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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: More Al Mamoon Errands

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


The machinations of Shadar have ground to a halt once again, thanks to Oliver and his merry band. Time to return to Al Mamoon and reap the benefits of all his good deeds.

Rashaad will be waiting when you arrive. He'll be glad that Oliver overcame the Trials of Solomon, and flabbergasted that he set Old Smoky to rights. Oliver needs more magical power, though, and the only way to get it is to learn from more Great Sages. The next, says Rashaad, is in Hamelin—on another continent. You'll need a ship from Castaway Cove to get there. South it is!


. . . But first, more errands and bounty hunts! (Did you expect anything else? Don't worry, you can carry out a few of them on the way to Castaway Cove.)


1. A man visiting Al Mamoon appears to have lost something important.

Check to the south of the western milk fountain. You'll find . . . oh lord, not him again. The well-dressed traveller from Ding Dong Dell is in Al Mamoon, and he's lost his diary once more. Agree to help him to open Notes from a Volcano. You'll have to hoof it back to Old Smoky to grab his diary from the foot of the volcano, by a 'fine old tree'. Head up a short ways and you'll find the Travelers' Diary amid a small clump of trees.

Return the diary to the silly man to earn A Hallowed Habit, 200 guilders and three Merit Stamps. Will this be the last time he loses his beloved correspondence? No, almost certainly not…

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2. Merchants' Menace

Plague to all men who want to make a quick buck, this beast is on a small island slightly east of Castaway Cove. You'll need Bridge to get across the small gap between the two landmasses. Your target is the Gobspeed, accompanied by two Hog-Goblins. Though the prize isn't great, Gobspeed is quite a little terror: it's quite slow and doesn't have an amazing attack range, but when it gets close it will hit stunningly hard. Stay away from it and use Pulse to knock it back and, eventually, out. Let your partner worry about the Hog-Goblins—they're dangerous, but not very.

Beating these punks will earn you four Fishburgers, 400 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

3. Magmadness

While you're looking for the Travelers' Diary, check out the area Old Smoky. A little ways north of the first waystone there's a small area—the place where you may have found a robot earlier—that's currently home to a strange monster called the Magmoiselle. Save, then take it on.

Magmoiselle is a lot more dangerous than she appears. The creature hits hard with physical attacks, even harder with its Towering Inferno, and is highly resistant to all but ice-based spells. Use Frostbite and any familiar spells you have from a distance, Defend when she uses Towering Inferno, then run. Your big advantage here is that Magmoiselle is slow; don't waste it by standing in one spot.

Beating Magmoiselle will earn you a Fire Seal, 600 guilders and five Merit Stamps. Wow.

That's it. Al Mamoon is done for now. Pack up and head south, to Castaway Cove. (Man, you didn't even get to meet the Cowlipha.)

© 2013 Matt Bird

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