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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Al Mamoon

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The Golden Grove has been freed from the tyranny of Shadar, and Oliver and Drippy are continuing their journey to Al Mamoon, city in the desert. It's just a short trip away—assuming they can get past the many beasties in the way.

Avoid the Monsters and Head to the Oasis Paradise

As you head towards the desert in the southeast, Drippy offers a piece of advice: avoid the monsters. He sounds as though he's trying to save time, but there's more wisdom than that. The monsters around Al Mamoon are pretty hard and may trounce your team if you do battle with them now. You're better off making a beeline across the desert and ignoring encounters that can't catch up to you easily. If you do decide to fight, make sure you have a lot of MP, as you'll need to wage a distance war. (The speedier enemies aren't nearly as tough, so feel free to fight them. Avoid Green Bunchers for a while!)

An oasis paradise and Court of the Cowlipha (hmmm), Al Mamoon is apparently known for something else, as well: delicious babanas. Drippy offers to split a split with Oliver—though first, they have to find Great Sage Rashaad. A quick chat with a nearby man reveals that Rashaad sells babanas these days. Handy, that.


Exploration: Places of Interest

  • Start by looking around first. Check the small area to the east of the entrance; inside, behind the separating wall, is a chest with three Loaves of White Bread. You'll also find an inn here, the Palace of Pampurring, where you can stay the night and earn another Regions of the World page. There's a blue chest here that you can open with Spring Lock and get a Cup of Strong Coffee, as well.
  • Directly north of the entrance is a Cawtermaster's Store where you can stock up on the latest gear for a great deal of coin. (Though if you're willing to wait a while, you can earn a Bone Sword without paying a cent.)
  • East down the street you'll come to your second branch of Swift Solutions. It offers three errands, and when you complete them a bounty hunt will be offered by the Taskmaster. We'll come back here in a moment.
  • North down the street, you'll find another Hootsuite. The woman inside offers the same things found in Ding Dong Dell, as well as some more enhanced items (mainly for getting rid of curses and sleep and so forth). Check a treasure chest here for a Sandwich.
  • Your destination is on the next street corner to the east. We'll leave that to the next walkthrough and check the courtyard instead. Along the western wall of the larger area, you'll find 50 guilders in a treasure chest. Grab the cash, then check out the fountain on the eastern side of the courtyard. You'll find . . . Horace? Use Spirit Medium and talk to him. After a quick chat about Oliver's wizarding studies, he'll hand over a new Tale of Wonder page, The Cowardly Lion and the Prince. He'll then ask you a riddle based on the story. Answer it correctly (the answer is 'Dragon of the West') and he'll give you the spell Draw Poison. Expect more of these in the future, as Horace is headed somewhere with a sea breeze next. (And read the story, it's neat.)

That's all for the streets of Al Mamoon. Time to take on those errands and track that bounty.


1. A pair of travelling merchants have been seen having an intense discussion in Al Mamoon.

They're standing north of Swift Solutions, in the shade of a building. The male merchant seems to have lost his vigour for trading. Agree to take A Half-Hearted Hubby and you can track some Enthusiasm for the man. Way back in Ding Dong Dell, you had the chance to stock an extra dose of Enthusiasm; use it on the man. (If you're lacking, a merchant nearby can provide you with some Enthusiasm.)

Your rewards for completing the task are three Blind-Be-Gones, 100 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

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2. A young woman in Al Mamoon seems very worried indeed about something her husband has forgotten.

The young woman is standing just north of the Babana Stand in the north of Mamoon. The woman's husband has left his lunch in Mamoon after heading off to Golden Grove, and his wife wants you to deliver it to him. Accepting opens up A Lover's Lunch Basket, and you'll gain A Lover's Lunch Basket. How cheesy.

Return to Golden Grove. Check your minimap and you'll see the man marked as a blue dot, not too far away—though Drippy notes that the monsters seem drawn to that lovely lunch. You'll be facing more monsters per battle. They're no stronger than before, though, and won't offer much trouble. Get to the man and he'll ask you to return a poem to his beloved. Yeesh. Head back to Al Mamoon.

Your reward for completing this task is three Glowcaps, 200 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

3. An elderly merchant near the milk fountains in Al Mamoon appears to be worried about something.

The merchant is just south of the palace, on the right side of the street. Her supply lines are under attack by Boneheads, hence the task, Bothersome Boneheads. Agree and you'll have to head into the desert to best ten Boneheads in combat. They're not too hard, though it may take a while to get through ten of them. Look for smaller, hulking, slow creatures in the desert and you've probably found a Bonehead.

Successful completion of this task earns you a Bone Sword, 200 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

4. A Duel in the Desert

Leave Al Mamoon and check the minimap. Your quarry, the Bone Brigadier, is wandering in a small canyon to the northeast. Flanked by two Boneheads, the Bone Brigadier is murder for characters with low Defence—but you shouldn't sit in one spot picking away at it with a sword, either. Swap between characters depending on your range from the skeleton, changing back to your most defensive character whenever they get too close. Otherwise, cast spells at a distance, taking out the Boneheads before mashing the Bone Brigadier.

Collecting on this bounty will earn you a Shinbone Shield, 200 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

That's all for Al Mamoon for the moment. Head to that babana stand and find out why a Great Sage is selling delicious snack treats!

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