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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Ding Dong Dell Celebration


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Time to celebrate! Shadar is gone, and the shadow that has loomed over the world of Ni no Kuni has lifted. Everyone's showing up to a massive party in Ding Dong Dell, and when Oliver and his friends arrive, the festivities are just beginning. There are no Errands or Bounty Hunts to do, so rush to the north of town and join in!

Time to Go Home . . .

Head to King Tom's palace. His Meowjesty will thank Oliver for his aid and ask what Oliver would like in return. The answer is simple: to go home. Everyone's downtrodden at the request, but they wish Oliver well anyway. They also decide that his departure must be a part of the celebrations of Ding Dong Dell.


. . . Not

Talk to King Tom again after you've saved. Oliver will cast Gateway to leave… and be interrupted by the falling of ash. The people of Ding Dong Dell will be changed into beasts, and only Marcassin's sudden arrival saves the party from a grisly fate. Oliver wakes up on the Iron Wyvern, high in the sky, and learns that Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoon and Hamelin have all met the same fate. The group has to find out more about this 'manna' that's changing everyone—and Marcassin invites himself along on the adventure. Betcha didn't see another party member coming!


Head to Motorville

Your next destination is Motorville, as Oliver believes that Pea might be able to help. Save on the deck of the Iron Wyvern, then use Gateway to zap Oliver back home. Run to his house after the next cutscene, and look in Oliver's room to find Pea. Oliver will cheer her up, and she'll accompany him from this point on. Use Gateway to return to the Iron Wyvern. You'll find it overwhelmed by the Manna, but, well, Pea is more than she appears. Cut scenes abound!

In the end, the group will wind up back in Ding Dong Dell, and it's looking rather poorly. Despite what Drippy says, you can happily mash the residents of the town with no lasting ill effects. Make your way to the north of Ding Dong Dell and enter the palace after saving at the entrance. King Tom's waiting inside, and he's not happy to see you.


King Tom XIV

King Tom is a two-part boss fight. At first, he's little more than bounty strength, waddling about on all fours, attacking physically and occasionally using his line attack, Royal Roar. Deplete his health and he'll get it all back by standing up. This is when the real battle begins. King Tom is much faster like this, and he alternates between strong punches, a horrible Cat Slap attack which can hit you from much further away than you'd think, and Itchy Scratchy, an all-hitting strike that may cause poison if it's not blocked. Nothing is particularly effective against Tom, so simply use your strongest attacks. Bringing out Oliver's spells isn't a great idea, as he's extremely vulnerable to Cat Slap, but do what you must to win.

Once King Tom is down, Pea will use 'Sanckify' to get rid of the dark crystal that's powering the Manna in Ding Dong Dell. Back on the Iron Wyvern, you'll learn much of Pea's history . . . or perhaps it's Cassiopeia? Either way, you'll earn the Flower of Youth and head off to a new destination: the Manna-ridden city of Al Mamoon.

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