"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Tengri

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Shadar, his queen, and the council of creepy wand-wielders are up to something, and now it sounds as though Shadar's got stronger servants than ever before. But as always Oliver knows nothing of these meetings, and for the moment he's back in good 'ol Motorville. He has to make Tengri the dragon well again!

Oliver can't think of anybody even remotely draconic when first asked, so he'll have to look around a bit. Head to Leila's Milk Bar, just down the street, and you'll find Myrtle out front. Have a chat with her, and after a few moments of bantering a dog will rush up to greet you. It's Genghis, pet of Myrtle's neighbour Denny, and Denny's nowhere to be found of late.

Investigate Denny's House

Use Nature's Tongue on Genghis. The dog will frantically inform the group that his master's in trouble, and he needs help. Something is wrong with Denny. Look close and everyone will figure out that Genghis is Kublai's soulmate (get it? Genghis Khan? Kublai Khan?), and quickly decide that Denny must be Tengri's soulmate. Help Denny, help Tengri. Genghis will rush off, Myrtle will temporarily join the party, and you'll be off to Denny's house.

Go south through Motorville to Denny's house. Genghis will be outside, but he can't help you in. Myrtle will have to call for Denny . . . and when she does he comes out, a heap of whirling purple mist surrounding him. A Nightmare! Take down Denny's Nightmare!

Denny's Nightmare

Denny's Nightmare isn't that bad so long as you can get your defences up in time. It has a swiping attack, an all-hitting strike in Oil Spill and Restless Sleep, which puts one character to sleep. Other than Oil Spill, none of these attacks are terribly dangerous. Use holy magic such as Arrow of Light from a distance and mash it down, avoiding the purple glims it releases whenever hit by a physical attack. It's a bit more evasive than previous Nightmares, though overall less dangerous.

Denny's Broken Heart

The Nightmare is gone, but Denny's heart is still broken. The boy needs Confidence, and there's apparently none of that in Motorville. (Huh.) Use Gateway to zap back to Skull Mountain and approach Kublai. Who else in this world has more Confidence than this man? Snag a dose from him, as well as the spells Quake and Seek Fortune, and return to Motorville. Denny will perk right up with the Confidence you've brought him.

Explore the Skies

Head back to Leila's Milk Bar. You'll find Pea, who warns Oliver about three . . . somethings . . . and promptly vanishes. Yet Leila and Myrtle can see her? The plot thickens. There's naught you can do about it now, so use Gateway and visit Kublai. Turns out Tengri is feeling much better, and he's all Oliver's. Kublai will give you a Dragon Horn for calling the scaly fella, Drippy will give you a crash course on steering dragons, and you'll be free to explore the skies! Woo!

Be warned: Though you can now check out much of the unexplored territory in the world of Ni no Kuni, there are enemies out there that can make mincemeat of your party. Don't go too far off the beaten path without first saving.


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