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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Ding Dong Well

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


King Tom has gone missing, and the culprit appears to be a band of marauding mice. Ding Dong Well is the best place to go looking for him, and with two familiars under his belt, Oliver is prepared for his second dungeon-delving journey.

But wait! What's this? According to Drippy, Spring Lock can be used to unlock those blue chests you keep finding. There are two you can open right now.

  • The chest in Hootsuite has a Sandwich. Not very glamorous, but it was easy to find 0 and it will easily restore all of Oliver's HP at this point in the game.
  • The chest in Whispering Waterfalls holds a Creamy Flan. Used for bolstering a familiar's Defence, it can be handy for either of your teammates. (This article will show you how to find the second chest.)

Enter Ding Dong Well

As soon as you enter Ding Dong Well you'll be attacked, and learn how to switch between familiars in-battle. Even if you have equipped your new familiar, you're better off leaving the next few battles to the old, until your new one is beefed up. The enemies down here are a bit more powerful and aggressive, so watch for moments to Defend and try to converse your MP. Rabbots are particularly annoying; hold off when the battle begins to see if they'll hit you with a special attack you can Defend before staunchly going on the offensive.

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Find Your Way Through the Well

  • To your north is a split in the road. West is a dead end, so go east. Follow the path north to another split, and go down into the water to the east to find a Bottle of Iced Coffee. Backtrack to the split and go east instead, then north. The path will again split; head west to find a chest containing Poison-Be-Gone. Head back east.
  • Go through the door. Inside you'll find a statue of King Tom, surrounded by three braziers. You need to light all three braziers using Fireball (yes, you can use it outside battle) as quickly as possible. Take too long and they'll go out one-by-one. Fireball is a costly spell, so try not to make any missteps.
  • Beyond are more corridors. Head west first to find a chest with a Bottle of Iced Coffee, then go back east. Your walk will take you down into the water, and hidden beside the curving stairs is a blue chest containing a Spiral Horn.
  • To the east of here is a lit area, another locked area to the north, and a fourth brazier. You still need to light three of them to get the next section unlocked, however. Easy enough puzzle; go south from the brazier to find a back tunnel leading to another King Tom statue. Along the way are the next two braziers. Start with the one in the hall, south of the statue, then run north and light the one by the statue. To the left of the statue is rubble you can climb up to reach the previous room, where you can light the final brazier
  • Go down the stairs. You're now in a deeper section of Ding Dong Well, and the enemies are a bit tougher than before (though not a problem if you've been levelling steadily). Start by going straight north, to the end of the first section of tunnel; at the end, you'll find a purple chest you can't open yet and a Sandwich. Backtrack south and take your first left (east). If you look to the south down here you'll see a green chest that's in a blocked-off tunnel. Note it for later, and go north to the stairs. Use the waystone at the bottom. Perhaps you've reached the end?

Hickory Dock

Perhaps! You come across King Tom, who's squaring off with a giant purple mouse. Say hello to Hickory Dock, lord of the mice, and he has no interest in anyone who's friends with Tom. You don't have any time to negotiate—it's a battle for sure!

Hickory Dock is a big step up in difficulty from previous battles, though he follows an easy enough pattern. Most of the time he'll follow you and try to swipe you with his scepter. Whenever he jumps back, he's either going to launch a Fireball at you or use Tailspin to confuse you. In both cases, Defend—one hurts a lot, and the other will temporarily put you out of commission, giving Hickory a chance to rush in and bash your brains. You're recommended to use your Thumbelemur to avoid Tailspin, and it can give a good thrashing with Psyche Up, but unless you've really been working on its Defence it will take damage quickly. Spend most of the battle switching between Oliver and Mitey to both heal and attack. The only spell you should be using in this fight is Healing Touch.

Hickory Dock will race off after you beat him, and Oliver and Drippy will ponder what to do with King Tom. In the meantime, a meeting of some very dark minds takes place, and you get your first look at the Dark Djinn himself . . .

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