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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Ivory Tower


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The White Witch's castle looms in the distance, and the crew of the Iron Wyvern wait for Oliver to give the signal for an attack. It's time to bring the fight to the bad guys!

Before you talk to Marcassin and spark the end of the game, talk to Smiley and Surly on the top deck of the Wyvern. They'll have a rather hilarious exchange with Drippy, and when all's said and done they'll open a weapons shop. These weapons are ridiculously expensive and are outstripped by some of the things you can brew up in your Cauldron, but they'll still come in handy if you've got the coin.

After a cool battle scene, Tengri will drop the group off in the Ivory Tower, the lair of the White Witch. If you want to leave, talk to Tengri; otherwise, head north into the bowels of the Tower. Note the unusual décor along the main hall, save at the waystone in the far north by the massive door, and head down the western passage.


The passage will open up into an enormous room with thin walkways. Head north along the initial walkway and, at the end, you'll find a purple chest containing a Set of Griffin's Talons. Backtrack to the walkway leading west, go west, and check the room on the south walkway for a Suit of Celestial Armor. North along this walkway, you'll find a pad that will teleport you to a small platform with a Vial of Sage's Secret. That done, backtrack to the beginning. (Vacate will speed this up.) Take the eastern path this time.

Go north along the walkway until you find an eastern bridge. Cross it and head north, then through the door to the east. Inside, a robot in the wall niche next to the door will come at you. They'll do that for the rest of the dungeon—though they're no harder than ordinary enemies. Step on the teleporter in the north.


Run all the way south in the next hallway to find a Bottle of Sprite Dew. Head back north and through the western passage to come out in a new hall. Far to the north is a chest with a Phoenix Tear; the south is a dead end. Along the west wall at both ends you'll find gaps in the floor with small ledges Oliver can edge across. Across the northern ledge, you'll come to a spot where you can snag a green chest containing a Glorious Lance. Across the southern ledge, you'll find a waystone, and beyond that, you'll run into 'Doodle-Doo' himself. He wants to test Oliver before the lad takes on the White Witch.


Gallus is a bit like Shadar's regular form, though slightly easier. He spends much of the battle immobile, only teleporting to different spots occasionally. He'll alternate between four different attacks, depending on the colour of his aura:

  • If it's red he'll use Fire Trident, which forks out in front of him in several directions
  • If it's green he'll use Bolt of Judgement, which creates a line of lightning in one spot
  • If it's blue he'll use Absolute Judgement, an all-hitting ice attack
  • If it's yellow he'll use Terra Infirma, a single-hitting earth attack

Drippy suggests switching between familiars to buffer the effects of the different spells, but if you Defend none of them will hit hard enough to really matter. Batter down Gallus' HP with your strongest attacks and Defend whenever prudent to ward off his magic. He'll fall quickly enough.

Gallus will unveil some startling revelations after the battle and vanish, leaving his wand, Astra, behind. Equip it on Oliver (after all that trouble you went through to get Mornstar, too) and return to the waystone to save and restore your party. Onward to the teleportation pad.


In the north of this next hallway is another split. Take the eastern path first and head all the way south to find a Bottle of Nostrum. Cross the bridge and check the room in the middle of the north-south pathway for a blue chest containing a Wyrmfang Ring. Backtrack to the central hallway and go west this time.

Cross the bridge in the middle of this next area and go south. At the end is a chest with a Bottle of Tonic. Go north, enter the passage partway up the wall, and run through the next hallway to the transport pad.

Leave the next hallway and head west. You're in another large north-south hallway. To the south is a chest containing a Sorcerer's Soul; to the north is another transport hallway. Between them are two more ledges, the north leading to a Vial of Wizard King's Secret, the south to . . . nothing, sadly. Hop on the pad in the far north hallway when you're done looking around. You'll come out in another hallway, with a waystone, which leads to a singular door . . .

. . . and behind that door, the White Witch and her Zodiarchs. Watch the cut scene, save again afterward if you want to, and proceed down the next hallway to face down the evil monarch once and for all.

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