direct Gold Drops

Monsters will also drop gold directly. This is usually small, though higher level monsters generally drop more. Most importantly, you can earn more if you are in a party and you meet the following criteria:

  • You are in the same channel.
  • You are close together. This can be fighting the same pack of mobs, or about one to two packs away.

Then you will get a gold and prize bonus and you will also earn gold from monsters killed by nearby party members.

To receive the gold and prize rate bonuses, you must be in the same channel and nearby each other.

To receive the gold and prize rate bonuses, you must be in the same channel and nearby each other.

If you're unsure about being close enough, you can check anywhere that has your total CP listed (such as your Inventory) and click on the little magnifier glass next to your CP. You will see Detailed Character Stats and you can scroll down to the Gold Increase Rate.

How to check if the party bonus is being applied.

How to check if the party bonus is being applied.

Increasing Your Gold Rate Via Consumables

Both the sellable loot and the direct drops can be increased the same way - via Energy Drinks. This item will increase gold earned (direct drop) and the rate of prizes. This is the term the game uses for items received from killing monsters.

Sweet Drinks can also be used instead of Energy Drinks if you have them. Sweet Drinks are not currently acquirable through normal in-game means, but there might be various game codes you can redeem that may include them. Sweet drinks only increase the drop rate of prizes, which would be for the items you would sell.

Energy Drink gives a 700% increase!

Energy Drink gives a 700% increase!

Sweet Drink gives a 500% increase.

Sweet Drink gives a 500% increase.

Putting It All Together

If you combine all of the above, that means the best way to farm gold is to:

  • Be in a party of people close by in the same channel.
  • That party should be fighting monsters that can drop coins and Higgledy statues.
  • That party should be in an area in which your Combat Power (CP) can help to kill monsters at a steady pace.
  • If you really want to boost the rate further, use Energy Drinks.

Typically such parties will have names like "AFKGold" or "GoldFarmCh2." Make sure members are in the same channel, join the party, check people's locations, and if everything looks right, prepare your character to farm that gold!

Some parties will farm the same pack of monsters together, while other parties will have different people at nearby packs. If doing multiple packs, a triangle strategy of selecting three packs that are close together works well. In a party of five, some players can be placed in between two in order to help get monsters killed faster.

Do be careful about your CP. People can leave these parties at any time, and there is no guarantee someone else will come and help fight off monsters. There are also many players who do not understand how the party bonus works and may end up joining your party but not being nearby or even in the same channel.

If you aren't in an area where your character could theoretically handle fighting a pack of monsters all by yourself for the amount of hours you are planning to farm, you should join a party in a lower level area. This also means making sure you have enough potions on you.

Other Good Items to Sell

Here are some items that can earn you money.

Field/World Boss Crafting Materials

When you defeat a Field Boss or a World Boss, you will receive a special crafting material that bears the boss's name (with the exception of Cockatrako, which does not have this). This is meant to be used to craft accessories, but they are very costly at 50,000 gold each! There is also a chance you might earn some of these accessories through luck by opening up your Field/World boss rewards. Because of this, some players do not prioritize these accessories and prefer to focus more on their other gear. This frees up the ability to sell the crafting material for 200 gold each.

Selling 100 Silverbeard essences at 200 gold each means 20,000 gold!

Selling 100 Silverbeard essences at 200 gold each means 20,000 gold!

Weapon/Armor Crafting Materials

Not only will you earn many of these while farming gold using the above strategy, you also receive these from various quests such as your Swift Solutions. These only sell for 5 gold each, but you will earn many of them. Chances are you will have more than you can actually use. Remember, to craft weapons and armor, you need one recipe and 100 materials. So look at how many recipes you have, put two zeroes at the end, and if you have more materials than that, you can sell off the excess.

Torn Swift Solutions Certificates

You will also earn Torn Swift Solutions Certificates while you farm monsters for gold, so this is just an extra option! Swift Solutions quests are great for experience, but the gold rewards are rather small. Let's take a look at some of my available Swift Solutions quests.

Swift Solutions Rewards on a Level 52 character currently in Cloudcoil Canyon questing.

Swift Solutions Rewards on a Level 52 character currently in Cloudcoil Canyon questing.

If we add the gold with the additional reward (assuming it will be the weapon/armor material)

  • Rare = 4,400 + 2,250 = 6,650 gold
  • Premium = 3,520 + 2,000 = 7,520 gold
  • Normal = 2,640 + 1,250 = 3,890 gold

Now let's compare how much gold it would be if I just sold the 100 Torn Swift Solutions Certificates instead of exchanging them for an extra quest.

  • It costs 100 torn certificates to get a valid certificate.
  • Each torn certificate can be sold for 100 gold.100x100 = 10,000 gold.

You can therefore earn more gold by selling off the torn certificates than actually redeeming for an extra quest. However, it comes at the cost of losing out on experience. Since experience doesn't matter as much as CP does, this is a trade-off some players are willing to make.

Other Gold Farming Methods

There are other ways to earn gold, but they are more restricted on how much you can do in a day.

Dailies, dailies, dailies!

Do your dailies! This includes:

  • Goldbeard's Pirate Ship
  • Daily Activity rewards
  • Conquest Missions
  • Swift Solutions
  • Duel Yard rewards
  • Familiar Adventure *

* Familiar Adventure deserves a special note. Although you can use it to farm gold drops, it may not be in your best interest. Familiar Adventure is the only way to farm Obsidian and Prisms, which you will need to acquire regularly if you want to keep up with Kingdom donations. In addition, Familiar Adventure can also be used to earn some extra Territe, which is a more difficult resource to farm.

Alt Classes

As long as your CP is high enough that you don't need to put in any real effort, or waste any resources upgrading any weapons, feel free to take your alt classes through the story quests. These award gold and you'll be able to skip dialogue and cutscenes to go through them quickly.

What About Farming for Gold in the Chaos Fields?

Typically, players who are farming for gold will do so in the normal fields of the game as described above, while players who are farming for Territe will be in the Chaos Field areas. That being said, you will earn various crafting materials, and Torn Swift Solutions Certificates, which means the previous two options can be combined with Territe farming to earn a bit of extra gold.

But what about the other drops in the Chaos Field? After all, the game's official YouTube channel even promotes farming for gold in the Chaos Field.

Magic Pages are meant to be traded to the Traveling Merchant, but you do have the choice to sell them for 300 gold each. It is generally considered better to use them for their intended purpose, as you will want those other skills, but it is an option.

Likewise, you can also sell off gems and gem upgrade materials for a fair amount of gold. Once again, this has a large opportunity cost of not working on your Gem-related CP so it is not an ideal option.

If you absolutely must farm both Territe and gold at the same time, you can make use of all of these Chaos Field drops, but keep in mind that it may be better to farm those two resources separately by planning to have multiple farming sessions with their respective best areas. You can learn more about Territe farming in this guide.

Farming Comparison: Normal Field Versus Chaos Field

Let's compare two active farming sessions:

  • The first is against level 54 monsters in Allegra Plateau - Dustbowl Field.
  • The second is against level 52 monsters in the Chaos Field level 2.
  • Neither one had Energy Drinks used.
Normal Field Farming Results

Normal Field Farming Results

Monster Farming Results: (3-4 hours)

  • 38,866 Gold
  • 92 Silver Coins
  • 15 Gold Coins
  • 3 Shiny Higgledy Statues
  • 3 Platinum Coins
  • 603 Weapon Crystals
  • 534 Armor Crystals
  • 30 Torn Swift Certificates
  • 11 Weapon Recipes
  • 4 Armor Recipes

Unfortunately since I didn't keep an exact timer, I am not sure if it was 3 hours or 4 hours, but it was definitely between 3-4 hours. So I will do a rate for 3 hours and a rate for 4 hours.

Chaos Field Farming Results

Chaos Field Farming Results

Chaos Field Farming Results: (3 hours)

  • 30,253 Gold
  • 1 Treasure Chest Key
  • 1 Light Magic Page I
  • 36 1-star Armor Varnish
  • 14 2-star Armor Varnish
  • 12 1-star Accessory Varnish
  • 5 2-star Accessory Varnish
  • 910 Weapon Crystals
  • 780 Armor Crystals
  • 1 Weapon Recipes
  • 5 Armor Recipes
  • 5 Common Earrings (not sellable)
  • 5 Rare Earrings (not sellable)
  • 1 Protection Earrings (not sellable)

Gold Earned

Area TypeData TypeGold

Normal Field - Allegra Plateau

Gold + Gold from coins/statues


Normal Field - Allegra Plateau

Gold if other items were sold too


Chaos Field - Level 2



Chaos Field - Level 2

Gold if other items were sold too


Normal Field - Allegra Plateau

Total Earnable Gold


Chaos Field - Level 2

Total Earnable Gold


Gold Rate Per Hour

Area + Gold TypeHoursGold per hour

Normal Field: Gold + Gold-equivalent only

3 hours


Normal Field: Gold + Gold-equivalent only

4 hours


Chaos Field: Gold Only

3 hours


Normal Field: All Gold Sources

3 hours


Normal Field: All Gold Sources

4 hours


Chaos Field: All Gold Sources

3 hours


The comparison is quite clear: Chaos Field farming for gold was not as efficient. Of course there are various factors that could have helped it get a better rate.

  • This was a different element and so it was a different set, though my CP on both sets is about the same. Still, perhaps I would have killed faster, and thus received more drops, against a different element.
  • I also compared to similarly leveled monsters (54 in the Normal Field, 52 in the Chaos Field) but Chaos Field monsters do tend to be a bit stronger, so perhaps it would have been fairer to pick some lower level monsters in the Chaos Field.
  • I did have different party members, though in both there were only 2 that were actually near me and the CP was about the same.
  • Lastly, other monsters in the Chaos Field might have had items with better sale prices to drop - such as the level 50 Skeleplasms that mostly drop gems and gem upgrade materials.

However, because the discrepancy is so large, fixing these above factors would have maybe brought it on par, but it certainly wouldn't make it a guaranteed better gold farm. Even then, it would rely on selling items that likely would be better to keep. Overall, it's just much better to farm for gold separately and to treat the gold from the Chaos Field as a bonus to the other drops.

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