"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Cowlipha

Updated on March 13, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

A genie? Oliver has a genie? Yep, he sure does—though even a mighty djinn of this kind will be unable to spirit him across the seas. He needs a ship, and the port of Castaway Cove is the best place to look . . .

. . . Though when they try to go there, some of the natives stop them. Apparently Oliver and Esther aren't wearing the proper attire—namely, bathing suits. The Governor explains the reasoning behind the law, then provides everyone with Bathing Suits. Tidy.

Meet up With Sindbah

Check the east end of the pier, where you last ran into the thief. You'll find a nice little ship, as well as its captain, Sindbah. After some introductions, he says he'll be happy to take you aboard—but Oliver first needs a Letter of Passage from Lowlah, the Cowlipha of Al Mamoon. Back to the desert city, it is. The trip won't be too difficult, as the enemies in the desert itself should fear your party and avoid contact.

Back to Al Mamoon

It's pretty obvious when you arrive that the thief from Castaway Cove is following the party, but no one seems to notice—and when you make your way to the palace, Esther may be the subject of another con job. (Just look at the guy's name.) All seems well enough, though, so walk up to the palace in the north.

Sleep on It

The guards won't let you in. Typical. If nothing else you get to meet Abull, Her Moojesty's vizier, who hints that the Cowlipha's appetite . . . is . . . massive. Abull's even now on his way to procure Lowlah's favourite treat, though he doesn't say what it is. Drippy suspects that you can find out more about the Cowlipha by going to Motorville to meet her soulmate—but no one knows who that could be. Best sleep on it at the Cat's Cradle in town.

Head there. Turns out the artist before wasn't a con—and the painting he was doing was for the owner of the Cat's Cradle. And, hey, it's of the Cowlipha! The artist unveils his portrait—

It looks just like Miss Leila. Of course, it does—she owns Motorville's Milk Bar.

Back to Motorville

Gateway back to Motorville to talk to her. You'll watch a long cut scene involving her and Myrtle, and at the end, you'll learn that her favourite food is cheese. More, she's so obsessed with cheese that she won't give any to Oliver. Yeesh. Pea offers a partial solution: use magic. Esther expands on this by advising that Oliver turn the milk fountains near the palace in Al Mamoon into cheese. Ooookay…

Approach the western milk fountain, outside the palace. Oliver will describe how cheese is made, but by using magic the process is slightly simpler—just use Secret Ingredient. You'll wind up with a Giant Cheese Wedge. Talk to Abull by the guards and he'll take you to the Cowlipha. The results are . . . a little hideous. Drippy knows why: she's brokenhearted and lacks Restraint. Maybe somebody in town knows a person with Restraint?

Get the Letter of Passage

Head to the Cawtermaster's Store. The owner has the perfect answer: Abull himself. Return to the palace and snag some from the vizier with Take Heart, then shunt it to Lowlah. In an instant, the Cowlipha will be back to normal . . . ish . . . and she'll happily agree to give Oliver a Letter of Passage to pass off to Sindbah. She'll also pass on info about the Great Sages, namely that there were four, and give Oliver a Portrait of the Sage living in Hamelin. Last, the Cowlipha will give Oliver the spells Nature's Tongue and Burden.

Before you leave Al Mamoon, check out Swift Solutions. There are new entries on the Errand Board, one of them in Al Mamoon.


1. A young boy standing by Al Mamoon's main gate appears to be waiting for somebody to return.

The boy has carrier pigeons, and they're being tardy. You'll have to track them down in Al Mamoon. The first is by one of the fountains in front of Cat's Cradle; the second is by the eastern fountain near the palace; the third is on a windowsill in Hootsuite. You'll have to use Nature's Tongue to talk to them.

Completing this task will earn you two Phoenix Feathers, 400 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

All done. Off to Castaway Cove!


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