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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Perdida

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Oliver and company need to find Khulan, queen of the fallen kingdom of Xanadu, in order to find the Mornstar of the present. However, she's gone missing—and one of her ghostly guards doesn't know quite enough to help with the search. You'll have to do it on your own.

Leave Hamelin and summon Tengri. Your destination is mercifully close: the remote mountain town of Perdida, a short ways northwest of Hamelin. Land in front of it and head inside. The guard won't be happy at first, though he'll let you through when Oliver shows him the Wings of Xanadu. He warns that the queen might not be able to chat right now, however, and you may have to wait. Start by having a look around town.


Explore Perdida

  • North of the entrance is a peddler. He carries a lot of ridiculously expensive gear. You'll have to make several trips to him to afford it all, unless you've been doing a lot of grinding.
  • To the left of the peddler is a Cat's Cradle. You'll receive another Regions of the World page for staying the night. You can also get a Patty Cake from the chest.
  • Up the stairs and to the east is a Swift Solutions branch. There's nothing new here—yet—but it's still worth checking, because inside is . . .
  • Horace! The pesky poltergeist has made his way to Perdida, and he's asking you about your Regions of the World pages. (Hopefully you've been staying at the Cat's Cradles.) He wants to know which Nazcaan rune appears only once in the Regions of the World section, and which area it belongs to. The answer is 'Jabal al-Dukhan', otherwise known as Old Smoky. Answering the riddle will earn you the Veil spell. Horace will then zip back to the place where you first met him - Ding Dong Dell. (Though you won't find him if you go there immediately.)
  • In the north is Queen Khulan's palace. You can't enter it yet, but you can get a Bottle of Pixie Dew from a blue chest to the right of the entrance, and a Fruit Flan from a red chest to the south-west.
  • To the west, behind a wall, is a Handful of Snowdrop Bonbons.
  • And, in the house to the far west, you'll find a purple chest—and an old woman worth talking to.

Off to the Palace!

The woman, as well as the party, will more or less reveal the obvious: the whole city is brokenhearted, possibly because of Queen Khulan's 'blessings'. Oliver is determined to make sure the little girl, Nina, doesn't end up like everyone else. Off to the palace to put a stop to these blessings!

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It's obvious from the moment you arrive that Khulan is messed up—and when Nina refuses Khulan's blessing, purple wisps appear around her and swallow everyone into an otherworldly void. You know what this means by now. Khulan's Nightmare is about to strike!


Khulan's Nightmare

Khulan's Nightmare is possibly the most annoying of Nightmares for the simple reason that it barely gives you a second to breathe. The Nightmare will spend the battle chasing down your characters and alternating between two all-hitting attacks, Cruel Rain and Pitch Black, which inflict poison and blindness on anyone who's not defending. Worse, Cruel Rain leaves purple patches on the ground that inflict poison whenever they're touched. Very annoying. Stay on the defensive in this battle, maintaining a great distance from the Nightmare and casting holy spells that will do the most damage. Defending against all of the Nightmare's attacks will greatly raise the chances of getting a golden glim, and it's through these glims that you'll get your chance to do some real damage. Don't even bother trying to cure anybody who's been poisoned, as it will likely get re-inflicted again a few seconds later. Beating Khulan's Nightmare will net you a Cherub's Wing.

A lot will happen in the aftermath of the battle, including the arrival of Kublai, who turns out to be a former resident of Xanadu. Makes sense. Take Love from the gruff Sky Pirate and bestow it on Khulan to bring her back to her senses. The following scene will be a little awkward for everyone . . .


Restore Mornstar

. . . though it will net you a story, How the Little Girl Became Queen. Khulan will also agree to perform the ceremony that should restore Mornstar to full power. Go through with it and you'll not only get the all-new Mornstar, Oliver will learn Healing Hand, Fortune's Fool and Unleash. Unleash is particularly neat, as it allows you to call the guardians whose souls you've been hoarding into battle. Now Oliver can face down Shadar on an equal footing.

Prepare to Enter Shadar's Castle

Not. First, you have to reach Shadar's castle, a place protected by a thick miasma, and the miasma can only be undone by the Clarion, a horn held by the old kings. You'll have to remake the Clarion by collecting . . . three pieces . . . why does this sound so horribly familiar?

The Clarion is now your top priority. With Perdida is back in shape, though, Errands abound, some of them in this very town. Head to Swift Solutions to see them done—and prepare for another lengthy quest, as your repowered Mornstar can now open all those purple chests you've been finding. You should go open them all!

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