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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Manna


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The world's not doing so well, despite the timely departure of Shadar. The White Queen, whoever she may be, is turning the people of the three big kingdoms into bestial zombies with forbidden magic. Oliver and the gang have stopped her cold in Ding Dong Dell, but that doesn't mean she can't attack elsewhere—namely, Al Mamoon.

Restock in Perdida

Before you set off to save the second of the three kingdoms, you may want to take this opportunity to restock in one of the lesser towns—likely Perdida. The peddler here can help you restock in the wake of the trip through Shadar's castle and the zombified Ding Dong Dell. If you check the Familiar Retreat, you'll also receive three Phoenix Tears, a Firewall Gem, a Snowblower Gem, a Thunderstorm Gem. Thanks, weird shadow dude!


Travel to Al Mamoon

Travel to Al Mamoon. The city has been swathed in the same Manna mist as Ding Dong Dell, and is crawling with zombies. They're still pretty slow, fortunately, and you can get by virtually all of them without a fight if you move quickly. Head for the palace in the north, save outside, and head in to confront what's surely going to be one enraged Cowlipha.


Queen Lowlah

Queen Lowlah is just as strong as she looks. The mad bovine starts off on all fours, like King Tom, and spends most of the battle stationary. Attack from in front or behind, as she'll roll around the room if you assault her flanks. Pretty standard stuff. The fight gets more interesting when you whittle down her HP, as she'll regenerate her health, stand up, and gain a new attack called Flying Cow. It's pretty much what you'd expect, and it stuns people who fail to Defend. Though she hits fairly hard, it isn't suicide to approach her. Physical attacks work just as well as magic in bringing her down.

Beating Lowlah will bring her back to her right mind, and when the crew returns to the Iron Wyvern you'll be treated to more of Pea's story. The Council is looking worse and worse all the time. You'll receive the Flower of Faith, and you'll be off to your final stop: Hamelin.



Zombies? Zombies. Looks like having a roof couldn't save the people of Hamelin. The transport circles have been disabled, so you have little choice but to walk through the streets to the palace. Once you're inside, head for Marcassin's quarters. You'll be stopped in the ballroom by the massive Porco Loco, and it's hardly here to welcome its emperor home.

Porco Loco

More porcine mechanical madness! Porco Loco is a swift battle machine, but one that doesn't do as much damage as you might think. It has two forms, like the previous bosses, though the first form isn't that much less dangerous than the first. Porco Loco's only really dangerous attack is Pork Scrappings—but it's less dangerous than other boss moves, as it hits within a wide range, not everyone automatically. Keep away from Porco Loso and use electrical attacks to stun the thing and bring it down with relative ease. Physical attacks don't do much to this rickety pig, so let your fighters Defend and draw its fire while the mages do their stuff from the back lines. Beating Porco Roso will earn you a Gryo-Grappler.


Your Next Objective

Hamelin will be back to normal after Pea does her thing, and some Hamelin troops will give Marcassin various alchemical formulae to help in his struggle. Back on the Iron Vulture, you'll learn the rest of Pea's tragic story, gain the Flower of Hope, and discover your next objective: finding the lost kingdom of Nazcaa.

Or . . .

You know . . .

Maybe it's time to do some more Errands?

It's only the fate of the world on the line, after all. No big deal.


Matt Bird (author) from Canada on February 06, 2013:

Fair advice, and I did do that earlier in the game, but by this point I had so much money from Errands and Bounty Hunts and straight out killing enemies that dropping cash on a few dozen Cheeseburgers wasn't a big deal. If memory serves the only big place to spend cash past here is Smiley and Surly's store, and the stuff isn't that much better (if it's better at all) than what you can get doing Errands.

Notajoo on February 06, 2013:

There's no reason to stock up at all, since every battle you can steal healing and mana restoring items. They all give you fish burgers, pixie dews, sprite dews, espresso, and cappuccino and as far as I can tell it is a guaranteed steal.

At the beginning of each battle with the "infected", if you will, just start with swaine, put everyone else on all out defense. Steal once from each one and then all out attack. By the time you're done cleansing the towns you will have tons of good restorative items and you don't have to spend a dime.

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