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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Nazcaa Errands and Bounty Hunts


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The end of Ni no Kuni is in sight. The White Witch's true identity has been revealed, and so has her castle in the sky. Now it falls to Oliver to lead an attack on her fortress and bring her down for good. It behoves everyone's favourite hero to be prepared for such an adventure, no? Time for some Errands!

Or, rather, just one. Assuming you've been completing every Errand up to this point, you'll only find a single new entry on Swift Solutions' Errand Board . . . one that will make you tear your hair out the moment you read the description.


1. A man visiting Castaway Cove appears to have lost something important.

The gentlemanly idiot took a pass on Perdida, but he's back at full force in Castaway Cove. The blimey bugger is standing on the eastern bridge, and after a shipwreck on a deserted island (which he somehow survived?), he's MANAGED TO LOSE HIS DIARY. Ugh. Agree to Notes from the Fog and he'll tell you that he made his last entry while sitting on the head of a statue, and that there was a picture of a skull nearby. Yep, he means Nazcaa. Travel to Ara Memoriea and wander down the path to the south and back to the original landing spot. Along the way you'll see a picture of a skull etched into the landscape; the Traveler's Diary is on the statue to its right.

Returning the stupid thing one final, last and conclusive time will earn you a Diva's Mantle, 3000 guilders and seven Merit Stamps.


Bounty Hunts

1. Vicious Venom

Ahh, another Fug. A Smoggy Fug, no less! The creature is on the Spindle, an island off Autumnia's east coast, and it's just as hopelessly bad at battle as its predecessors. It will occasionally attack, often miss, and generally just be a nuisance you have to chip down to nothing. These poor creatures never stand much of a chance.

Completing this task will earn you a Darkness Beckons Gem, 3000 guilders and eight Merit Stamps.


2. Save the Researchers

Researchers can't seem to do anything right other than researching. When you arrive on Nazcaa, you'll find their bane, a giant Doric Collum, standing in front of Ara Memoriea. Similar to the Collum from ages before, the Doric Collum is a straight out defensive wall and physical attacker. It wanders about the field (rather quickly, to your surprise) and batters on anyone who's open. Bring out another defensive wall to get its attention while your mages batter it with spells. Electrical and wind-based spells are particularly effective. Not hard, just time-consuming.

Completing this task will earn you a Cat King's Claws, 3000 guilders and eight Merit Stamps.


3. Terror on the Tundra

Ahh, another of these portly fellows. The strongest of the lot thus far, Celestius Primus waits for your group on Scrooge Island, to the southwest of Yule. Primus is similar to its kin: a little slow, high on HP, a decent hitter, but not all that hard. This version is vulnerable to fire, so slam it with fire attacks for a quick enough win.

Completing this task will earn you an Earsplitter Gem, 3000 guilders and eight Merit Stamps.

All done? Ready to tackle the White Witch? Travel back to the Iron Wyvern and talk to Kublai. The battle approaches!

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