"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Search for King Tom

Updated on March 10, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Ding Dong Dell is in a right state. Its monarch is feeling better—but he's gone missing while on the search for his wand. You'll need to track him down before he can pay up—and when you leave the castle, Drippy says the best place to do this is . . . back in Motorville? Yep. King Tom's soulmate is Timmy Toldrum, Leila's cat.

Cast Gateway. You'll immediately be whisked back to good 'ol Motorville. There's still not a whole lot to look at out here, so head west down the street from where you appear to Leila's Milk Bar. (The people here make fun of your clothes, naturally. You just can't win.) Leila doesn't know where Timmy's gone, so Drippy suggests checking your house as a start.

Head to the Auto Repair Shop

When you get there, the odd green-haired girl is standing out front, and Drippy doesn't seem to notice her. He goes inside to look around. Oliver talks to the little girl, thank her for the wand earlier, and learns her name is Pea. She also seems to know where Timmy might be, so when Drippy comes back outside, follow Pea down the street. She'll lead you to an old Auto Repair Shop.

. . . where you'll find Timmy, looking rather poorly, apparently after having faced down a mouse. With Pea gone and Drippy carrying Timmy, you'll have to make your way back to the Milk Bar. Once there, Leila will thank you for your diligence, Drippy will make a few harsh remarks about weight gain, and you'll come to the conclusion that mice are to blame for King Tom's disappearance, all things in the two worlds being equal. Cast Gateway to return to Ding Dong Dell.

Approach Tommy Stout

There's only one person concerned with mice in Ding Dong Dell, and that's little Tommy Stout. When you approach his former guard post, however, you'll find it's crowded with people—and Tommy himself has heard King Tom's voice coming out of Ding Dong Well. It's down into the well to rescue the poor matriarch . . . and, surprisingly enough, Tommy wants to come along—and he has a familiar to help him. Tommy can't control the Thumbelemur on his own, though, so it's gifted to Oliver. You now have two familiars! Score! This one can also Psyche Up, which Drippy says can cancel some enemy attacks. You'll learn what that means soon enough.

Enter Ding Dong Well

Before you enter Ding Dong Well, head back to the Cawtermaster's Store and equip your new familiar. If you've been completing errands, it will have a Leafy Mantle already; assuming you have enough money, get it a Giant's Tooth. (Don't worry about getting the Spiral Horn, there's one in the Well.) If you don't have enough money, you can use the first part of Ding Dong Well to earn some cash.

Right. Enough chatting. Time to save King Tom from the mice! Use Spring Lock on the door behind Tommy to enter Ding Dong Well!


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