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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The King of Curries

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The secrets of metamorphosis are yours! Shadar is going DOWN! It's off to see how things are going in Al Mamoon!

But wait! As soon as you leave the gorge leading to the Temple of Trials, a volcano explodes to life in the distance! Old Smoky is on the rampage, so to speak, and it's implied that something sinister is at work. Shadar? Probably so. You really should deal with that.

. . . but, this being an RPG, you can also afford to do a side quest or two—and now that you have Bridge, you can complete the quest for the curry guy in Al Mamoon. Worth the bother? Most definitely.

Visit Raj

Head to the milk fountains in the north of Al Mamoon. The petitioner, a beefy fellow named Raj, has his cart set up beside the eastern fountain. He's lacking the ingredients needed for Tikka Mahala, a legendary curry. He asks that you go looking for them, opening up The King of Curries.

Finding the Beef and Rice

To complete the dish he needs Fluffy Rice, Tender Beef, and a Pinch of the Sheikh's Special Spices. The Beef and the Rice are a piece of cake—go visit the Hootique to pick up a bit of each.


Finding the Spices

The spices are another matter. They can be procured from the Sheikh of Spices, found outside Swift Solutions. Unfortunately, he's lacking in Enthusiasm, which opens up the task The Sheikh of Spice task. If you haven't already used it, there's a merchant on this very street with Enthusiasm; if you have, you'll have to check the courtyard way back in Ding Dong Dell. Completing this task will earn you two Sandwiches, 100 guilders, and two Merit Stamps.

Though the Sheikh doesn't have the ingredients to make his spices. He'll need a Tumeric Root and three Generous Pinches of Spicy Seeds. The Root can be procured from another bounty hunt that will be opened when you complete this task, and the Seeds from a volcano.

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  • The Spicy Seeds: The Seeds aren't that difficult to get. Check your minimap on the world map. To the east is a sinister-looking area leading up to a volcano. Yonder lies Old Smoky, the active lava spire that is your next major destination. You can get two of the Pinches of Spicy Seeds at any time, though for the last one you'll need the Bridge spell. The enemies here aren't much tougher than in the desert, though icy and watery attacks will make life much easier.
  • The Precious Root: The holder of the root is the Lumberwood, a beast that's perched atop a cliff overlooking Golden Grove's southern exit. Though it's a bounty hunt, the Lumberwood is an absolute pushover if you use a barrage of physical attacks. Smack it down and you'll get the Tumeric Root.

And, when you report the bounty, you'll get five Bars of Milk Chocolate, 200 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

Dish Out the Tikka Malhala

Bring both of these ingredients to the Sheikh of Spice and he'll quickly combine them into a Bowl of Sheikh's Special Spices. Take all three ingredients to Raj and he'll serve up a dish of Tikka Malhala—and then give you five of them, as well as 200 guilders and four Merit Stamps. This might not seem that great, but for this point in the game, Tikka Mahalas are by far the best healing item at 150 HP a pop. You can also buy more from Raj for 200 guilders each, which is a fairly reasonable price.


Time to save Al Mamoon from certain fiery destruction? Not yet! Now that you're back from the Temple of Trials and can catch familiars, someone has an errand for you. Check out the Errand Board to get the details.


1. A man in Al Mamoon is looking for someone who is capable of befriending creatures.

The man is standing near the inn. His name is Derwin, and he's a research in the field of familiarology. He'll unlock the task Desert Creatures, which requires you to bring him two creatures for study. One looks like a bunch of unripe bananas, and the other wears a purple turban. An easy enough task, this—just get into fights with Green Bunchers and Turbandits until you catch one of each. This may take you five minutes, this may take you two hours—you may even have them both already. Regardless, it is possible.

For completing this task, you'll earn a Stardrop, a Moondrop, 500 guilders and four Merit Stamps. Not a bad haul—the Stardrop and Moondrop will probably come in handy during your evolutionary exploits.

Right. Enough dawdling. The city's still in peril, yes? Off to Old Smoky!

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