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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Ding Dong Dell Errands

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Despite the seemingly light-hearted escapades of the adventure thus far, there is clearly a great deal going on in the background that paints a big target on little Oliver's forehead. He remains optimistic, though, and rightly so—he has just saved King Tom. No small feat.

Back in the castle, King Tom will thank you for your help and hand over his Magic Wand. You'll quickly learn that Shadar's name is not easily used—though Oliver promises to bring the Djinn down anyway. Good for you, kid. Because he's so generous, Tom will also give Oliver the Frostbite spell, the ice-elemental equivalent of Fireball, and then some. Not bad. Tom ends by suggesting you visit the city of Al Mamoon, where one of the Great Sages, Rashaad, lives. Perhaps he can help you save Oliver's mother.

Before you leave Ding Dong Dell, there is a slew of new side quests to perform back at Swift Solutions. Worth a look? Most certainly so. We'll begin with the errands.


Side Quests

1. A man standing near the waterwheel in Ding Dong Dell is looking unusually lazy.

Look near the Cawtermaster's Store for the man, who can't be bothered with anything today. This unlocks The Procrastinator. He needs Enthusiasm, and you can get some from two people by the fountain in the courtyard: one a man on patrol, the other a grimalkin sitting on a ledge. You can't get both at once, so once you've used one allotment of Enthusiasm, run back and get the other. (Don't forget to snag both—one will be used in a distant city, not too long from now.)

Completing this task will earn you three Loaves of White Bread, 30 guilders and two Merit Stamps.


2. Something seems to be troubling a woman standing in front of Swift Solutions in Ding Dong Dell.

The woman is talking to her husband, who remarks upon her listlessness. This unlocks The Idle Wife, wherein you must get her some Enthusiasm. Easy-peasy—the furry adventurer sitting on the bench just behind the woman has enough Enthusiasm to spare.

Completing this task will earn you three Bars of Chocolate, three Flans and 30 guilders, as well as two Merit Stamps. Easiest money you've ever made.

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3. A forest dweller who lives in the eastern part of the Rolling Hills appears to be having some difficulty.

Leave Ding Dong Dell and head east. You'll find a small mountain range, and in it two clumps of trees. Enter the northernmost clump to find a small forested area. A family sits inside, and they fear the Rhinobore that are rampaging about. Agree to help to take the Forest Folk task. (Don't forget to grab the Battler's Badge from the blue chest beside the petitioner, as well.) The task is simple enough—leave the forest and kill the five Rhinobores wandering the area. They're all the same, and all easy to bring down.

Completing this task will earn you three Bottles of Iced Coffee, 50 guilders and a mighty four Merit Stamps.


4. A man visiting Ding Dong Dell appears to have lost something important.

The man in question is standing outside Cat's Cradle. He wants to show you his diary, but he's lost the thing. You'll have to find it for him in the task Notes for the Hills. The diary's easy enough to find; leave Ding Dong Dell and travel northwest. You'll soon see a small island (the one in the picture) which you can check for the Traveler's Diary.

Completing this task will earn you a Giant's Tooth, 50 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

5. Travelers' Torment

Leave Ding Dong Dell and head almost directly west. On a small ridge, you'll see a ribcage (pictured to the right) atop a rise. Wandering this area is the Grumpeafowl, your latest opponent. Save and take it on.

Like your last bounty, the Grumpeafowl is accompanied by two subordinates—in this case, Sleepeafowl. This battle is a piece of cake so long as you start by attacking the Grumpeafowl and ignoring the Sleepeafowl. They have a tendency to put you to sleep, true, but if you kill them the Grumpeafowl will start to use powerful attacks that really hurt. Kill it first—its HP isn't terribly high—then move on to the peons.

Completing this bounty hunt will earn you four Salted Ice Creams, 80 guilder and two Merit Stamps.

If you've been completing every task and bounty hunt that's come your way thus far, you should now have two completed cards, allowing you to purchase some Merit Awards. At the moment you can get Jumping Jack, which allows you to jump; Jack Be Nimble, which makes you swifter on the world map; Little Jack Horner, which makes foraging more successful; Jack-in-the-Box, which makes sneak attacks easier to pull off; and Jackpot, which increases the number of glims in battle. The choice is yours, though a Jack Be Nimble and Little Jack Horner combo, or Jackpot, are probably your best choices. You can also opt to save your cards for later.

Enough dawdling. Let's get on with the main plot. Off to Al Mamoon!

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