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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: King Tom

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For somebody who just crossed from one world to the next, Oliver is taking his trip rather well. There's evidence of unease, though, and when you stay at the inn, Oliver has an odd, prophetic dream about his mother . . . hopefully, it does not bode ill for the future . . .

Pick up Your New Duds

Save your progress after staying the night, then head out to the Hootique to fetch Oliver's new duds. Though Oliver has some reservations about the cape, you can't argue with the —free. Strap on your new set of Traveler's Clothes and head out the door—but not before talking to Hootennany again. She's now selling food, for some reason, and has a nice stock of treats for your familiar. Grab a few physically-inclined treats—Chocolates, Flans, Ice Creams and Pies are good purchases for Mitey.

Go to the Castle

Now that Oliver's looking the part of a proper otherworlder, you'll be able to get into the castle and see the king. Make your way to the north, head to the gates, proudly present yourself . . .

. . . and stop dead. King Tom isn't seeing anyone at the moment because somebody lost his precious Red Herring in the castle moat. (Look up 'red herring' on Google. Hmm!) Drippy suggests that the Herring may have made its way into town; best head back and have a look.

Find the Red Herring

If you've been thoroughly searching Ding Dong Dell, you should know where to look right away: the pond just north of Swift Solutions. Drippy will spot the fish almost immediately, though when you try to hop over the posts in the water to catch it the Herring will dart away, back to the palace. Give chase to the tombstone to the east of the castle's entrance to find the Red Herring, flopping about on the path up to the grave. Grab it and head back to the gate.


The guard on the left will happily let you in after you present the Herring to him, though he will warn you that King Tom has become rather lax and lazy. Inside, King Tom does present that sort of demeanour—though his interest is piqued when he learns of Drippy's desire to bring down the Dark Djinn. Nevertheless, King Tom declines the request for a wand and sends you on your way.

Find Some Enthusiasm

Outside the castle, Drippy concludes that King Tom is lacking in Enthusiasm. The Djinn has obviously gotten to him. You can't steal Enthusiasm from the guard outside the gates again, though, so, what's to be done? You need to find someone else who's enthusiastic. The Telling Stone then chimes in, letting you know how this can be done—via the Locket. It will glow green on your minimap in the presence of Enthusiasm.

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The person you need is in the eastern part of town, north of the Cawtermaster's Store. It's that kid who wants to smash mice! His name's Tommy Stout, and he's determined to save the town from rampaging mice. He's also all too happy to share some Enthusiasm with you, so use Take Heart to grab a bit. Race back to the castle!

The Enthusiasm does the trick. As soon as you use Give Heart, King Tom will immediately perk up. He'll then offer Oliver a reward—and, of course, Oliver wants a new wand. King Tom says he has to go looking for his before he can hand it over, so you'll have to come back later . . . but in the meantime, he gives you the spells Spring Lock and Rejuvenate. He also grants you permission to visit and use the Cawtermaster's Store, previously denied to you.

While you're in the area, you may also want to take on the sole Bounty Hunt available from Swift Solutions' Taskmaster. Skip past this part if you're not interested.


Vegetable Thief

A thief has been stealing from a farmer's fields somewhere south of Ding Dong Dell. Enter the world map and expand the map; you'll see a blue dot near the beach to the southeast of Ding Dong Dell. This is a Gruffian, which you can optionally battle. Save, then take it on.

This will probably be your toughest battle yet, as you're outnumbered and outgunned. You need to spend most of the fight alternating between Oliver and the familiar. Let the familiar out for a while, dance around and beat on the Ruffs, then switch back to Oliver to heal. Take out the lesser Ruffs first, then concentrate on the Gruffian. So long as you conserve all of your magic for Healing Touch and resist the urge to use Fireball, this battle isn't too bad.

Return to the Taskmaster to earn your reward: a Well-Worn Sword and 50 guilders, along with two Merit Stamps.

Go Collect Your Swag

Bounty hunt done. It probably would have been easier with one of the weapons you can buy at the Cawtermaster's Store—but when you get there you'll discover that the Well-Worn Sword is the best (and most expensive) weapon he has. Now you don't have to buy it. Woot! If you've been completing the errands in Ding Dong Dell you'll already have a Wooden Shield, as well, leaving the Giant's Tooth as the only thing you might want to buy. Purchase to your heart's content, then head back to the castle to collect your wand.

. . . only . . . it's not here. And when you arrive, you receive word that King Tom has gone missing. The guards are in a tizzy and don't seem to know what to do. Drippy does, fortunately: find the king! Get to work!

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