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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Last Minute Errands


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Shadar might be gone, but the mystery threat of the White Witch continues to loom— and it may loom from the lost world of Nazcaa. Oliver hardly has time to engage in side-stage tomfoolery . . . but, well, this being an RPG . . .


1. A Ding Dong Dell gatekeeper has lost something important, and is terribly flustered as a result.

Hey, look! It's the guard Oliver drew his first emotions from, out front of Ding Dong Dell! He's terribly troubled, as somebody has stolen his prized Cat's Whiskers. And not just anybody—a monster. Agree to find The Cat's Whiskers and you'll have to hunt this monster down. He instructs you to follow the footprints.

Set out onto the world map and, by following the instructions given by the footprints, you'll wind up by a small lake, facing the thief—a Gobforsaken. It's stronger than the average member of its species, though the beast should offer you no real trouble . . . which is unfortunate, as it turns out to be innocent.

Head back to Ding Dong Dell. There's a new set of tracks that split from the old at a large rock formation. Follow them to the far northwest of the Rolling Hills to find the REAL culprit, a Puss in Boots. Like the Gobforsaken, it's a slightly stronger version of the normal cats . . . and it, too, is innocent. Lord.

Zip back to Ding Dong Dell. Follow the trail to the northwest again, but when you reach the mountains, go south. You'll find the real thief in seconds, for sure and definite—an Igneous Supremus. The beast isn't too tough, though it has the annoying ability to heal itself. Wear it down and you'll win back the Cat's Whiskers, which you can return to the guard.

Complete this task to earn a Radiant Blade, 3000 guilders and eight Merit Stamps.


2. A Mamooni artist is struggling to complete his lost painting.

One guess who this might be. Yep—it's Con, still hanging out in Al Mamoon's Cat's Cradle. He's struggling over his latest painting, and he needs the proper model to get the work done. Agree to The Artist's Muse and you'll have to find that model. He requires a forest dweller with short hair and a necklace. This is a tough one to find—the girl is in a forest north of Nazcaa (southwest island on the world map), on a small island called Turtle Crag. Talk to the girl here and you'll instantly jump back to Al Mamoon. (You can also get a Suit of Enigma Armor from a purple chest in this forest.)

Completing this task will earn you a Shield of the Pure, 3000 guilders and six Merit Stamps.


3. The Raj Mahal curry stand is doing great business—and yet something appears to be troubling its owner.

Good ol' Raj is in a fix again. His curry is now so popular that he gets delivery requests from all over the place, and he's so busy making the stuff that he has no time to get it to the customers. He asks that Oliver deliver things in his stead. (Bet he'd be able to do it on his own if he had a dragon.) Agree to Curry in a Hurry and you'll have to ship his curry to these places, in this order:

  • The Sheikh of Spice, who's standing beside the Swift Solutions in Al Mamoon.
  • The Governor of Castaway Cove, who's standing out on the docks.
  • William Abel, the owner of the Black Market in Hamelin, who's in his store.
  • The bartender of the Crypt Casino, on the Tombstone Trail.
  • A forest dweller west of Ding Dong Dell. Open the minimap and look to the northwest corner of Rolling Hills. The forest is at the southern end of a small niche in the mountains. (You can also check the chest here for Slumbernot Leaves, and if you stand opposite the statue in the back you'll be able to target a green chest with a Bottle of Pixie Dew.

Completing this task will earn you twenty Bowls of Tikka Mahala, 3000 guilders and eight Merit Stamps. That's a lot of curry.


4. A Hamelin man is having great difficulty staying awake.

The man wanders the road near Hamelin's Swift Solutions, and he has a terrible problem: he can't stay awake. He needs a particular kind of alarm clock called a Sleep-be-Gone to get rid of his slumber stumbles. Agree to Wakey, Wakey and you'll be tasked with tracking down a variety of items, notably:

  • A Sleep-be-Gone, which you can buy at a Hootsuite.
  • A Cappuccino, which you can brew with one Strong Coffee, one bundle of Slumbernot Leaves and three Creamy Milks.
  • A familiar that knows Rise and Shine, many of which do—Turbandits are an easy-to-find example.

The last will do the trick. Completing this task will earn you a Dragon Lance, 3000 guilders and seven Merit Stamps.


Find Horace

Before you head off to find Nazcaa, there's one last task to accomplish: finding Horace. He's returned to his gravesite in Ding Dong Dell, not far from the palace, and he has a most challenging riddle for Oliver. It involves deciphering the Nazcaan on his gravestone and puzzling out an answer from the Wizard's Companion. The inscription, translated and reversed, reads:


Open your Wizard's Companion to the spells and look at the first two spells. The black strokes in the book, combined, look like the spell strokes for another spell: Unleash. There's your answer. Solve the riddle and Horace will give Oliver the Thunderstorm spell. He'll then tell you the circumstances of his death . . . and say he's off to find the place where he died. You'll find him there next time.

That's enough for side quests. You have to find the fabled land of Nazcaa! Call your dragon and head into the west!

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