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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Great Sage Rashaad

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


After a thorough once-over of Al Mamoon, jewel of the desert, Oliver has discovered the purpose of his visit on a small street corner: Great Sage Rashaad. So why's such a wise and powerful man selling babanas?

Talk to Rashaad. The Great Sage will reveal his current preoccupation with babanas: his child, a blank-eyed blonde lass named Esther, had her heartbroken by Shadar as punishment for Rashaad's meddling. Now Rashaad refuses to go against the Djinn, and nothing Oliver can say will change that.

Afterwards, Drippy reveals something more. Esther isn't just brokenhearted, she's closed her heart completely. There's more going on in this case, and you need to head to Motorville to discover the whole truth. Gateway it is.

Find the Peeking Girl

Oliver can't remember who the girl reminds him of, but if you think back to the beginning of the game, it's pretty obvious. She's the one who was peeking on Oliver and Philip while they were carting out their custom car for a ride. Go straight south to Philip's garage and Oliver will spy the girl's window overlooking the outside world, and the girl herself will be peeking through.


Run around to the front of her house and knock on the door. No one will answer—and a passing woman will comment that the girl's parents, particularly her father, have been out of sorts lately. Something's not right here, and until Oliver intervenes, things will stay broken. He decides to be direct and barge into Myrtle's house; Spring Lock will do the trick . . .

Enter the House

. . . or perhaps not? Some evil power appears to be protecting the house. Hrm. You'll need to take a different approach. Walk west down the street a short ways and that approach will run by Oliver: none other than Pea, the mystery girl. She'll run up to the house, and when you check the door, it'll be open. Thanks, Pea!

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Inside, Oliver will properly meet Myrtle. She says she's sick, and can't go outside—though Drippy believes that any sickness in her body is long since gone. Something else is up. Myrtle asks Oliver to leave before her father gets home, and it's highly suggested that he's a big part of the problem. Off to Rusty's Auto Repair in the west to talk to Papa Myrtle.

(Drippy suggests being 'good and prepared' before you enter the garage. This is a not-so-subtle hint to save your game. If necessary, you should also go back to Al Mamoon and sleep your HP and MP back to full.)

Find Rusty

Enter the garage. Rusty is busy working on a car, and a strange, purple cloud seems to be dancing around him. His wife enters and offers him some lunch, but Rusty's having none of it and orders her away. He tries to do the same to Oliver—though the purple cloud overwhelms him, transporting Rusty, Oliver and Drippy to a bizarre realm watched over by something called Rusty's Nightmare. It wants to fight!


Rusty's Nightmare

Rusty's Nightmare isn't too hard, but it will probably take a while to defeat. The Nightmare splits its time between rushing up to swipe at your character and teleporting away to use distance attacks or just confuse you. Bring out a familiar with high defences (probably your Mite) whenever it's physically attacking to minimize the damage and bash back. Whenever it retreats, switch back to Oliver and either blast it will Frostbite or be prepared to defend against its signature attack, Hard Heart, which will do decent damage and cause blindness or poison to your character. Retreat and heal if your status becomes compromised, and keep circling as you whittle down its HP. Note, too, that when struck physically it will drop purple glims—don't grab these, as they'll do damage.

Rusty will still be heartbroken after the battle, and rebuff his wife's attempts to help. Drippy knows the score: you need Kindness to heal his soul. Fortunately, his wife's got it in spades. Talk to her, then Take Heart to get a nice dose of Kindness. Give it to Rusty. He'll quickly revert back to his old self.

Head Back to Al Mamoon

Run back and tell Myrtle. After a lengthy, emotional cut scene—one that Drippy seems to snub in favour of a hat? Myrtle will resolve her issues. Use Take Heart at the end of it to partake in some of Myrtle's Courage, then use Gateway to zip back to Al Mamoon. Rush up to Rashaad's babana stand and give the Courage to Esther.

After another lengthy cut scene where you learn about a fabled flute called the Clarion, Rashaad will agree to help Oliver against Shadar. What's more, Esther will join the party with her familiar, Gogo. Rashaad will also give Oliver the Puppet String, Secret Ingredient, Magic Lamp and Pulse spells. What a haul!

On to the Temple of Trials

There's more. This meagre selection of spells won't be enough to beat Shadar. Oliver needs some sage training—and he can get it at the Temple of Trials in the northern part of the desert. Rashaad will come with you to make sure Oliver gets inside. Destination set!

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