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"Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds" - Multiple Characters Guide

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Can You Level Multiple Characters in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds?

Many players of the Ni No Kuni mobile game are wondering if they should bother leveling each character (class)?

The short answer is yes, but there are nuances that do need to be thought about.

How to Change Characters

The easiest way to switch characters is to go into the main menu and select the Gear icon at the bottom to enter Game Settings. There, in the Account section, you can choose to head back to the "Select Character" screen.

This is the same regardless of whether you are playing the mobile or PC version.

Access Game Settings

Access Game Settings

Select Character

Select Character

How Does the Game Handle Having Alt Characters and Classes?

First, let's define "alt." In this context, it is referring to unlocking the different characters on the same account. Having alts in the sense of multiple accounts is an entirely different subject matter.

The game's progression falls into three categories:

  • Account-wide: What you earn in one character is also earned on another, and there is no benefit in having another character.
  • Account-shared: What you earn in one character is also earned on another, but you do benefit from using multiple characters.
  • Class-wide: The benefit is only for your character.

The majority of the game's progression falls into the first category.

Benefits of Playing All the Classes

Other than the pleasure of having different playstyles to choose from, there are some overall benefits to playing all the other classes—to some extent at least. You can unlock more inventory slots and also earn some extra rewards by using multiple classes.

Class Upgrade (Inventory Increase)

Class Upgrade rewards have a mix of account-wide, account-shared, and class-wide benefits.


  • CP
  • Burst skill upgrades


  • Costumes
  • Weapon Chests

This is because they'll add an entry to your Codex, so you'll earn some account-wide currencies.


  • Inventory Increase
  • Gold, Diamond, Non-Weapon Bundles, etc..

The primary benefit are the two inventory increases at Grade 1 (level 20) and Grade 2 (level 40). Each will give you an extra 25 slots. There are five classes in this game. Assuming you "main" one class but decide to raise the other 4 just for inventory slots, that's 100 extra slots for taking your alt classes to level 20 and another 100 for taking them to level 40.


The Codex does not reward Combat Power, but it does give out various currencies. Unlike the Collection menu, the Codex does distinguish between weapons, skills, and costumes of different classes. Between the various weapons you might earn naturally, and anything you craft, you could earn several Domination Medals and Purification Medals that you can then use to progress on your main class.


Collections do not technically benefit from having multiple classes. The categories for collections do not care what the actual weapon or skill is.

For example, "Basic 3 star upgrade" will count for any 1-star weapon that got upgraded to 3-stars through evolution. Once unlocked, the CP earned remains unlocked and the description will adjust based on the class regardless of whether you earned that collection on that class's weapon or not. You can tell which parts of the Collection have this status by whether they have an arrow symbol on the right.

Likewise, when it comes to costumes and emotions, even though some of them are specific to a class, the progress earned on one for that slot is shared across all. For example, if you earned "Never Full Dressed Without a Smile" slot 8 on Swordsman, which is the Playboy, the collection would still say it is completed when you are on Rogue, even though its equivalent is Blush.

Collection on Swordsman

Collection on Swordsman

Same Collection on Rogue

Same Collection on Rogue

However, there is one benefit to multiple classes when creating a new class.

If you are creating a class, you get to pick a hairstyle and facial customization. If you make sure to pick a starting hair and facial expression that you have not yet earned, it's a very fast way to earn that compared to other means of earning them in-game. For the facial customization, it's best to pick nothing as that will give the character a lootbox to pick one later. This makes it easier to double check against the Collection to make sure you're picking one you don't have already. This is the only benefit that can directly award you some account-wide CP, even if that benefit is just about saving time as you can earn those Collections on your main class eventually.

Class-Restricted Items

Whether it's from the Fuse Pot or farming monsters in the Chaos Field, sometimes you might receive items that can only be opened by another class. If you're lucky enough that it's an item not in your Codex or Collection yet, you can quickly switch to that class to earn those rewards. This would generally be for Costume items, and thus you don't need to be very highly leveled to earn this benefit.

Easy Quest Rewards

The main quests do reward gold and various other items. As long as you are ensuring a big enough discrepancy between your alt class and your main class, you can earn some really fast quest rewards by letting the Combat Power and familiars that you've earned on your main class carry your alt class to quick questing victory!

Because of how fast it is to go through the main quests if you skip cutscenes and are overpowered, it can be a great way to earn the achievements for doing a certain amount of quests.

Downsides of Playing Multiple Classes

While the benefits above are very clear, there are some big downsides to playing multiple classes seriously.

Upgrading Skills and Weapons Will Cost You Resources

Games like Ni No Kuni are all about resource management, so spending extra resources on another class can seriously hurt your main class.

Leveling Takes Time

Generally speaking it does not take very long to get to level 20 to earn Class Grade 1. If you're very efficient, it also won't take too long to get to level 40 to earn Class Grade 2 either. However, the other grades will take significantly longer and longer, and that's time you could be spending farming higher areas for better rewards on your main account.

Although you can use your Swift Solutions allowances and recharges, and you could spend your Gilder at the Kingdom Shop's Daily Experience to earn some extra experience on those alt classes, those resources would be better spent on your main class.

Conclusion: Should I Level Multiple Classes?

Leveling multiple classes for the sake of earning some quick rewards is absolutely worth it.

Generally speaking, you only want to raise alt classes via main quests and not through any actual grinding. This usually means holding off until you have earned enough account-wide CP on your main class that your CP will end up carrying your alt classes through their quests with minimal effort and little to no skill and weapon upgrades.

Leveling multiple classes to actually play them seriously, however, can end up slowing down your progress on both classes and should only be considered if that is something you really want to do. For example, some people will do one class for PVE and one class for PVP because of differences in playstyles. If you are deciding to play multiple classes seriously, try to limit them to as few classes as possible.

Class Grade 1 Guide: Expectations and Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Expected Time

My main class was level 41 with about 170,000 total CP at the time. I did a 1-20 run on two classes: Swordsman and Rogue. My CP shown after leaving the Nameless Kingdom on my alt class of Swordsman, prior to any manual equipping, was 44,170.

  • Run 1 (Swordsman) was 45 minutes.
  • Run 2 (Rogue) was 41 minutes.
  • Both classes reached level 20 while searching for the Fire Altar.
  • My first run did earn an achievement for completing a quest 215 times. My second run did not earn any achievements, but it got me significantly closer to the next tier.

The 4 minute difference has more to do with better optimization than any class differences. I was typing some tips during the first speed run. While I tried my best to only do so while the auto-quester was doing things, I may have occasionally been a bit late to skip certain cutscenes or click on the auto-quester.

Expected Rewards

On the second run, I also checked for rewards earned.


  • 39,537 gold from doing the 1-20 run (quests + any monster gold drops)
  • 40 Territe

Note: there were various other less-important rewards earned as well.


  • 2,000 gold
  • 150 dominion medals
  • 120 purification medals


I had missing hairstyles and facial customizations

  • 276 CP from hairstyle
  • 270 CP from missing face

Main Class Prep

  • There is an experience buff for having a main class that is at least 10 levels higher than you. This is only for defeating monsters, which is a fraction of the experience earned as you'll mostly be earning from quest rewards, but it does add up.
  • You also want to have earned lots of CP from achievements, have leveled up familiars, etc.
Level Difference Buff

Level Difference Buff

Because of the above two reasons, a good time to do the 1-20 speed run would be when your main class is 35+, or even 40+. While everyone plays a little differently, pretty much anyone who's 40+ should have enough account-wide CP to carry an alt class leveling to 20 with ease.

  • Open up the Collections to Costumes, then "Hair Completes the Look". Use the arrows on the right to switch to the class you will be leveling. Memorize which hairstyles you are missing (if any).

Character Creation

  • Select the hairstyle you found in the "Main Class Prep" section.
  • Select no facial customization. This will give you a Selection Chest that you can use later.

Fast Questing

  • If it's a cutscene with dialogue boxes, make use of that Skip Button above the dialogue box.
  • If it's a more formal cutscene, press on the top-right to make the SKIP text appear. Press again to skip.
  • Some cutscenes are not skippable, but they are fairly short and mostly in the beginning of the game.
  • The first cutscene with Cluu is skippable after you do the part where it asks you to swipe across.
  • Make use of the Auto-Quester.
  • Don't bother with claiming things like Achievement rewards, Codex, Collections, etc... until you're done. They will just slow you down.
Tap on a quest to light it up and use the Auto-Quest system

Tap on a quest to light it up and use the Auto-Quest system

Managing Your CP

  • You can equip a mount as soon as you get the main menu, even if the "mount icon" does not appear at the bottom. If you are using the auto-quester, it will ride the mount. This should be right after you leave the Nameless Kingdom.
  • You can change equipment and familiars shortly after—as soon as you reach the city. Use auto-equip to save time.
  • If you need to make adjustments, such as for equipment, familiars, or skill upgrades, it is best to do so while the auto-quester is doing something. Try not to spend much time.

Saving Gil

  • Don't bother with any skill or weapon upgrades.

Once you're finally level 20!

  • Claim that class upgrade.
  • Check your collections and claim that Facial Customization Selection Chest.
  • Claim any new skills you haven't claimed already. This would be from any class-specific manuals you might have earned on your main class prior to starting the 1-20 run.
  • Likewise, go through your inventory and check for any class-specific item/chest rewards.
  • Claim your Codex, Collections, and Achievement Rewards (if any).