"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Nevermore

Updated on April 3, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

His powers and faith restored, Oliver is finally ready to face Shadar in his fortress of Nevermore. Will his new spell, Mornstar, be enough to bring the Dark Djinn down for good? Or is Oliver doomed to failure? Let's find out.

You start out back in Perdida, so you'll have to wade through the Miasma Marshes again. Fortunately, there's now a warp point right at the entrance which will take you to the platform where you faced Vileheart. Make your way across the blasted landscape and enter the tunnel at the end to come to Nevermore, as well as a sweet cut scene. Save outside the castle and enter when you're good and prepared.

Make Your Way Through the Castle

Head north into the castle. The path ahead doesn't exist, so go west and touch the orb you find to create stairs. To the east is a blue chest with a Vial of Sage's Secret. You'll find the same at the next crossroads to the north, though the orb is to the east while a chest with a Pouch of Phoenix Breath is to the west.

Go through the large doors in the north. To your left is a chest with a Bottle of Sprite Dew. Your world will get rather topsy-turvy as you head up the stairs; go to the left (up) to find a Dragon Lance, then backtrack and go right (down) to reach another set of branching stairs. Straight ahead is a chest with a Set of Griffin's Teeth.

Go left here and you'll find a Shield of the Pure. Go back down and right and you'll find a chest with a Bottle of Nostrum, as well as a door. Inside the door is a circular chamber. The door to the right is useless; go to the door on your left.

The door leads to a twisting hallway. On your left are three doors. In the first is a blue chest with an All-be-Gone; the second is a dead end; the third leads to an orb. Activate the orb to create a stairway in the hall. Before going up the stairs, open the purple chest here to obtain a Radiant Blade. This is an absolutely fantastic draining weapon that you don't want to miss. Go up the stairs that appeared and check the chest for a Vial of Great Sage's Secret.

Activate the orb inside the door. It will create a stairway in the circular room you passed through earlier. Backtrack to it, run up the stairs, save at the waystone in the incredibly-familiar hallway beyond . . . and walk to the room at the end. Watch the cut scene, enjoy the revelation, and get ready to fight the Dark Djinn.

Shadar: The Executor

Shadar is almost—almost—identical to the last time you fought him. He still uses Bleak Midwinter (all-hitting with stun), Fell Wind (area attack) and Pyre (single target) as he teleports about the area. This time, though, he adds in the powerful Evenstar to further devastate your party, and though it adds no extra effects it really, really hurts. Ignore close-range attacks and bombard Shadar with spells and tricks from a distance, as he teleports too quickly to catch. Holy spells work great against him, particularly Mornstar, and his HP isn't as monstrous as you might think. He's strong, but he's quite beatable. So long as you always use All-Out Defense in time your party won't go down too easily.

After you beat Shadar, he'll conjure up a new spectre for you to tackle: the Eternal Knight. You have the same amount as HP and MP as you did when you ended the last battle, so start this next one off with a quick recharge!

Eternal Knight

Tough though he looks, Eternal Knight is a pushover. He's incredibly slow, very easy to lead with a single character, and though his range is great it's quite simple to avoid his attacks. Take command with Oliver and draw his attention while everyone else chips away at his sides, casting Arrow of Light when he's close by and Mornstar when he's far away (it has an abysmally long casting time). As soon as you get a hint of Eternal Knight using his all-hitting Onslaught attack, put up your defenses. Golden glims are quite common in this fight. He has a lot of HP, but magic will wreck Eternal Knight.

Shadar's not done yet. Calling on unholy powers, he turns himself into a massive giant of dark energy. You have one final battle before the Dark Djinn is truly destroyed! (And, thank god, your HP and MP are back at full!)

Shadar: The Dark Djinn

The mighty Dark Djinn isn't nearly as difficult as his massive form lets on. He has a lot of attacks, but the way the battle's set up makes them rather predictable.

  • His Full Sweep attack is just a brush of his arm. Defend.
  • Circles of Hell causes erupting circles to appear on the stage. You have a few seconds to Defend or get away from them. Moving is usually pretty easy.
  • Blast from Beyond is a massive beam that assaults the left side of the stage. Stay on the right side and you don't even have to Defend.
  • Despair is the same as Blast from Beyond, only it's directed at the right side of the stage. Move and you're fine.
  • World's End is the only attack that should cause real concern, as it's an all-hitting blast that will almost certainly knock out anyone who isn't Defending. When Drippy warns you to put your guard up, take him seriously. Once he uses this Shadar will be stunned, so take advantage of his slump and beat him around for a while.

If you take control of Oliver in this fight, you'll have little to no problem. Stay at the rear of the stage and hurtle Mornstar after Mornstar at the beast. If that's not an option, use other holy spells or bring out a physical hitter to beat him around, as normal attacks are quite effective against this immobile boss. With time and patience, you'll humble Shadar once and for all.

The cut scene afterward is quite telling of Shadar, and his goals. Watch it and you'll receive the spell Evenstar and Alicia's Pendant, which probably means . . . yeah . . . the game's not over yet. Shadar may be gone . . . but his master remains.


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