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"Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds" - How to Increase Inventory Size

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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, like many other mobile games, relies heavily on players managing various items that are used for upgrades. This can lead to a lot of inventory bloat, especially for newer players who haven't learned all the ways to clean up their inventory. This is especially true if you are doing a lot of auto-battling while you are away or asleep and are not able to clean up your items right away. That is when having a large inventory size comes into play, and there are a few ways to increase your size.

Cashing: Diamonds and Bundles

In the inventory page, you will notice a + sign. At the cost of 15 Diamonds, you can increase by one slot. Diamonds are a paid currency, though even F2P ("Free To Play") players will earn some Diamonds from Achievements, Labyrinth of Dreams star rewards, and other in-game events. However, due to the limited amount of earnable free Diamonds, you may wish to save them for other uses.

In addition, there may be some Bundles that offer inventory space. For example, the Starter Picks Bundles include an Inventory Expansion bundle. Tier 1 offers 40 slots among other rewards. This is 600 Diamonds worth for a much lower price.

Thankfully, the other two methods are friendlier to F2P players.

Inventory Increase via Diamond Purchase in Inventory Menu

Inventory Increase via Diamond Purchase in Inventory Menu

Inventory Increase via Bundle in Shop Menu

Inventory Increase via Bundle in Shop Menu

Class Upgrades and Alt Classes

When your character (also known as a class) reaches levels 20 and 40, you can earn the Class Grade 1 and 2 upgrades. Both of those will award 25 extra inventory slots for a total of 50 extra slots. Inventory is account-wide, including its storage amount, so you can earn those on all 5 classes. Reaching level 40 requires more investment, but level 20 is generally quite easy to get.

Leveling other classes is the primary method to increase inventory size for F2P players. For info on leveling up multiple characters, check out this guide.

Inventory Increase via Class Grade

Inventory Increase via Class Grade

Medals Shop: Purification Medals

If you head to the Medals Shop in the menu, you will find that you can purchase an additional 100 inventory slots via Purification Medals. They do cost 100 medals each, so this is a rather expensive investment. Depending on your needs, this might still be worthwhile. Purification medals can be acquired from the Codex, Weeklies, and potentially from bundles (may vary based on bundle offerings).

Inventory Increase via Purification Medals

Inventory Increase via Purification Medals

Inventory Management Tips

Of course, no amount of space is enough if you don't manage it. There are a few ways to keep it nice and tidy.

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Weapons and Armor

These items take up a lot of space because each one takes up one slot. You can get rid of them by:

  • Awakening them
  • Using them as Level Up materials
  • Salvaging them

Additionally, you may not want to do any weapon or armor crafting if you're tight on inventory, or about to go on a big monster farming session. This is especially true in the Chaos Fields since the monsters there can drop a wider variety of loot compared to field monsters.

Chests and Other Similar Lootboxes

You might end up earning various chests that will either let you select a reward or give you a random reward. Logically, if you select a reward that is stackable and you already have, it won't take up more inventory (provided it's something that can stack, unlike weapons and armor). However, if it's giving a random one, you might end up with an item you don't already have. It may be better to hold off.

Know Which Items Don't Go Into the Inventory

Not all items go into your inventory! The following go into their own storage, each with a limit of 500 items. So if you have a chest or lootbox in your inventory that rewards one of these items, you can feel free to open them up as long as those separate storage units have space.

  • Familiars, including the Beans for Level Up
  • Tetro Puzzle pieces
  • Mount Dyes
  • Costume Dyes

In addition, the following don't go in any type of limited storage. You simply either have or don't have the unique item.

  • Mounts
  • Costumes (Outfits, hair, hair decorations, appearance decorations, and face customizations)

Get Rid of Extra Items for Finished Adventure Records

Once you complete your adventure records for Soulstones and Specialties, it doesn't stop you from earning these items. As such, they'll take up previous inventory space. Here is how you can get rid of them.


  • Sell them for Gold


  • Craft them into accessories (only applies for Field Boss specialties)
  • Offer them as materials to Fuse in the magic pots so you can earn some Lucky Pot Tickets.
  • Sell them for Gold. This is a very low amount and not really worthwhile unless you're absolutely desperate for space.

Hopefully with the above tips, and a larger inventory, you won't have an "Inventory Full" situation anytime soon!

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